DayZ images as a Mosaic made of other DayZ images.

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Some of the most famous DayZ images as a mosaic made of 50x50 tiles. All tiles are DayZ-themed. Each input image's pixel is replaced by a tile. There is no alpha effect or any other kind of effect applied to the tiles or to the input image(like photoshop and other apps does), it is just pure pixel "replacement" as you can see.





Links for high-resolution images.
(15000x8400, 162MB)!G0sCiQIa!McQOPeaVub8DZAkZCnV54WBqnNkbUHFxBG7HuTf19PM

(15000x8400, 142MB)!elcyWKBZ!pqTEdBHCDjqA5IZ11TGDlw4UCzdd5TUWlNgvNGPFIF0

(15000x8400, 105MB)!a5MjVIJT!351GeI0NhWkiWagi3GJKfZ2PCfYlnw8BImn73QQwFL8

Source code on Github:

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