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Ivorydayz is a newly founded Roleplay Community server. Our aim is to create a playground for players that can enjoy a world in the form of the walking dead.

We aim to make a community for the players, no more letting admins have the say and paid players have the say in what happens in the community, instead the player has all the say, this means you as a member will have a voice in what happens and changes to the server, suggestions are taken way more seriously than your generic RP server or community. This is not a business so there are no items for sale or ranks for sale, donations are always accepted but not needed.


⦾ Summer Chernarus - Enjoy a beautiful setting in the large map of chernarus, the lush land will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside 

PaintIt - Paint your guns and gear to make your best looking character while trying to survive!

Cl0uds Military Gear - Having a larger variety of custom clothing will make you want to flex on other survivors.

WeaponReduxPack - Like the old guns, us too!

Simple Roof - Want to make a small hut in the forest? Go right ahead!

LessDestruction - Worked hard on your base? Dont want it to go to waste by pesky raiders? This mod is for you!

SneakStashesAndStuff - Great addon to your base, kinda feels like home now!

VanillaPlusPlusMap - No more ALT+TAB the whole time to see where you must go!

BuildAnywhere - Now you have no limitations for your survivalist needs! HAVE FUN!

⦾ Admin mods that arent necessarily needed for yall, but still need it to play with us 🙂


Yes, we have a website. Its chill trust.




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With our official launch just coming up in 2 hours, I am inviting everybody to join and see how it is. It'd be great to have as many individuals on the server upon launch to bring in a proper community, aswell as we are getting a famous content creator to help with the advertising of the server to help population increase and create a dynamic but consistent growing storyline of the servers lore.

You will need to be registered on the forums at https://ivorydayz.com/ to obtain the information on modlist, passwords and IP for the server.

Joining our discord will also be a great way to interact with staff members, get help on issues and interact with fellow members and give your feedback and suggestions at


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