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    • By Ludwig Maier
      Hey guys,
      today i saw a player on our not moded server with a green colored ghillie hood. I never saw Spray paint in the 0.63 patch spawning. Did someone saw it any where in this version? If yes, where did u find it? Is there any list where i can see what items are in the game? 
      Thanks guys
    • By Guy Smiley
      Which branch are we suppose to be testing?  I'm pretty certain I read that the experimental and stress test branches were going to be deprecated or something along those lines and that they will be focusing on the stable "beta" branch until those will be needed again?
    • By VeatFlash
      I like many other players have been waiting for this moment - the appearance of beta and now this day has come , I go into the game to enjoy this wonderful moment , I find a weapon , sight , and I see another survivor and is ready to kill him but I understand that I can not aim because my mouse does not have the function of pressing the scroll button (Blodi v8) . and the developers did not provide the possibility of changing the settings , I was very upset and disappointed with the game again . question-how to change the settings ? can as any through documents ? can not  to play the game where you need to kill without using a scope .
      p.S. Sorry for my English , not my language.