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    • By Asmondian

      Part #1 / Part #2 / Part #3 / Part #4
      (With Pictures)
      Hi ladys and gents! It’s been a while since I want to make a post like this. I have read a lot of amazing ideas on this section of the forum (I really follow the suggestion threat) and I personally feed from some of them to expose and “develop” my own. I really hope you can give me some feedback about them to Polish or adapt them.
      First some clarifications:
      English is not my native language, so I truly apology for the grammatical errors that may exist. Post format: IDEA + ILUSTRATION + SHORT SUMMARY (I can amplify more in coments) Each idea tries to be as achievable and reasonable as possible according to the Dayz spirit (Survivalism - post apocalyptic atmosphere) and actual game possibilities.  
      Let’s start !


      SUMMARY: The idea is quite simple. With your initial fresh spawn gear/ki9t you should have a diary. (NOTE: It could be an item like a book or just a function in game by pressing some key like in many other games). There (in the diary) you can write notes, your personal story, people that you meet traveling in chernarus and want to remember their names – or steam names -, feedback o thoughts about this people, notes about the loot, etc. Also, you can add a map by combine the already Chernarus map item with the diary and you craft an editable map where you can draw stuff, marks of bases, loot spawns, enemy base, and so).
      PROS: I would add a lot to the roleplay servers and to normal pvp servers too because you can get more immersion, you can now know who do you kill or meet. It’s a good way to have a map in game with tags and marks. You can also add a system where the map (in your diary) it’s completes and update by visiting parts of the map.


      SUMMARY: Just add the possibility to do some basic melee attack with the firearms. This attacks don´t mean to make a lot of damage (same as fists if you wish), but just make zeds step back like when you first shoot them. It would be really useful if we think to face big hordes of zeds in future updates of the game and when you went out of ammo.


      SUMMARY: The map of Chernarus is one of the best maps I have ever play in because of the realistic scale and complexity. But the buildings of the mayor cities don´t look the same (probably they are a fiddley copy of reality but for the purpose of the games I think it just doesn’t work quite well). Of course they need some “apocalyptic touch” with some creepers and destruction (it’s in develop as I know). But I talking about dimensions and lightning here.
      I think we should take the existence buildings and add some more but with a huge and realistic scale. Example: a hotel where you can go room by room with zeds spawning inside, or a huge hospital or laboratory. I want to travel inside buildings and get lost… not just go up a stair, check a room that looks exactly like the other and get out. Or enter a house that the main door leads straightaway to the bedroom (realistic?). ¿Have you seen the double green and double red? ¿What kind of houses are they? Games like Miscreated or Scape from Tarkov have great examples of this time of buildings I’m talking about.
      LIGHTING: The second part of this idea is about the lighting. Players have abuse the gamma option for too long at night time and only some players (I include myself here) know the great atmosphere that a flashlight in a dark place provides. So, if we can add some of this building ideas that I just talk about and make them very dark (even at daytime you can´t see inside because the windows are blocked), players should turn gamma high and low all the time when they go inside, making this very disturbing. I don’t say they won’t do it, I say it´s more likely some % don’t and just turn the flashlight on when they go inside or just pass by the building.


      SUMMARY: Of course Dayz already have a Lore (background history of the game) but there are some really big questions that haven`t been answered. I read is some interviews of devs about this and they all agree the lore should remain to the free interpretation of the players. I also agree but putting some tips and false tips in the way could make dayz experience more Enjoyable and give players more objectives in game. The experience of the game “The Forest” or “Metro 2033” (sorry I compare dayz with other games all the time, but is the way I best known to illustrate it) show ass how good this could be to the game, even if you only add small details to game.


      SUMARY: I know that zeds crawling or walking like 4 feet animals have been in the game before and I love it. Nowadays, when you enter a city and fight with some 3 o 4 zombies, its looks like you are fighting clones: They move the same, they attack the same way and they are all too clumsy. A good way to mitigate that in short term (because I’m sure devs are already thinking in give zeds some random movements in future) is make some zeds spawn directly crawling, as their legs have already been broken. It’s would give more diversity and I think they are scarier to because most of the times you can´t see them in bushes.
      I limit this idea here because I know they are working on player’s animations, but my other thought about zeds it’s that they can climb tall buildings to access through the windows to the second, third or fourth floor. Just imagine hordes of zeds try to climb the last floor of the Dubky buildings to reach the top where players are camping.


