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[EU] The Owl's WTF Server

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Weltenfall DayZ


Port 2302

(also find us in DayZSALauncher)


The goal is a balanced server for Teams, Survivor Drama, Lonewolf but also PvP oriented players. Our Team has experience handling large Servers.

We give Standalone a shot after developing Features now for two months, I hope we can present a mix of good vanilla settings combined with useful changes.

Default Features and settings.

 - Root Server Hardware. (Ramdisked saves did not cause us corruption yet; can be expanded on demand)
 - Long Day; Short night. through 12h restart schedule, atm. a day only server
 - Adjusted loot tables; (e.g. no flashlights as long as we are day only, adjusted to single server economy)
 - NO Cargo on loot count whatsoever. Hoarding items will not reduce spawnrates!
 - Spawn Area around South East only; the golden age of spawnpoints.
 - Survival Spawn Kits, including a Radio, a few fruits and either a goodie or a sort of knife.
 - Increased amount of Heli Crash Sites, with some loot only spawning there.

Our customized Scripts

 - Respawn Extras (based on Quartz*): the longer you survive, the better gear the game gives you at respawn (a bagpack, supplies, etc., no military stuff)
 - Hordes (fixed, working, no announcements)
 - Extra cars (all ready except sometimes the sparkplug)
 - Elektro: The home of PvP. Around Elektro, you spawn with a Makarov, to defend yourself.
 - Elektro: Extra ammo / pistol loot spawns on the street make it very lucrative for everyone to roam the streets, even geared players. Watch out!
 - Custom Weather System: more steady weather, with lower chance of rain and correct lerping. (tho weather desyncs still happen - not fixable by us)

Quartz * our server economy currency.

 - After 15 Minutes, every 15 Minutes you get 1 Quartz on your account.
 - This is used on respawn to determine what loot you get extra.
 - The respawn reward is capped at 20 Quartz, any extra Quartz remains on your account.
 - We might expand on this system with further uses.
Features to come

 - Respawn Shop: our website will allow you to set a respawn gear, or select which items you want preferred, is under construction.
 - Mods that are optional; we want to add mods that add to the gameplay without need to disturb vanilla users.
 - An Endgame Idea as a Mod. Let's see if this will ever see the light of dayZ.

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