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  1. i get a loud pop just after the dayz loading screen and i also cant hear teamspeak or music etc playing on the desktop, im using Corsair Void wireless headphones, i also cant adjust the master volume in game options seems to be stuck on full. Have been able to join a game yet eith as always saying connection failed.
  2. We sometimes do at weekends if players ask for it, you can also vote for it ingame - the reason we dont have night is alot of our players are from all over the world and it would always be night for them when they play - hence 24/7 day time
  3. ok should be ok now, any problems let me know
  4. il check it, the latest antihack version has had a few false bans, what is your in game name or contact me personaly on our Teamspeak server
  5. Hi, glad you like the server , tents disappear after 3 days if not opened, will take a look at changing it, any ideas you have or would like to see on server let me know :)