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  1. Chris Burton

    Xbox Update 24/10/2018

    These updates are kinda laughable lately. Lotta good games coming out soon. Sadly Scum is even looking more polished and it didnt take them long at all in comparison.
  2. Chris Burton

    Why no love for the IZH18?

    With how pvp heavy the game is atm the gun is just a death for you waiting to happen. 30 rounds compared to one. Thats really the only thing that makes sense to me. Not a bad gun just not as useful as the mosin
  3. Chris Burton

    Packing it Up

    Just take a break got alot of good games that just came out and more by the end of next month. I really only log on to snipe a few people at the moment. Theres not much to do atm but they have to fix the bugs before they release more or it could really mess up the gameplay
  4. Chris Burton

    Rubberband jogging

    Running in heavy rain is laughable too I wanted to see how bad it would get if you got soaked and tried to run and wow. It freezes for several seconds if you try to sprint then it will be like 2 frames per second until you finally stop trying to sprint and it clears back up. Thought maybe it was the server so I tried again on a diff server when it was pouring and same effect. Anyone else?
  5. Chris Burton

    Next Update

    Ive read them all. So far they are working on bugs etc which is understandable and the content is pushed back a bit, but that still doesnt say when or if ghillie suits aka netting will be enabled. If you dont know or cant say thats fine just thought I would ask. Ive also looked for whats being pushed til actual release as I would assume some if not alot of content would be saved until then. Just a bit confused is all because compared to the wiki theres maybe 20% of items and even less content currently available. Never played pc so Im curious. The game is great so far just want morez :p
  6. Chris Burton

    Next Update

    Any ETA on that ghillie suit?
  7. Chris Burton

    shot mode

    Only guns that can be switched to auto or semi. Basically anything available currently that isnt a pistol or obvious like SVD or Mosin
  8. Chris Burton

    Guns don’t work

    Yea they know about it and are working on it same as the reload problem.
  9. Chris Burton


    I dont think they work. Like they dont turn on. Ive seen megaphones in action never seen the PA get used yet.
  10. Chris Burton


    They arent common but they do popup and they do work
  11. Chris Burton

    How long till loot despawns?

    Pretty sure there was a admin or dev that posted the actual times for average items to despawn. It was something like 30 minutes for players which was the max then it went in intervals down to 5 minutes for clothing and misc items. I could be wrong though
  12. Chris Burton

    Never found a crash site until...

    You use the map app? Theres like 13 crash sites in an S shape around the mountain just run back and forth on a dead server if you dont find one id be shocked
  13. Chris Burton

    Never found a crash site until...

    Thats where I found all mine just run back and forth youll find atleast one in a few hours
  14. Chris Burton


    You cant until private servers are up and even then until they allow you to see screennames youll never know who ghosted you. Ran into plenty of people who ghost because a doors locked and they cant be bothered to pick the lock. Or if they are a squad and you have them funneled in a wayway to level the playing field theyll ghost in behind you as the others rush in the door. Just got to be careful. Only good thing atm which counters the ghosting is the lag spike you get whenit happens so its pretty much a warning someone logged in near you
  15. Yes same as if its on the ground. You can take the mag empty the bullets or fill the mag. It will let you put the mag on another gun but the gun you micromanaged the clip out of will never load more then a single chambered round after that