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    • By 8lue
      Hello there!
      Coming back from a Tisy scavenge, to meet up with one of our group, one of us spotted two players getting in from the West side of the town. As we always do, we try to over watch the area before interacting or starting a gun fire between us and the spotted party.
      But sometimes, we don't success at our 100%. But still, it's really enjoyable to have these kinds of encounters in the far West side of the map! Nice to see that people still tend to get more in land!
      Music is taken from:
    • By AXEL777
      Private server DayZ 0.63 Experimental version 0.63.148743:
      IP: dayz-public.strikearena.ru:2312
      Name server: Zone of Survival | ZoS | DayZ 0.63/Experimental/Survival/PVP
      Working 24/7
      Restarts every 4 hours form 01:00  GMT+3
      Pages this server:
      In dayzspy: https://www.dayzspy.com/server/
      In gamemonitoring: https://gamemonitoring.net/ru/server102197
      In GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
      Site page server and forum: https://zos.strikearena.ru/
      Welcome everyone! We wait your friends in our server =)
    • By luomubanaani

      first of all, huge thanks for publishing the 0.63 server files!
      Would it be possible to allow disabling the BattlEye anticheat (in future builds) for self-hosted 0.63 servers/the 0.63 client? Arma 3 has option "BattlEye" which you can set to 0 so people without BattlEye can join the server.
      I've tried adding this option to the serverDZ.cfg but it does not disable the BattlEye for the server so I guess this option has been disabled/not implemented. (logs say BattlEye initialized and the game shows BattlEye on in the server browser, which means I can't connect on Linux)

      The main reason for disabling BattlEye for me is to allow Linux (and Mac?) gamers (Using Wine/Steam Play Proton) to join the server. This of course adds the possibility of cheating which isn't too big of a concern for me at least and it could be handled some other way.
      DayZ 0.63 Offline mode works really nice with Steam Play so playing DayZ on Linux is (almost) ideal for me and most likely for many other Linux gamers.

      Please, consider allowing this option.