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Goodmorning of good night all depending on when you read this,

Yes today I am very early with the new Game Night Adventure... the reason is I just got home from work and let's just say I hope to sleep in tomorrow... if my kid allows it :S so I thought let's post now so you don't have to sit on your hunger!

Game Night: Adventure - Page 106 – A long time ago...

Enjoy you weekend!


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    • By boggle
      I'm constantly thinking of things that would allow us to run straight into the woods at spawn to live off of the land. Rope is essential in MANY craftable things right now. I know you can create rope with 2 stacks of 6 rags. But I think it would be cool if we could craft rope from leather strips or something. Maybe use a snare to catch a rabbit then use that leather to craft a rope (first the way that we tan leather would need overhauling, as I've mentioned before in this thread)
    • By boggle
      I think it would be cool if we could craft a cooking tripod. That way if we find a cooking pot  and rope (for bow or fishing pole) we are good to go to live off of the land. 
      Maybe it could be 3 ashwood branches and some rope? 
    • By TEC Micha
      another great improvement for (persistant?) servers would be a crafted storageplace and hide that, if you want to leave the place, can be closed and hided. Possible could be a 30 slot storage within the storageplace.
      Since I like the survival aspect of the game a lot more than PVP, I would greatly appricate if this idea would be considered for release sometime.
      Possible look see picture.

      TEC Micha