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Looking for Modder, Coder to supply content

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Hi, I'm a 3D Modeler and I want to supply a knowleadgable coder/scripter with content for a future mod of Dayz.


I can create everything 2D and 3D-wise necessary for the mod, but right now I'm overwhelmed by the editors available for ARMAII and I'll be having a hard time learning everything by myself. I just want to supply content at this point and learn from the people I'm working with, in order to make my content perfect for their needs. On the long run, I'll probably be able to do more than supply the models and textures, but I need someone to set me up, in order to continue working in a way that makes sense. 


I want to create an US-American map, preferably Oregon or Arkansas styled, but I'm willing to put that aside and work on your project for the sake of learning. If anyone out there needs models to be made for their mod and knows the coding part/integration of assets/maps, I'm more than willing to deliver. When the time comes for Modding support in DayZ, we can be ready and perhaps get a bit more into depth with our own project (adding new functionality and such).


I'd also be happy about just meeting and chatting with other people interested in modding DayZSA, but the goal is to find someone who can instruct me on the how-to, so I'm not wasting time iterating at this early stage of my Dayz modding career ;)


If you're interested and confident about making mods for the standalone, send me a PM and we'll see what can be done at the moment. I need info on integrating assets as well as on lightmapping, collisions, sockets, dynamic objects. I'll start reading into those topics for ARMAII, but I know there are people advanced in these topics, who could help me far more by giving a few hints.


Here are a couple of (random) images of stuff I made, so you know I'm not wasting your time:





















Thanks and looking forward to your replies!


I posted in the wrong place again :(? Thank you, Boneboys, for being so good at keeping track of my nonsense :)

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