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DZRevival - fresh & true DayZ Mod server opened

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We are happy to announce that there is a new, true and fresh DayZ Mod project is up and running for us oldschool DayZ Fans!

The team of DayZ Nostalgia teamed up with DayZ Revival, which offers high speed fiber and an optimized dedicated server with anti-hack software.
For the best possible performance and a fair and fun gameplay experience.

To ensure the fairness factor, they disabled the L85 Thermal - so you can roam the woods without getting thermal-spotted from miles away!

But thats the only difference - apart from that, you experience the true, raw and hard game experience, that the DayZ Mod offered back then!

IP & How to Connect

  • Name: DZRevival.com Old School DayZMod - discord.gg/GRBwMTy
  • IP:
  • Download DayZ Mod on Steam
  • Select Beta at Properties -> Beta (beta
  • Join via DayZ Mod from Steam!

Server Settings

  • Timezone: GMT -3
  • 3rd Person: ON
  • Sidechat: ON
  • Weapons enabled: AS50, M107
  • Vehicles: 52
  • Spawn-Loadout: 1x Bandage 1x Painkiller
  • Crashsites: Depending on Playerbase


For further information join the DayZ Revival Community Discord!
Discord: http://discord.gg/GRBwMTy

You can also check the server stats over here: http://dzrevivalstats.com

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Just a quick update on how the server is doing and what has changed since we launched it.

The population is growing on a daily basis, and the first content creators did visit us, too!

The fights over the last few days were a blast and its really fun to play the old style DayZ again!

Now to the things we changed in the last few days:

  • We implemented a 30 second logout-timer, that is blocked, when you are in combat.
  • If you leave the game without logout, we place an AI-Version of you for the logout time, which is standing up
  • Zombies now can attack you, while logging out and while your Logout-Body is up
  • The zombie aggro was improved
  • Performance in towns when being in a vehicle has been improved
  • Helicopter status carries over restarts
  • Upgraded Database so vehicles respawn if fully broken
  • Character save optimized
  • Bodies dont sink into the ground instantly on death anymore
  • Various small code optimizations

If you want to keep track of the ongoing changes, optimizations and join the fun, feel free to also join our discord at: discord.gg/GRBwMTy

Lets fill up the server, have some fun and play the best DayZ Mod that ever existed!

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Unfortunately the server got shut down, due to disputes within the team.

However i am still in contact with the server owner and as it stands now, the server will be "re-branded" and rehosted again.

The database is saved and everyone's progress will be carried over.
Ill announce the new name and IP here as soon as i get it!

If you want to stay up2date with the status, join the DayZ Nostalgia Steam Group:

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After two days of downtime i can happily announce that DZRevival is back.

We are still figuring out the best location for the server, so prepare for some possible IP changes in the future.

New Name: DZRevival.com DayZ Mod
New IP:

IP & How to Connect

  • Name: DZRevival.com DayZ Mod
  • IP:
  • Download DayZ Mod on Steam
  • Select Beta at Properties -> Beta (beta
  • Join via DayZ Mod from Steam!

Have fun playing Survivors!

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