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    • By ImpulZ
      Hello Survivors,
      we are back with our Stress Tests, hitting number 50 today, running version #0.63.149116! Server are going online now (2 PM CEST).
      Today's test will probably be quite brief and reintroduce the Lada Niva to the game, which will be the focus of this test.
      We prepared a mission with airfield spawn (a lot of cars to be found here) and automatic weapons, so don't necessarily expect things to go down friendly.
      There is a lot of work-in-progress in this build, so you might encounter some new items or actions, which are not working as intended yet.
      Just a small glimpse:
      Lada Niva Leaning Weapon collision with geometry visual bleeding effect heat comfort and disease effects tents/barrels new sounds infected tweaks and more... Keep your hands on the wheel, and see you in Chernarus!
    • By 8lue
      Hello there!
      As I was heading south to Guglovo to meet up with a friend, which was located in Staroye, I stopped by the town of Novo, but as I was leaving, he died from somewhere outside the military camp.
      He had a Mosin, and he died from an M4.
      Right as I was running towards Guglovo, I heard voices in the forest. Funny enough, two guys had an M4 and a Mosin. That's when I started hunting.
      Music is taken from:
    • By Jack997
      Quick question for all those SKS lovers out there like myself.
      Does anyone know anything about the sks getting added back into 0.63 as i dont see it on the to-do list?