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Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

It is still Saturday, with all the preparations for tomorrow I almost forgot to post... so sorry... but as always during this period I am taking 2 weeks off, Game Night Adventure will be back on 6th January 2018.

Game Night: Adventure - Merry Christmas and a happy new year


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Happy new year every one,

It is a brand new year and Game Night Adventure is back!
First of all, I want to thank every one investing their time in this comic and reading it every week, so thank you for your continued support!
2018 will be special for me as it is planned right now the story will wrap up, that means you can finally read it back to back (and I hope you like it of course)

So let's begin this year with a new page :D
Game Night: Adventure - Final preparations


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Hi all,

I have been uploading Game Night comic pages for a long time now, and I have been uploading Game Night Adventure pages since the 14th Feb 2015.
If you are still here I thank you for your invested time :D.
I have held myself to a certain tight schedule of work and an upload schedule not to miss a beat... Regretfully Murphy's Law saw that he hadn't messed with me for a long time and came knocking... 
The Game Night website is having technical difficulties, so I have to apologize, and say we are working on it to get that resolved!

But it is Saturday... Ofcourse I couldn't leave you hanging I will be posting through the different fora's to keep you all up to date!

Here is this week's Game Night Adventure page ... THAT's MINE



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      4. IED. If placed properly, and covered by another object to both conceal it and increase it's trigger area (such as a car hood, log, board, sheet of corrugated metal, or something to that effect), driving or maybe even running over it could set it off (perhaps as a base defense to prevent the entry or removal of vehicles from inside). 
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      So after reading that, one might consider that maybe this particular weapon might be just a little too OP, if we would be able to use it in such a manner. To a certain extent, I agree, but I think there are ways to balance that out. 
      Obviously, making them about as rare as a SVD or VSS spawning with a full mag right beside another full magazine is the obvious first step. Rockets should have and 'armed' and 'safe' action to them. In their armed state, they should be incredibly dangerous to just have jostling around in your backpack, and should have a small chance of going off if you fall or dive to the ground. Even when the safety cap is on, **and** once the devs have a new system for handling inventory damage in place, there should be at least a *small* chance that if the rocket is in your inventory, and is hit by one of the heavier caliber rounds (perhaps .308 or 7.62x54r, for example), it may detonate. While this is probably an incredibly mind-bogglingly rare chance of this happening IRL, if done properly would seem to be a fairly decent risk/reward balance. I would hope that we would see at least some of these possibilities later on in vanilla DayZ, but of course, I don't think we'll see this particular item's full potential until modders get their hands on it.
      What do you think?