      SUMARY: Dayz is a post-apocalyptic world, but besides the absence of people and zombies it doesn’t look like that. Clothing is too “clean”, military outfits are complete and new and there are no “random and mosaic” clothes you can put on your character. I mean, you can put a rider jacket, some gloves and a BDU pants, but we need to feel that our character struggle to survive, and his clothes must be a sign of that. NOTE: We must avoid “futuristic apocalypse clothing”.
      So… i think dayz should add more random clothes to make each character more personal and recognizable if you really want that immersion of a survival game where you value your life because is unique. Things like ponchos, improvised gloves, tons of new raincoats, a lot of differences gas masks (nato gasmasks, rusian gasmasks, improvised gasmasks), hats, winter clothing, heavy bags, backpacks that don’t look close (just open, with some items at sight), weapon crossing your back like a survival should carry them and not like a perfect soldier, wind glasses like in mad max, etc. All that with the possibility of dye or paint with aerosol some particular clothes.


      SUMARY: I think the 3 main containers in the game should have a little change. If you think them like a “organization container”, they should have more slots of capacity that they have in size. Otherwise, the only function of them is to protect the item (same protection that a cooking pot or a frying pan can provide, and they are not the same kind of containers). So I prefer a new size / capacity distribution like I show in the image above.
      CHECK INSIDE: The other idea about this type of containers if that you can check inside them (but NOT use any of the items) by right clicking inspect. Before some updates you were able to do this and its helps a lot. Here is some screen to illustrate my thought:


      SUMARY: Simple idea. You can use the duct tape to silence a hostage (VOIP and Direct Chat). It should work the same way as the burlap sack (hood). The player can remove it from himself if he is not tied up. In add, if you use the duct tape on a player’s mouth, you can hide your identity in the direct chat like: / Unknown player: “Don`t move man”.


      SUMARY: I think the bow (for inventory purposes) should be consider a melee weapon. ¿Why? Because I think this would bring more use to this weapon and much players are going to start using it to clean the cities of zeds. Also it can provide fresh spawns a good opportunity to have a load weapon (bow) and carry an unload one until they find the ammo and not be so helpless.

      Ok guys, that´s all for this post.
      As I said before, I have a few more ideas that I want to share but I need your feedback fist.
      Sorry one more time for my terrible English,
      tips or corrections will be highly valued !!

      :::::::: INDEX ::::::::
    • By Maikelo123
      Hi, i was thinking about visual update 0.62, and it seems to me that the open zone should receive some updates too.
      Can we expect something new in these places? Some time ago I made examples of such places with animals likely to have a respawn place there. (pigs/boars)



      What do you think about that?
      I know that is not currently the most important but in visual phase these things when will be implemented could make the world more realistic and makes unique atmosphere in DayZ.
    • By Tigermonk
      I've been wondering about clothing in the game recently...

      we have all kinds of clothing... including a pair of nice leather shoes
      but then my next question: WHY not three piece suits or a dinner jacket ??

      I mean inbetween ALL of the military, ghillie suit wearing M4 sporting sharp shooting John J rambo's in this game
      surely there has to be 1-2 people on a 40-60 pop server that are the sly and cunning salesman selling you morphine, antibiotics, ammunition or even a can of 'special' spicy beans?
      I know I would be down with that.. makes the aspect of the 'story' a bit more 'human' if I might say so, an aspect of people that are actual PEOPLE instead of stone cold badass killers ALL the time.
      because NO matter HOW tough you are... there are always people around that simply want to do some business get payed and move on.

      so the general idea is this:

      some form of a suit consisting of:

      - a top hat or bowler hat
      - a nice jacket and shirt
      - nice pair of trousers
      - nice (leather) shoes (those are already in the game)

      just to give the 'status' or prestige to players who wish too portray their character like that.
      in the middle of all this death/murder/shooting and general chaos.

      so what do you guys think of that idea.. 

      @Hicks_206 (DayZ) @SMoss