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While using Bluetooth Headset i can hear Birds in menu but i have absolutly no sounds during gameplay ( Microphone from the same device work excellent in the same time )

When i switch to speakers i have all sounds back.

it happens only in DAYZ in other games BT work fine. 

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    • By my_nick_was_taken
      I'm looking for a really good gaming headset, primarily for dayz + movies/series.
      Wireless is a must.
      So far I'm looking at :
      - SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless, DTS H:X 2.0 surroundsound
      - Astro A50 Dolby Digital, 7.1 surroundsound
      Both headsets are about ~2,5 times my 'mental budget' for a gaming headset, I can properly talk them down to 2 times, but for that price it should really be worth it.
      1) But I'm unsure if dayz support dts and/or 7.1?
      2 ) I really like the idea of headsets, where I can adjust game/teamspeak sound volume to my liking, and I guess an 'ordinary' headset doesn't have this feature, it has to be a gaming headset?
      3) I haven't tried either digital surround or true surround, so I dont know which is better?
      4) Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially if you happen to own one of the above mentioned headsets or has a really good 3rd. choice?
      And yes i have done a search for headsets, most are within some budget, so not really the same as these questions :)
      I did get some good info from this thread:
      "Beyerdynamic DT 990 premium"
      "Also, try to use Virtual Dolby Surround. I use a soundcard that enables 7.1 virtual surround emulation and i can adjust the virtual speakers. When i plug in just normal stereo headphones the virtual dolby effect is way way way better than true 7.1 headphones that try to ram 7 speakers into a 10cm piece."
      Brgds M_M
    • By Saronite
      Hey guys, my name is Saronite. I've been playing Dayz since it was a mod in arma 2. I've since gotten back into the standalone and i'm looking for new people to play with. I'm an experienced player for the most part. Can play alot on weekends Eastern Standard time. You can add me on steam just search for Saronite, or talk to me in discord https://discord.gg/MTxNbtQ
    • By BasicDave
      I need help with finding a new headset, it has to be cheap - infact under £20! All I need is a microphone - i prefer to use speakers for actual outputted audio. Please any suggestions will help!!