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08/08/2018 - 0.63.148065


  • fixes for unconscious
  • fixes for optics
  • fixes for drinking mechanics
  • fix for issue with weapon stuck in hands
  • fix for common server error messages (possible stability issue)
  • fix for server and clientside crashing

Known issues:

  • door states can be visually incorrect
  •  audio might not work (try reconnecting audio jack)

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      A "little" jump on top of the school in Severograd!
      This happened on the Stress test branch of DayZ, and it seems that if you jump right before an item, its edge will help your jump, giving you a boost.
    • By Baty Alquawen
      Hello guys,
      The new Stress Test is will be online in 15 minutes. We did some changes that should help with a server performance, we tweaked a limb damage and a long wooden stick can now be obtained with a knife, hurayy! 0.63.148115 is a number of the version. So let's test it! 
    • By ImpulZ
      Hello Survivors,
      we are back with Stress Test #34, version number 0.63.148065. It includes several fixes for gameplay and performance issues, you can read the complete changelog here:
      Please report all issues you encounter to our Feedback Tracker at feedback.dayz.com. :)
      Known issues:
      door states can be visually incorrect audio might not work (try reconnecting audio jack)