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    • By ImpulZ
      Servers are coming back online, running Stress Test #37, version 0.63.148180. You can find the changelog here:
      Why bite the dust if you can bite off a pear? See you in Chernarus!
    • By ImpulZ
      We are restarting the Stress Test servers with version 0.63.148152. Focus of this update is on improving the server performance, you can find the changelog here:
      Don't waste your ammo on Bambies, and see you in Chernarus!
    • By tommy86
      Hello, I'm an old Dayz player and I wanted to get back on it after 0.63 update.
      I've made a fresh install and switched to "experimental" build, but when I start the game, this error appear: cannot open file 'addon\gear_books.pbobies.ebo'
      I tried to make a file cache clear (with all 3 option on) but problem is still on.
      Do you have any suggestions?