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    Servers are a Mess

    I haven't played this game in years and I heard that a bunch of changes and improvements had been made so I thought I'd come back. Trouble is, playing with random people is extremely unpredictable and I don't enjoy the pvp element of this game at all. So I thought I'd make a private server so my wife and I could play together for a while and have some fun. Nope. The methods of setting up a custom server is TERRIBLE. I tried. I really, really tried. I went on every forum, followed all the steps. My server was active according to the Steam tool. Still couldn't find it. My main question is, why didn't Bohemia Interactive simply add an option in game to create a private server with options like EVERY OTHER GAME. I'm not what you would call a computer guy, just a gamer. I want to play a game and not sift through code to play a game that I didn't design. Recently I've been playing 7 Days to Die and that game is an absolute dumpster fire for optimization and updates, yet they have this option. Leave the tool for those that was to do heavy server modifications or playing with community mods. But please, for the love of God, make an option for those that don't want to go through the hassle.
  2. Falcore

    Servers are a Mess

    Look, I understand that you know how the private server system works. Just as I'm sure I'd be able to get it to work. My main point is, it's not user friendly if you have to go onto the forum to find out how it works. This will turn away potentially new players or worse, make it feel like they were robbed (you never know how people will respond). I was stating it in as blunt of a way as I could and when "eno" responded by insulting me, albeit in a roundabout manner. Of course I'd respond defensively to that and for that I apologize. As I stated before, this post wasn't looking for help, there are numerous forum threads asking how to get the private servers working and there lies the problem and the solution. I can search for the answer to my problem but why should I have to search at all? It shouldn't be a chore to play with your friends or family. It's all a matter of perspective, it may not be a chore to you but it is a chore to someone else. I just happen to be part of the "someone else" group. Regardless, I've shared my feedback even if it was misinterpreted as attacks on the developers or players. There's no need to ban me (a bit sensitive I'd say), I just wanted to let the developers know what they could improve on. This will be the last time I respond. Have a great life and continue surviving.
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    Servers are a Mess

    And there's the guy that responds extremely defensively. Needs to provide superiority on a forum. I'd rather stick with games that I wasn't there for in the earliest stages and played for years, you know, back when you had to use third party server connection software. Which, by the way, I managed well. It's just after years, YEARS, the game doesn't have the most basic of multiplayer support that literally every game on the market has, even one man studios. It's feedback, critical feedback which is useful to everybody wanting to improve. And yes, I'm not going to be heard of course. I understand how insignificant I am. Do you?
  4. Falcore

    Servers are a Mess

    I understand that you "made it work". I really don't wish to "make it work" through work arounds. I wasn't even that interested in playing it much anyway, it's more advice for the developers to incorporate a mechanic that every other game has.
  5. Falcore

    Servers are a Mess

    that wasn't what I was looking for. I'm not looking to trouble shoot.
  6. You do make a good point. I don't want it to become an exploit or anything. I forgot that they are going to add more skins. I'm still thinking within Arma2.
  7. I have an idea for groups. If you want to group up with someone, say a friend, and you meet up but you don't want to mistake them for another, potentially hostile, player. You would get close enough to them and act as if you were going to look in their backpack only it will give an option like "Friend Player" or something similar. If both players do this then you will show up on map for each other, on the GPS and their player name will hover over them no matter their distance and can only be seen by players that have "friended" each other. This will make coordination much simpler and make it so finding one another easier and not such a pain in the ass. The best part would be you can do this to as many players as you like so you can have large groups. This will not change any type of friendly fire, everyone is fair game.