[EU](Any skill level) MC0CC Is looking to form a DayZ squad/clan

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Hello DayZ players. My name is Cha0s I am from Lithuania and I am looking to form a DayZ Standalone squad for enjoying the game and playing together. Everyone is welcome as long as they meet these little, tiny requirements:

¤ Must have a mic for communication,

¤ Must be communicative, be friendly, help others.

¤ Must know the basics of the game

¤ Are willing to take the game as just a game, have fun, not to be salty or be an asshole to others.

¤ Must speak and understand english

¤ Understand that not all of the players are pros at this and that some of them want to learn.

¤ Must be online often or very often

If you are interested in joining please leave a comment with a link to your steam profile or add me on steam and message or add me here:

Or join the steam group:

Good luck and have fun, Cha0s

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      Hello Survivors!
      I have just started a New server wich is called "TheVikings". Due to this i need players on the server aswell as member to this clan.
      I will pay for the server that is a 30 slot server and i will not be asking for Your Money!. I want mature players, and i also need som admin to Control the server when i am offline. Server info:  and are located in Norway.
      Why would you choose this server to play on?
      Because this server is not only KOS, but i`m courage you to interact With other Survivors in a way thats safe.
      Of course Survivors will have theyre own agenda for gameplay and so on, and i will not tell you how to play. My Squad should be sharing my vision on this game tho.
      Im looking forward to meet some new player on this new server, until then, have a good one!
      Regards TheViking.
      PS. There is a New facebook site aswell, like it to suport us!