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    • By WaveSayHi
      After 4 years spent on this game and close to 3000 hours, i've finally decided to document some stories to look back on. Starting with Django, (yes, unchained,) trying to make some friends on the east coast, proving to be more challenging then he'd ever expect. Please give me any feedback you can, anything would help :) 
    • By ReeceAwaken
      Name: AwakenRP | DayZ Roleplay | Server 1
      Teamspeak: - ts.awakenrp.co.uk
      Website - www.awakenrp.co.uk
      Discord - https://discord.gg/BxErz66
      Teamspeak - ts.awakenrp.co.uk
      We currently have running a 70 Slot server that can be upgraded to a 90 Slot and a secondary dedi waiting to be launched.
      We are a none-whitelisted Community Active Staff team to remove any unwanted players Survival Aspect, More Zombies, Less Loot, More Risk Map Customizations with Less Vehicles Balanced and Rare loot, Military Loot is harder to find Mods Required
      AwakenRP Official Mod Chernarus Redux Cup Terrains - Core CBA_A3 If you require any assistance Please hop onto the Teamspeak or Website and ask a staff member!
      We are all friendly
    • By HIHBGaming
      "Hell In A HandBasket"(AU/US/EU) Hardcore/Regular DayZ
      HIHB Gaming Private Hive Servers
      HIHBGaming.net(AU) - Hell In A HandBasket DayZ - 1pp
      (40 Slots)
      HIHBGaming.net (USA) - Hell In A HandBasket DayZ - 3pp
      (40 Slots)
      HIHBGaming.net (USA) - Hell In A HandBasket DayZ - 1pp - Whitelisted
      (30 Slots)
      HIHBGaming.net(EU) - Hell In A HandBasket DayZ - 1pp
      (30 Slots)
      HIHB Comms
      EU and AU 1pp servers are on their own Hive as well as open to the public.
      We'll Be Switching All Existing HIHB DayZ Servers to .63 Exp When Available
      HIHB Website For More Info