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    • By Blazing Glory
      so I got the server files and my server shows up when I type the ip and all that... but for some reason, I can't join it because its version is wrong? it says the version is 148743 and I don't know how to change that... did I screw something up or am I not in the wrong?
    • By Baty Alquawen
      Hello guys,
      we are going to release a new Experimental update in a few minutes.
      fixes for spawning of loot around dynamic events fixes for proper admin log functionality fixes of database loading errors server stability fixes private shard servers are listed as private now changes to prevent speed hacks basic armor system implemented (e.g. vests and helmets take part of the damage of the damaged body part until they are ruined) changes to the chat UI fixes aimed at preventing a character getting a permanent DB lockout fix for the hit detection issues fixes for magazine getting stuck in weapon and not allowing for manipulation fixes for proper display of official/private servers in browser fixes for proper logging of server .rpt files We will update official experimental servers first and GSP will afterward update community servers (which shouldn't take longer than 1 hour).
      No wipe.
      Have a nice day, Survivors!
    • By Tommy1337
      Hello, i downloaded the new patch and now i cant join a experimental server, how i can downgrade the game?