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    • By ImpulZ
      Stress Test #28 is now starting, running version 0.63.147368. We are testing further fixes for stability and kicking issues.
      Please keep reporting all kicks and crashes to our Feedback Tracker. If you don't know how to report, here's how:
    • By ImpulZ
      For many issues out there there are simple solutions that you can try to resolve some of the reoccurring issues. Some are caused by faulty downloads, some by outdated drivers. Here is a small collection of solutions to some of the recurring issues in DayZ.
      If your issue is not listed here or measures do not help, feel always free to report to our feedback tracker.
      Common Solutions BattlEye Error VAC Bans Bad_module_info [Launch Error] "Error Creating Enfusion Engine" Bad Version, server rejected connection Not able to move or do anything Common Solutions
      Before trying any other solutions, try to verify your game files via Steam. This is a general check of all DayZ game files that should discover most of the issues caused by a faulty update download, or by manipulated/otherwise corrupt game data. Go to your Steam Library and right-click on DayZ. Go to Properties. Open the Local Files Tab. Click on "Verify Integrity of Game Files"
        Make sure to clear all launch parameters. Go to your Steam Library and right-click on DayZ. Go to Properties. In the General Tab, click on "Set Launch Options" Delete all entries and confirm.
        Reinstall the game. To avoid faulty data, the easiest solution is a clean installation of the game.
    • By ImpulZ
      We are starting a new Stress Test now, #27, running version 0.63.147344. Focus are fixes for crashes and memory leaks. Please fill the servers so we can test the fixes under harsh conditions. To report crashes and kicks, please check out our Bug Report Guide: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/238467-how-to-report-an-issue-to-the-feedback-tracker/