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  1. Looking for a Server With Very active admins.

    Try to FOGEYZ server. Very active admins, friendly players and hackers get dealt with immidiately. You might have to be whitelisted, to become whitelisted go to : www.fogeyz.co.uk Enjoy it ! Its good fun inthere !
  2. 8 hours of DayZ ruined - Got to love them Hackers!

    join the FOGEYZ server. Good admins, helpfull people on the server and hackers get dealt with immidiately. You might have to be whitelisted. To be whitelisted go register at www.fogeyz.co.uk register and ask to be whitelisted.
  3. Likelihood of dying?

    you're never safe. you cant trust anyone fully you meet in a server.
  4. 2 Man group looking for a few more players to make a squad

    Come join the FOGEYZ server this week. Make it your new HQ. Friendly environment, admins are on top of things. Hackers dealt with swiftly and players are helping each other.
  5. Looking for mature, friendly DayZ players

    Join the fogeyz server. mature people there. http://www.fogeyz.co.uk/
  6. Getting sick of bandits

    You gents should join the FOGEYZ server. Well admined, good teamwork and some bandits. Genereally there is a friendly atmosphere.Hackers are dealt with swiftly. See you in the field !
  7. Bandit hunting group, safety in numbers

    Bob_87 what is your steam? We'll have a chat onthere, I think you'd fit right in.
  8. How do you DEW!

    Infidel check your inbox. see you later today.
  9. Found some goodies people can enjoy.

    nothing there
  10. Stuck at Loading Screen..

  11. Stuck at Loading Screen..

    Exact same problem, we need a fix!
  12. Stuck at loading...

    I have the exact same problem. DayZ worked early this morning and now its stuck on the loading bar, OR it comes past it and is stuck on the black loading screen. There is always something wrong with dayZ it seems......
  13. Need immidiate medical assistence !

    I am very low on blood, I have a bloodbag on me and I need someone to join me in a server and give me a bloodtransfusion. You need to be near elektro! ANY MEDICS AROUND?
  14. New update, problem with tents and vehicles now saving after restart.

    6th of september thats great news ! Where can I find the link to rockets statement for a update the 6th of september?
  15. When can we expect a new update? When can we as a community expect the problem with the tents not saving the gear and the tent after restart? When can we as a community expect the vehicles to save after a restart on the location that you saved them? These are crucial factors to play this game well. Right now it is not functioning like it should due to the .5 update, everytime a server restarts everything is lost, tents are gone, gear is gone that was stored in the tent. The same goes for vehicles, vehicles are gone after a restart, gone from where you saved them, and your gear that you saved in the vehicle is obviously lost aswell. Im not sure if this is posted in the right forum, but this is a very urgent question. Sincerely,