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AntrixMc - DayZ in Minecraft!

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Play Minecraft? Love DayZ?

Now you can play DayZ and Minecraft at the same time!

Grab your friends and head over to play.antrix.us and connect to ZombieMc using the server selector!

With air drops, zombies, building, guns, loot, pvp, hell hounds, and all new things being added all the time ZombieMc aims to create the DayZ feeling in Minecraft! Start off running around one of two maps  looting for Guns and supplies, fighting other players and zombies, keeping your hunger up, and surviving. Once you are surviving pretty good, you can build a structure using our custom developed building system! With two maps, a smaller city, and a 1:1 scaled version of Chernarus, you always have that apocalyptic feeling! We love hearing the communities ideas, so we know what you all want to see added! Come check us out!

IP: play.antrix.us

Website: http://www.antrix.us

Forums: http://www.antrix.us/forum

Discord: https://discord.gg/ySJj7Ve


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