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q.S Sachiel

Helicoptor sims & peripherals

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Hey guys,


I've been flying DCS: Black Shark 2 for the KA50 for a while now, and it's quite the enjoyable module for World.  At the moment i've only got A10C and KA50, and it's remarkable how different they are (ignoring fixed wing and rotor craft differences) in that the Warthog is extremely systems-complex while the Kamov is system-simple and control-complex.


Which takes me to my question:

I've got the Saitek x52pro choke + joystick, but i've noticed that my ability to control the collective is quite limited.  I'm usually experimenting from time to time, updating my HOTAS controls to try to streamline the experience, but the collective is something i cannot work out in programming, and the analogue Num+/- is not suitable, although just by using these buttons i can see the power of having a collective input rather than purely adjusting altitude and attitude by throttle and pitch alone.


So does anyone that uses rotorcraft sim software have a dedicated collective input, or some kind of scaleable input ala throttle they  can reccomend? 

I'm not looking to go spend too much money, as it's the only rotorcraft sim i have and there's not much else out there, so i don't really see spending a few 100 on a collective as a smart investment at this time, but open to suggestions.


Also seen a few 'DIY' using throttles, but i'm not too into McGuyvering at this point either.  Preferably if you have any interesting button mappings to share that would be great :)

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Have you tried mapping the collective to the throttle control?  In FSX I had to use a different rocker switch for throttle, and had more precise control with collective on throttle slider.  

Really enjoying the MiG-21 BIS module by Leatherneck.

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I've played around a little with collective to throttle.  The issue is though, that if i use the pinky switch or something like a mode-switch, say i'm at takeoff:


Collective to 0, (switch), increase throttle to 50%.


Now when i want to increase collective for takeoff, the throttle is in 50%, but the game reads collective at 0.  Moving the throttle from the 50% position will initiate a sudden change in collective from 0 - 49/51.   same thing vica versa if set collective and want to change throttle.


It's these sudden and drastic changes that i want to avoid, and make the mapping difficult to a scaleable input.

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