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Dear all,

I play on an Asus ROG G750JM, and it has two video cards, an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M. Connected in HDMI there is a secondary monitor, a BENQ which works well (can stand 1080p with any other game).

Intel Driver version is,

Geforce one is the latest one.

the issue is, when running Dayz 0.60 exp, if I run it on my laptop screen, all is fine (normal 1080p). If I run it on my bigger screen, (I bought that for dayz mostly anyway), the screen turns into 1080i, flickering and aching my eyes. The monitor itself can sustain 1080p very well, but with only dayz this happens. Can you help/fix?

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Same Problem for me. Im playing on a Acer Aspire V5 on Windows 10. If I set it to windowed mode I have no problems on the second monitor. In fullscreen however its unplayable because of the flickering. 

Would be nice if this could be fixed! Drivers and everything is up to date. 

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