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  1. The new tent spawn

    I found one on a balcony in the low rise apartments. Thanks for the tips. Now I'll go fill it with fish , ammo, and bandages and watch it disappear on the next restart.
  2. This is my official THANKYOU to the DayZ team. I have had a few posts complaining about somethings however after today I wish to appreciate the game and the developers. To be fully geared is easy for me. I often have multiple collector cases and first aid kits full up survival gear from matches and fishing hooks to morphine and 4-6 bandages.. Today I found a tent that I searched a week for. The feeling if seeing it on that balcony was awesome. I want to point out to all the constant complainers, It's Alpha. Cut these guys some slack. If you don't like the game now go play something else and come back in a year. This game is only getting better. Tim "waste land survivor" & "Cherno EMT"
  3. The new tent spawn

    Thank you for the feed back. Looks like I'm stuck above Cherno until I find one.
  4. The new tent spawn

    Thank you for the feed back. Looks like I'm stuck above Cherno until I find one.
  5. The new tent spawn

    I just going to say it, the new tent spawn point SUCKS. It's the only item I lost in the wipe that I can't seem to replace. Who ever picked the new spawn point made a mistake. Atleat with the feed shacks you could travel the map. I have been above Cherno for a week and it's sucks going room to room and building to building. Change it please.
  6. Not new just a couple of questions

    I get all excited with my pristine green raincoat and black high capacity vest and some damn Zed gets me through a wall at the Balota airfield. Oh well , easy come easy go. I'm pissed he damaged my 1911 mag, those are a rare find.
  7. New maps

    Any discussion on a map editor or some of the other MoD maps being converted for the standalone. I want to make a US map.
  8. Item questions ( tents mainly )

    I have been searching apartment blocks for a few dayd
  9. .49 Anyone found a tent yet?

    Thank you all for the feed back and especially the new spawn locations. This community ROCKS !
  10. I love the new dynamic for surviving. Once you decide if matches and an axe or a warm hat and jacket are your priorities it's then time for food or weapons. I've been geared up and running the whole map from Balota to that giant city North of the NE airfield and I have not seen a tent. Feed shacks are bare, as in no loot. Has anyone found a tent in .49? That's the only thing I lost in the wipe I can't seem to replace. I would like the to gift all of us faithful Alpha played a week of increased tent spawns. PLEASE! 1 week of .25 tent spawn at castles and barns. It would add the element of communal camps and camp raids. This was a big part of my MoD experience. Anyone second my idea?
  11. I need a Tent

    I'm not finding any loot in feed shacks after .49. Anyone else notice this?
  12. Pissed

    1. YankFu


      Killed by a 12 year old hacker

    2. YankFu


      isn't it time for school

  13. Poll about Hackers

    I just want to know who else has experienced exactly what I'm about to describe. No swearing or trashing the game because we all know it is in alpha and it is play at your own risk right now. Please tell me if this sounds familiar. I log onto a server by myself with a character I have anywhere from 8 - 12 hours of game play on. Fully geared and surviving I run around looking for some specific items. Every few minutes (2-3), I check to see if I am still alone. Upon seeing one other person joined that person is at my location and I am dead usually under 5 minutes. I saw him teleport. He then logs off. I return to my body, all gear is gone and my body is hidden. So to be specific I am in the server for an hour and someone joins for 10 minutes to kill and loot me and then moves on. This is why I will not rent a server until I can password it and invite others to join. If some of the servers could be locked it would create a safe haven for those of us that enjoy this game the way it was meant to be played. I am fine with bandits and KoS but server jumping and teleporting is ruining this game for me and Dean Hall needs to change something. Leave me your story or what you think.
  14. Wrongful ban on US 2948

    If we are reporting on the CIA clan, I have had some questionable treatment at the hands of some of their teenage admins. They seem to have an uncanny abililty to find people or places. All your members are legit, right? You can vouch for each and everyone of them, always? The truth is the game can and will be hacked. Trying to prove you are the most legit clan is BS until the game is iorn cald. Which may be never. Here's the challenge. My server, elimination challenge. Best players from top clans. $100 paypal prize. winner take all. Oh and thank you Rocket for an awesome mod, send the whole crew to the Carribean until the middle of January, they have earned it. Ill post when my server is up, an email to contact and the date of the challenge. GAME ON !!