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    • By EddySoS
      SoS Saints of Survival are a long time Dayz Clan/Community that has been running for 4 years or so, in the last 6 month's we have evolved into a multi-gaming community and have since taken on our own dedicated server and run 2 x 100 slot Dayz Servers which are both in the top 15, we have also built a PvP server and a few other variables and currently have our own 64 slot Scum server, however we are looking for a good coder that is able to add something new and offer us more flexibility providing unique functions for our servers and community.
      If you would like to be a part of our community and help with our evolution and have the required skill set then please contact us at:
      WEBSITE: dayzsos.co.uk
      TEAMSPEAK: sos.ts3ip.com
      EMAIL: saintsofsurvivalclan@gmail.com
    • By Fernando Campos
      well, I played dayz for a long time, I stopped, before my dayz was normal, now that I came back I can not open my game anymore and when I can enter, I'll choose some server to enter the screen ends up closing alone, How will I do it? I paid dearly for this game.
    • By Rife 47
      Dayz standalone adam47 moded safvezone and .....

      ip port 2302
      ip port2302