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    It is open you spanner
  2. UK 298 OWNERS

    Right, here goes. Listen up you muppet, swearing at us isn't going to do you any favours. Yesterday we were hacked at least 5 times. I was on the coast when a hacker teleported next to me and dropped a glory box, here's the proof http://www.theoldgitsarmy.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/uhx-hacker.5379/ The people behind Dayz don't do anything about reports of hackers. Trying to get them banned is harder than hunting for rocking horse poo. The server was not locked so we could raid tents, and your admittance to wanting to raid tents just shows us how much of a moronic player you are. Server was locked to prevent these idiots from teleporting people, vehicles etc to the sodding island. If you have a problem with our server, then feel free to join our forum and post a complaint. Our server admins and players are probably double and even triple your age. MTFU and stop moaning.