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  1. How do you reload mags

    Put them in hand hold RT to open box put clip in hand press b over ammo then hold RT it will load. Put hand in weapon press b over clip
  2. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    The problem is theres not much you can do at the moment besides pvp safely. You cant tie people up burlap sacks are buggy and pulling out weapon is instant. You tell people to lay down or drop their weapon and they can pull weapon and shoot before you do. Theres no bases or half the stuff in game and theres been multiple wipes already. If you look at the bugs page there probably will be one soon because people are still getting locked. That as well as being able to gear up in 30 minutes there is no real risk.Im sure it will calm down it just got released maybe take the time to practice the guns etc.
  3. dont taze me bro!!

    Woot i see a tranq gun
  4. Right or Wrong?

    I get like yhat after being fully geared and alive for several days. Start taking risks you wouldnt normally take. Sorry you had a bad experiance but on xbox its pretty much theyll open fire right away or try to talk. I havent been betrayed yet but I play lone wolf and the short interactions I have im the one with the gun out so betrayel would be futile
  5. Hints & Tips

    You're the MVP. Appreciate folks like you keeping the newer guys involved. First week it came out I could have used your help the learning curve is steeper then most games. They could update their wiki would probably help
  6. dont taze me bro!!

    Id love a tranq dart. Make it take like 2 minutes to kick in so if you get away you can hide in a bush and take a nap or use some kind of anti tranq medicine to negate it. Would make being a hero or even a bandit more immersive dont gotta kill just wait for your prey to fall over loot em and leave before they wake back up
  7. dont taze me bro!!

    Hell ya. Id be prodding people for days. Forget having a gun you can just have a cattle prod out maneuver people with guns and just zap em. Thatd probably make me rage if it happened to me though. Fully geared only to get zapped by a new spawn
  8. What new update do u want

    Would be cool if they implemented some sort of humanoid npcs that act like bandit partys. Would be sick to have to worry about some real threats besides the occasional wolf or KOSr
  9. Staying on a Specific server

    I play whichever servers are full. If a server resets i dont wait for it to pop back up just go to another full one. The full ones tend to stay the same 8131 8151 8148 are always full those are the ones I ussually go to if the queue is too long ill hop into the ones with like 55 population
  10. dont taze me bro!!

    Cattle prod too
  11. dont taze me bro!!

    Quite a few non lethal choices it basically knocked people unconscious.
  12. Dont losing loot on the ground after server restart

    Just grab a notepad and write the server youre in. Since its early access it doesnt hurt to keep track incase any bug does happen. The community has a chance to help out by doing this. The more things we find the more they can fix. For some reason though bodys are removed upon reset.
  13. Dead by Wolfpack

    They are loud if anything just gotta funnel them through a doorway and its just as easy as zombies only problem is they actually retreat when you swing your weapon and they surround you so best bet is to have a gun before you cross the middle of map because they can be anywhere in the thick wooded areas. Youll definately hear them long before they show up.
  14. Dead by Wolfpack

    If you want comfirmation go to Tisy military base and hop server to low population and youll be met with a group of upwards of 30 wolves at a time as there are several packs up there. I enjoy sitting on the top of the one building and watching the battle between zombies and wolves its quite amusing almost looks like they are playing
  15. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    Why do jackasses feel the need to be jackasses that is a question asked since the dawn of time. Maybe they felt like ruining some persons day. Maybe they felt threatened the possibilities are endless and such is DayZ. Maybe they got killed by a newspawn as it takes only a few well placed hits with even just your fists to end them. Noone has to do anything to you for you to want to kill them. Im just confused as to why people get upset when games dont hold their hand and coddle their loot for them. This games the only game that can go from dull to making your heart race in a matter of seconds.