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Zach Garrett

Mod causing the SKS Rifle to have no sound effects at all [HELP]

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On my server, since 1.01 has been released we have had issues with the SKS having no sound effects for anything, shooting or loading. The mods we run are as follows:

RPC Framework, NotificationFramework, DayZ-Expansion-Chat, KillFeed, VanillaPlusPlusMap, WalkingDeadZombies, WeaponReduxPack, Trader, InventoryPlus, MosinScope, ZomberryAdminTools, BuildAnywhere, UnlimitedStamina, DisableBaseDestruction, Cl0ud'sMilitaryGear, CodeLock, BuilderItems, BaseBuildingLogs, SpookArmbands, OP_BaseItems, NewNVG_Borland.

I know thats a lot of mods, only thing we haven't tried is disabling them all and going 1 by 1, just checking if anyone else has heard of this bug. 

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