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Looking for Modder, Coder to supply content

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Hi, I'm a 3D Modeler and I want to supply a knowleadgable coder/scripter with content for a future mod of Dayz.


I can create everything 2D and 3D-wise necessary for the mod, but right now I'm overwhelmed by the editors available for ARMAII and I'll be having a hard time learning everything by myself. I just want to supply content at this point and learn from the people I'm working with, in order to make my content perfect for their needs. On the long run, I'll probably be able to do more than supply the models and textures, but I need someone to set me up, in order to continue working in a way that makes sense. 


I want to create an US-American map, preferably Oregon or Arkansas styled, but I'm willing to put that aside and work on your project for the sake of learning. If anyone out there needs models to be made for their mod and knows the coding part/integration of assets/maps, I'm more than willing to deliver. When the time comes for Modding support in DayZ, we can be ready and perhaps get a bit more into depth with our own project (adding new functionality and such).


I'd also be happy about just meeting and chatting with other people interested in modding DayZSA, but the goal is to find someone who can instruct me on the how-to, so I'm not wasting time iterating at this early stage of my Dayz modding career ;)


If you're interested and confident about making mods for the standalone, send me a PM and we'll see what can be done at the moment. I need info on integrating assets as well as on lightmapping, collisions, sockets, dynamic objects. I'll start reading into those topics for ARMAII, but I know there are people advanced in these topics, who could help me far more by giving a few hints.


Here are a couple of (random) images of stuff I made, so you know I'm not wasting your time:





















Thanks and looking forward to your replies!


I posted in the wrong place again :(? Thank you, Boneboys, for being so good at keeping track of my nonsense :)

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    • By chambersenator
      Now that we finally have a modding section for DayZ SA, I'd like to suggest something that I've been thinking about for a long time now that could be helpful to us all. All of us that are interested in modding DayZ have vastly different levels of experience and areas of expertise. Some of us here are very familiar with modding ArmA in the past, some are completely new to it and eager to learn, and the rest are somewhere in between. 
      As we get closer to the new modding tools to be released, I think it would be a good idea to create a dedicated sub-section of the modding section, focused on two things:  
      A place for anyone interested in modding to introduce themselves, and include some basic info about their skills and any past experience with scripting, modeling, mission design, etc. in ArmA and other games, or for those completely new to DayZ modding, what particular aspects they are interested in learning. This could be very useful to help the community overall, by having a place where we can get to know each other's skills. For example, someone who feels comfortable with writing scripts, but has no modeling experience can find those who are good at making asset models and may be interested offering up their skills. The easier it is for us to know who's out there and what they can do, the greater the benefits to us all. 
        An "Asset Exchange" thread or section, and the idea of a "Community Asset Pack". People can post a request for a certain item or item to be made, and if there's a modeler that wants to make it, they can submit their design for consideration. Ideally, those submitted assets could be made available to all modders, so that we can reduce the chances of us having 10 slightly different versions of some basic item (ex. a opened tin can, a handful of wires ripped from a wrecked car or home appliance, a liquor bottle, a brick, etc). Of course, there will be some very work-intensive stuff that some modders would like to keep to their own mods (vehicles, firearms, entirely new buildings,  etc), but I'm talking more about about the (relatively) basic stuff here that would be useful in many different mods. Additionally, we could have links to BI's wiki pages that list existing ArmA assets, so that people don't waste time making something from scratch that could be just ported over. The goal here is to avoid wasting modeler's valuable time by letting them focus on different things, rather than duplicating things whenever possible. 

      As time goes on, it would be possible for assets submitted to that part of the forum section could, with the permission of those modelers, be compiled into a "Community Asset Pack" mod through the Steam workshop either as a single mod or broken into 2-3 separate categories (environmental, structural, or miscellaneous items), and updated every month or two. As for who would be the one responsible for curating/compiling that and the general logistics of handling that, I'm open to suggestions. Figuring out the process at first will be tricky, but I think the potential benefits of it is worth seriously considering. (In many ways it's similar to the CUP mods in ArmA as the end result, but what I'm focusing on is how we can create a submission/compilation process that has the best chance to draw in new talent as well as have the support of those with a great deal of previous experience in ArmA)
      Just to explain a bit about where I'm coming from with this and why I'm making this suggestion: I've got my own plans for a DayZ mod that I've been thinking about for a coupe years now. I've dabbled here and there with mission designs and taking apart PBO files over the last 6+ years in Dayz and ArmA to understand how they work, and observing in particular how DayZ's new code has been evolving over time. I feel reasonably confident that I can make the core concept of my mod work, but when it comes to making a small number of fairly baisic asset models for the various little additional things I'd like to have in the mod, I'm going to need to find someone that would be willing to help with that. I have no doubt there are many other people in the same situation, so why not propose something that might make it easier for everybody?  
    • By REAPER 41G
      Hello world, was hoping to see if any of the devs can put out what the timelines that they have. As far as like content updates and such. Will we see small patches every week or once they are completed. That way the players know what to expect for the future. I’ve enjoyed the fact that there has been two updates in less then two weeks and I really hope the pace stays the same. I’m sure with bigger problems come longer troubleshooting time. Either way. Love what y’all did bringing this to Xbox. Thankyou.