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    • By Asmondian
      [CONCEPT] Preselecting ADS main scope
      /////// Intro //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
      This is a QOL (Quality of Life) suggestion. We know that in certain weapons, we can alternate between the different Scopes when we are in ADS (Example: Mosin = PU Scope / Ironsight).  
      /////// Problem in the current system ///////////////////////////
      We can only do it once we entered into ADS mode. This is quite frustrating in fast pvp situations. It can also make you lose your target because it forces you to take one more step necessary to know the default scope or change to the one you need.  
      /////// Solution / Suggestion //////////////////////////////////////////
      Allow players to preselect the scope (Ironsight / Scope). You can do it whenever you want and set your default scope before entering ADS. Example: You have a Mosin and the target is close, so you just "Shift + Scroll Down" to set the ironsight as the default when enter ADS. This avoid you having to enter ADS mode, pointing somewhere to check whats your default scope, change to ironsight in this case and then return to focus in the close target.  
    • By ConzarTV
      I played stress test last night for about 4 hours and I got this idea that would be pretty cool imo. So when you're in PvP your character could enter an adrenaline state where you can sprint for longer distances. But the downfall will be that you hurt yourself but yet again don't feel it due to adrenaline, wear your character down, dehydrate and starve. Then when the adrenaline state wears off you have to spend exceptional amount of time to repair your character. But as a soft skill the longer your character is alive the more immune you come to this and adapt to the PvP environment.
    • By exacomvm
      Hello everyone, i think it would be nice to have an second "Test" server with latest content similiar to what PUBG devs does with their "Codename: Savage" where we could try the latest features even if its terribly glitchy and full of bugs in this case for example it would be the .63 as it was in the Dev Stream.

      To get access to this exclusive server we probs would have to complete an application of some sort basically proving that we 100% understand that its for testing purposes and we cant judge the game at that point or even upload gameplays of it somewhere otherwise we will get banned or something.
      E.g. We fill an application somewhere and if we're accepted Staff member unlocks an private section of forum where staff member posts temporary password for the pre-experimental build that has like 1-3 servers live and also where we report issues of that exclusive build in case devs missed some bugs. Also it doesn't need to be up for all time, it could run for example only in weekends.

      There's alot of people including me who cannot wait for .63, but even .63 gets into experimental i bet there will be second great features that we will need to wait for and we will want to test it ASAP e.g. helicopter or RPG before its on public experimental and it will continue like that till the game is fully developed.