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Weapon disassembly

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While talking about other stuff in a recent thread I had the idea of adding an option to disassemble guns.

The main idea would be that you could disassemble a gun and in most cases the parts would take up less space than the complete weapon and would also use the normal item slots rather than weapon slots, which are in much shorter supply when it comes to stashes. Considering you could realistically shove the pieces of a disassembled M4 in the pockets of some larger cargo pants it'd make sense for the savings to be quite significant on some guns (some, since, for instance, an AK series weapon will realistically only take more room once you've disassembled it). And having some more rarely used weapons stored as parts would mean you no longer have to make new stashes because the old ones ran out of weapon slots despite still having 50+ item slots.

Another thing that could be done with such a system would be that full weapons could be more rare, but it would be easier to find different parts which could then be assembled into a full gun once you have all the necessary pieces. I don't know what advantages it would have, but that's open for discussion.

Finally, this would open up opportunities for some interesting firearm variants. For instance, assembling weapons in non-standard ways could have some interesting results (such as a full-auto M16 by adding an M4 lower receiver on it), though that would probably be much, much harder to implement.

Let me hear your thoughts. Mostly I'm interested in the base idea of just having it take up less space, but the other points don't seem too crazy either.

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