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IL2 Sturmovik

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Very nice my dear Orloks, may I ask why you chose to go with the Vive rather than the Rift ?

One of my boys is a complete sim geek and has modified and invested in a lot of flight sim gear as well as an Oculas Rift (pre ordered before release).
Although I have not had the opportunity to test all his stuff he has pretty much convinced me that the investment is well worth teh dollarZ.

The trouble is that since he received his VR set I've pretty much lost one of my gaming buddies, he's gone full virtual reality and getting him to normal gameZ is a thing of the past.

Do you get any unwanted side effects ?

If you want to know what a sim geek is, check this out...


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Hello there

i went for the Rift due to my research leading me to believe that (at the moment) its slightly ahead of the Vive in comfort and apparent resolution for seated non jumpy movey games. (I was also able to get the rift heavily subsidised through work)

The only side effect I now have is that I find it hard to play 2d "flat" games anymore!

oh, VR sickness can be a thing, but most decent games dont have it (or one acclimatises to it rather quickly)

I adore VR but its not for everyone :)




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I've got a Rift after battling with myself over the last six months or so and very nice it is too.
Most definitely the biggest step forward hardware wise since dedicated 3D graphic cards (3dfx Voodoo / SLI).

I find myself leaning more towards not really game things such as Medium and those with a more interactive approach .
I'm very impressed with the game titles developed for the rift or by Oculus, some of the games are top notch even if they are not  my cup°T.
PS4 Battlefront players are even getting a dedicated VR Star Wars mission later this year, the lucky sods !

The main problem as far as I'm concerned is the difficulty using keyboard and mouse while blindfolded in what may be termed as normal games, I find myself fumbling around even though I've been playing games in much the same manner since Doom. The downside as Orloks said is coming back to a "flat game".

No sign of any side effects myself although a lot of people it seems have some trouble.
Effects of vertigo when looking down from impossibly high heights are natural, as is some disorientation while performing barrel roles in DCS World !
Just like in real life.

I watched an episode of Pinky Blinders on a Big Screen earlier today whilst sitting somewhere in one of the outer nebula regions of deep space !
Most disturbing.

REMEMBER : Videos (as above) give no true perception of what is actually taking place in front of your eyes.

If you have the dosh ($£€) don't hesitate, it will open your eyes to a whole new world.

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I've gotten slightly bored of the games available on the HTC Vive.

I have a lack of sitting down experiences and I wish there were more that actually utilized the controllers more.

Like this: 


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Flight/space sim seems to be the bread and butter of VR atm.  As neat as it may be with FPS/FPThrowing Items, it just doesn't have the same feel as flight sims imo.   There's something there and I hope the  tech keeps carrying over. 


So much gear and gadgets to buy....

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