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    • By TheYetiBum
      Wondering if anyone on the forum or a member of the dev team could give me any info in when keys such as Hold breathe and FPP look over shoulder will be added? The hold breathe functionality is greatly needed as scope sway is very pronounced in DayZ , no problem with the sway but counteracting it in real time with a thumbstick isn't viable. Also having to turn left and right and breaking sprint to look over shoulder isn't ideal so the free look button would be amazing also. I fully understand that bug fixes take priority but any clarification on this issue would be greatly appreciated 
    • By DuffMasterHomer
      I been only be kicked after the server restart, so is it possible to make the restart time longer. 
      I know rain and the day and night cycle are in the game but not active. In the closed preview im walking with a torch through the woods in the night and it was awesome.
      sry, the bad english
    • By DuffMasterHomer
      Hi, im playing only in first person so it were cool we have some server for this.
      I think it is the best experience on dayz.