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General Feedback & suggestion after playing 0.63 offline [0.63.146715]

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Hi, Finally : ) I have enjoyed a lot playing this build. Here the weird things I have noticed and some suggestion I have thought about to avoid to much repetitiveness gameplay wise.

- First thing I have noticed is we can see through the character's bod in first person :


- Then I made some improvised arrows and it still floating in the air as you can see I know it won't stay like that right ^^")


- So when you are making some arrows, I think it would be more enjoyable / userfriendly to have a count of the improvise arrow you are making (It exist atm but it just indicates what you are crafting and you do it one bye one, meaning you have to repeat this action 20 times in a row if you want to make 20 improvised bow, I can tell you that I stoped at 3 XD.)

Ho and I think crafted objects could stack by default couldn't they ? I personnaly thing thoses inventory management are really (enjoyable for the ammunition etc) but here unecessary time consuming.


- I tried to use a knife on the burlac sac and it felt to me that it would work but actually the axe can but the knife can't ? Why is that ? Meaning that the axe is sharper than a hunting knife ? well I get my point : )



- During my testing / playthrough, I have encouter some situations were it was easier / much faster for me to drag the object in the axe / knife and it never works, meaning that you made it to much complicated to access as far as my experience in gaming telling me.

it means you made the interaction only possible in the way you designed it and not how the player could react in a tense situation or else (just a quick tought).

Exemple : https://www.dropbox.com/s/i9hcyat0t5b2p4r/20180510192406_1.jpg?dl=0

- I have been often pushed and / or stuck by doors :


- Other object floating in the air.


- Still not able to make a fire out of thoses bad boys ?


I have noticed a lot of changes here and there in the environnement and it feels great an new, I really enjoyed that feeling : ).


- The difference betwen outside and inside is really violent and should be slow down a bit, so the sound would go down progressivly as the character goes deeper in the house.

The most hilarious was in this one :


- Impossible to open a can with a knife ?


- I have not seen any loot on this one, does this loot point is beeing gone ?


- Happened as I was fighting to get out of the door that stuck me.


- I have noticed that most of textures are flat. Why not using tesselation for beans lots of other textures ? rocks and stuff ?




- Some objets placement


I ENJOYED A LOT running around in the forest thanks to this nice addition !!


- I have not been able to drop the content of a botle first (in case bad water / contamination) but only drink it or fill it.

So Here it is, my contribution to DAYZ developpement : ).

Hope it will help !

Good luck with you guys !!!!


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16 hours ago, jon3390 said:

- I have noticed that most of textures are flat. Why not using tesselation for beans lots of other textures ? rocks and stuff ?

These textures are still obsolete, i think maybe even from 2013. 
Walls with displacement/tesselation would impact FPS alot, but beans ofcourse could have nicer models/texture maps.


16 hours ago, jon3390 said:

- Still not able to make a fire out of thoses bad boys ?



16 hours ago, jon3390 said:

- Impossible to open a can with a knife ?

Possible, you're doing it wrong. 

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22 hours ago, jon3390 said:

They did added depth to certain ground textures in 0.63, which really does make the world look better. Concerning houses, yes they do look pretty ugly inside and I do hope that when most features are implemented that they will at least upgrade the furniture in houses for more variation and higher textures. And if it is not too much work, it would be great if they can give the walls and floors like you mentioned a nice texture upgrade as well.

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