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As soon as I start the game my screen "flickers yellow/green colours. In the video its not as intense as it would be (server list is refreshing= drop in fps) but usually the frequency of the flickers are much higher. I tried Vsync and it doesnt really help. This has only come up since 0.60 and no other games are affected. Any suggestions for how to fix it?


i7 4790k


3x R9 290x

144hz monitor

added another ingame video


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Bumping this to hopefully get some more info on the status of this AMD-specific issue.

I get identical results when I run CFX, regardless of whether I am running triple monitors or just one. (Asus Sabertooth, i7, 16Gb, SSD, R290X, R290, X-Fi)

As soon as I go back to a single Video Card by disabling CFX the issue disappears completely.

It might be something that only AMD can fix...but I truly hope "someone" gets it done.

Triple monitors with big-time frames equals serious DayZ immersion.

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An update on this.

I have a fairly reliable response from Sapphire Tech (The vendor of my Sapphire Radeon R290X Tri-X and my Sapphire Radeon R290 Tri-X video cards).

They say that to the best of their knowledge it will need to be addressed by the BI developers as it is an issue specific to DayZ SA and it only materialized after the new Renderer implementation. This is the ONLY game that has this problem.

It could be DX12 or it might even be an individual setting in the UI.

I get great frames when running a single card on a (1920x1080) 27" monitor, but in order for my Eyefinity triple-monitor (5k X 1080) setup to work decently I need CFX running.

Hope to get a hint as to how much of a priority this might be for the dev team...as I might just go snag a new monster Nvidia vid card instead. I still am a fan of the AMD cards...but multi-monitor DayZ is pretty awesome and I am spoiled now.

I have a ticket open with AMD as well...but since the SA is still pre-Beta I don't think they will even bother answering me.

Can someone on the dev team chime in with any suggestions?

I have tried many configs.....and the only thing that makes any difference is if I change the "Clouds" setting. When I do this the flickering stops for a half-second after I select another quality level and then it resumes. Maybe this is a hint that the rendering or screen draw is faulty in this module?

The usual blue-ish artifacting on trees is still present as well, but only within a few feet of my player. This occurs all the time, regardless of whether I am using just a single card or two in CFX.

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