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Van (DayZ)

Firearm owners and discussion thread

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Always curious as to what firearms people have. Post em if u got em!

from left to right

1939 german k98 mauser russian captured with nazi markings_____________>>>> 8mm mauser

1943 mosin nagant,______________________________________________>>>>7.62x54R

yugo SKS with tapco stock,________________________________________>>>>7.62xx39

Mossberg .22 AR_______________________________________________>>>>.22 LR

Smith and Wesson M&P 15 with slide fire stock for full auto,______________>>>>5.56/.223

Remington 870 Police magnum, ___________________________________>>>>12g

Thompson center arms .50 cal muzzleloader,_________________________>>>>.50

Henry.22 lever action,_________________________________________>>>>.22LR

Winchestermodel 88 lever action__________________________________>>>>.308


1941 nagant revolver __________________>>>>7.62x38

Springfield XDm ______________________>>>>.45

S&W M&P Shield______________________>>>>.40 S&W


60 MRE food rations 25+ year shelf life

1 crate of YUGO 7.62x39 on stripper clips = 1260 rounds

1 crate of RUSSIAN 7.62x54R =880 rounds

white boxes are 8mm m75 sniper ammo = 150 rounds

max brooks zombie survival guide



Winchester buck knife

USN Mk3 mod 0 combat knife

Bug out bag with essential survival gear and yes i even have a roll of TP :D



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Someone takes "zombie apocalypse" too far. You better have a lot of friends with all that gear. BTW a katana is a terrible choice for a sword/weapon.

When the SHTF ill be long gone with all my supplys at my bug out location. but for now almost all of it is just for sport shooting. And if the apocalypse did come i wouldnt be using blades :) thats why i have so much ammo haha

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I got a couple toys posted in the Demotivator Thread, http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/27242-dayz-de-motivational-posters/page__st__200#entry549670

I kept it to guns found ingame, although that's a bayonet handle in a couple of the photos. Totally forgot about the hunting knife I have that would have gone much better but oh well.

Might have to make a new set and include the Mossberg 500, since with the Knoxx stock it looks more or less like the 870.

I did make this a long time ago though, in response to a "Preparation" motivator showing stacks upon stacks of loaded magazines, based on L4D piles-of-random-weapons logic: http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/755/zpreparation.jpg

I've since gotten a holo-sight for the shotgun so its pretty accurate with slugs at low-mid range. Looks cooler too :)

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No pictures at the moment but my collection is small and growing

Glock 27 - .40

1942 Mosin Nagant - 7.62x54r

Ruger 10/22 - .22

Walther PPK/s - 9mm kurz/.380ACP

Ruger Security Six - .357

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AR-15 its a Colt reciever but everything else is frankenstein.


Cetme G3 Its a heavy piece of Hardware but my favorite. A pawn shop near me sells chinese 308 ammo by the pound really cheap. You literally fill a brown bag and put it on scales and pay lol.


Kahr 9mm This is my wifes but I carry it when we are together. :thumbsup:


My baby is a 1911 commander .45 but Its late and Im not stealth enough to get it out for a pic without waking the dragon :D

EDIT: For my buddy Buckethead :beans:

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A Remington 700 Sendero SFII 7mm RM topped with a vortex viper HS 4-16x44, no pics yet as i just got it the other day.

Howa .223 with redfield 4-12x40 currently trying to sell it.


and my 'fun gun' a M91/30 of 1938 vintage, was rebarreled in the 50s then put back into grease. fitted it with a PE scope although i slide it off unless im out after something with it.


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My family is a big happy bunch of Italian gun nuts. Post-apocalyptic mafia anyone?

List of all firearms that I can currently list off the top of my head. There's definitely more, but these are ones I have seen and fired.

M98/30 Mosin Nagant (pretty common gun in this thread)

2 (civilian model) M4 carbines.

2 (Also civilian model) AK47s

1 M1 Carbine

Three semi-automatic hunting shotguns of various models and makes.

Two pump-action and one over-under shotgun of also various makes and models.

1 SKS rifle with folding stock and reflex optics.

1 G3 assault rifle (legal model) with a mid-range scope.

Three glocks of various calibers.

Two .357 revolvers.

And an M1842 Springfield musket in a pear tree. (with a bayonet too, pretty effective weapon I would think as the gun is taller than I am with it on.)

Seeing as many of my fellow American gun nuts in here, I believe the zombies are fucked.

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Two Mosin Nagant M91/30's

One Mosin M44 Carbine

Romanian SKS

Chinese MAK-90 De-Banned AKM

Colt AR-15A2

Chilean Contract German Made 7mm Mauser

Ruger 10/22

Springfield Armory M1911

Ruger Mk II

Ruger Blackhawk .45 LC

Mossberg 500 12 G

Remington Model 11 12 G

Muzzleloader Percussion Cap Pistol

S&W Model 1899 ? (Unsure about this, not quite sure what it is)

And soon, a Saiga 5.45 that I will convert to be an AK-74M clone.

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