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On ‎5‎/‎5‎/‎2016 at 10:32 AM, purepassion said:

Hello everyone!

A controlled environment: Functional and not fun

The unstable .60 update candidate was pushed to the experimental branch of DayZ. Highlights of the update include the very first technical foundation of the new Enfusion engine render module which reportedly improves performance and reworks of several landmarks and cities such as Chernogorsk.

Sweet, I have to tell my friends, jump straight into my steam library and get it started!

No, you don't want to do that and here is why:

The experimental branch will unfortunately not be the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to take a quick look at all the new stuff or enjoy a better version of DayZ and play it as usual.

The experimental branch has a very specific purpose that is often misrepresented. The experimental branch will not be fun to play and it will not be a nice preview experience. When we make the decision to opt into the experimental branch, we become a direct extension of the internal quality assurance team of the developers. The decision should mean we are willing to look at the game differently. Relaxing and having fun is unfortunately not on the menu. The current experimental build and its servers are a controlled environment for the developers to test performance and new technology under stress. You will become part of the stress.

Here is a list of the currently known issues.

So, before you proceed reading, keep all of the above in mind. The experimental branch does not want to be a smooth preview. It will be an interrupted and busy experience. Instead of telling your friends to jump ingame, give them this to read.

How do I get the experimental branch? - Steam opt-in update

  • Go to your steam library
  • Right-Click on DayZ
  • Open the "Settings" tab
  • Open the "Beta" tab
  • Select "experimental - unstable testing version" in the dropdown menu
  • Your download will start

Important: Update Windows, your graphic drivers before you start and disable clouds in-game. You might experience startup crashes.

This thing doesn't work! - Report the bugs

If you decide to be one of the few stressed out DayZ experimental testers, you'll see a lot of things not working in the current experimental build. Please read through this list of currently known bugs and issues.

If you encounter a bug, please create a thread in this section of the official DayZ forums. The developers are actively looking through the threads there and with your help, issues will be found and resolved faster. The experimental branch is a preparation for the fun times ahead when it's ready for a stable update. Reporting bugs and providing data will bring you closer to that fun.

Don't forget to be precise in your bug reports and provide as much information about your hardware, operating system and how you encountered the issue.

Every minute you spend reporting a bug will result in 1.9 hours of fun in the next stable update. We did the math.

Why aren't there more experimental server? - Maximum capacity reached

The team is looking into options for increasing the amount of servers but as it stands right now, the maximum capacity is reached. As much as we all would like to play the current version, the servers serve their specific purpose and make it possible for the team to collect reports of user data and most importantly evaluate new technology and configurations under stress. A small and controllable amount of stressed out servers is the most useful purpose of the experimental branch. It sucks but for the game to progress and for the build to move to the stable banch, it needs to be broken and overloaded for the developers to be able to collect live performance and stability statistics. With this data, the developers can make adjustments and improvements that bring the build closer to the stable branch and into the hands of everyone. Issues with not all servers showing up to everyone are currently being investigated.

If you're looking for a relaxed gaming session and don't want to spend hours in the server browser, save yourself the headache and revert to the stable branch.

Is the new renderer in the game now? - First foundation

No, the new renderer is not yet complete. What you currently see is mostly technical groundwork. The work done so far is mainly things you don't see in a module supposed to create what you see. Sounds confusing? It's actually not complicated if you break it down. There are two main aspects to consider: How the technology works or calculates and what you give the technology to calculate. Thanks to the new Enfusion engine technology, the render module can now work more independently and isn't slowed down by other aspects of the game. It is decoupled from the simulation. Hardware usage is also improved, which means that you might see powerful GPUs scaling up performance. Overall, many players reported performance improvements. The way the technology calculates has now started to improve and can be optimized in the future. The game moved to DX11, HDR has been reworked and there are new geometry occluders, to mention a few improvements. With this new foundation, the developers can start to tell the technology to calculate prettier things and make the game look better. Shaders can be improved or added such as the new volumetric/ height-based fog and new rendering features can be added more easily since the engine approached a modern industry standard.

The game will currently not look much different but the technology you don't see has been completely redone or improved. The new Enfusion engine render module is far from done. With the current foundation, the developers will be able to work on things you'll see making a difference.

The road to 0.60 is ahead of us

The upcoming 0.60 stable update will be a big leap into DayZ's future. The work behind the scenes is showing its results. The developers and their different departments, each working on different areas of the game, can't wait to finish engine modules that are holding back new features. It was a tough decision to focus on work that most players won't notice. However, that decision and the difficult road leading down from it, are now paying off. The upcoming 0.60 stable branch will offer us a first glimpse into the future that we can actually play and enjoy.

The current 0.60 experimental branch however is a functional and not a fun experience. There are a lot of issues that need to be fixed. As we have learned now, it is not a preview experience of new stuff. The experimental branch fulfills the specific purpose of creating a controlled environment used for collecting data for the developers, as opposed to the community enjoying the game. Of course nobody can stop us from having fun but it will be much harder to find in the experimental branch.

We will wait until the stable update for that.

its asking for a beta code? where can I get a beta code from?

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On 5/13/2016 at 11:04 AM, DeviantPanda said:

I am sorry for this, I am a bit upset. I asked for help 2 weeks ago now and have still not been replied to or helped. I can only see one server on my server list. My windows is updates and my drivers. Please assist me. I do want to play this game but I need assistance when there is an error. We try to help by reporting these errors. I just want feedback to know if i have been acknowledged or not.



If you still need assistance with locating servers, please feel free to message me.

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