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Hate they neighbor (vice series)

Vice - Terror (vice series)

Risky Drinking - (showtime)

Jakuchu the divine colors - https://vimeo.com/173703273

Eat that question: Frank Zappa in his own words

I am greatly anticipating watching this - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3127902/

Who murdered sister Cathy? - (Netflix series)




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Wow people still posting here too. Thanks for more suggestions, and those that posted HyperNormalisation, very good doc. Id recommend pretty much anything by Adam Curtis.

In exchange, heres a few of my favourites since the last time I posted here.

The Jinx - The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

6 episodes of the bizarre story of a murder suspect and billionaire real estate heir Robert Durst.


Seven Five 

Story of the exploits and downfall of brazen corrupt new york police.

Ken Burns Vietnam War

10 episode epic. John Musgrave interview below.

All brilliant and engrossing documentaries.

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^Doc about Stanley Kubricks relationship with his personal driver.

If you love documentaries and use P2P, search for the release group called, mvgroup.

They upload a lot of stuff from outside the US; Aussie (ABC), UK (BBC), Asia (NHK), and more.

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