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The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins

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There were seven wise virgins, and seven foolish virgins, and the wise virgins put their iPhones on charge each evening. But the foolish virgins forgot to, and did not. And because they did not, the foolish virgins remained virgins all their lives.

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Twist on a classical biblical parable from Matthew.  It's about being prepared, more or less.  I'll assume iphones here represent the hugely classical symbol of the lamp in Christianity.

Then again, the post is from pilgrim*, so it's probably over my head.  ;)

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It's about charging your phone up


A guy at sea dropped something over the side of his boat, but he was on a mission, so he made a mark on the side of the boat  just where the valuable thing slipped out of his hand, so when he had time he would be able to find it again.



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      TL;DR in the end.
      Well, if you get too bored to read, don't, just know that i am talking about penalty but putting it in here to people know and relate it to moral. No punishment just a management place in a game like this that will always allow people to KOS strangers.
      So, to start. For us to enjoy violence in video games or other entertainment we do something specialists call Moral Management. Its important that we use this so we can enjoy any random act of violence without the feeling of guilt, endeavoring completely in the imersion and pleasure of the act.
      Bandura states some ways to escape guilt:(followed by some examples and maybe an explanation)
      Dehumanization - Infected roam the streets, they used to be human but now they are not anymore. By saying that certain players are below a full being, newbees.
      Euphemisic Labeling - Clean the town out of zombies, a word substitutes killing, hunt animals or survivors.
      Advantageous Comparison - By saying that the subject's behaviour is justified by comparing it with more condemnable actions of others, in here we can see implemented into the so called Hero that hunts the "amoral" Bandits
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      Disregard of consequences - The Bandit KOS by the fact that theres no police or system to punish him.
      Atribution of Blame - By saying that the target deserves nothing but violence. It was self defence, he started shooting first. He was a bandit and he always KOS surivors, is a phrase spoken by a Hero.
      These are the most used mechanisms, but the most important one is the fact of being able to kill, in a video game. Just by having the ability to do so, and by saying that you will not be penalized because its a controled environment were nothing real happens and no one is really hurt.
      I am not saying, we need punishment, its just worth saying that any person or group may have any varied moral, the mafia has one, the police has one, yakuza has another, an indigenous tribe has another, each group in the world sees the use of violence in different ways. Since antrophology started studying other civilizations or societies we have discovered that the other is not inferior and our system superior, but that we are all different.
      sumarizing: Its a plural world, even in dayz, with an infinite number of ethics, moral, needs and desires. So think it through before applying a penalization system.
      So? you may ask what I am suggesting? I suggest that no penalization is incorporated, but just a group system and team kill be the only one penalized.