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A pc built to be upgraded

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So I'm planning out a build with running DayZ at 30 frames minimum everywhere. No set budget but I'm not wanting to spend the $2.5k australian to get everything I want at this time.


Current idea is:


CPU: i5-6600K 4.0GHz stock but I intend on OCing it a bit.

Mobo: Not too fussed on this, but package deals with various components will be my first choices. PCi slots, ram slots,brand and cooler compatability will be given priority

Cooler: Noctua NH-D15(s?) (Running air cooling because I'm not ready to like the idea of a quantity of water inside my PC case but 40 degree summers mean I won't skimp on quality)

Ram: Whatever DDR4 16gb (or more) clears the cooler, has good speed and is cheap from a reputable maker.

Graphics: This is where I'm a bit out of it. I'm thinking a used GTX660 which is a crime to run with this setup but I can't afford the cost of a new 980 or 780TI. Better performing cards will be given priority if availible.

PSU: Haven't done the numbers on this yet but will have enough over head to run this setup with a 980ti attached with a water cooling setup if I ever do this. Will also be a reputable brand

Case: TBA (thinking sleeper build)

Case Fans: As many Noctuas as it takes to get positive pressure and good flow. I'm in Australia and summers are hot.


Peripherals: Intend on running triple 1080p monitors, Logitech G430 headset, decent but cheap mech keyboard, Laser wired mouse with enough buttons and i think that's it.


As you can see I'm mixing cheap with expensive but I have some reasons. One, I intend on upgrading the GPU at a later date as I am under the impression that DayZ/Arma is CPU intensive and a better CPU will give me better results than a $1K GPU. I am planning ahead with my choices though with the PSU.


Not all that up to date with current PC gear as I've been out of it for over 6 months and I was running a laptop before I decided it was too sh*t.

Preparing for schooling.

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OK, Playing around on Newegg got me this:


CPU: I5-6600K

Mobo: Gigabyte CA-Z170XP-SLI

Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws V series 16GB (2x8gb) DDR4 (2800mhz)

Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 w/D15 PWM fans

PSU: Antec HCG 900W

SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB

HDD: WD blue 500GB

VGA: $300 + Ebay = GTX660 or 7XX


Case is still undecided as are fans.

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I would recommend

Mobo: MSI Z97 PC-Mate

SSD: Crucial BX100 250GB

Case: Enermax iVektor or Lian Li PC-9FB

PS: Enermax Platimax 600W

GPU: VTX3D Radeon R9 290 X-Edition V2

or KFA² GeForce GTX 970 Gamer OC 


also an i5-4690K with some decent cooling should be enough if overclocked.

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At this stage of development, an expensive GPU really doesn't offer any performance improvement, in terms of FPS. Also, as near as I can determine, neither of the current offerings from Nvidia and AMD fully support DX12, so I don't see the point in spending a lot of money on the current cards.


If I needed a GPU right now, today and I didn't need the video horsepower for other games, I would probably be looking at a GTX 750Ti. Honestly, I have a GTX470 in one of my rigs and it is more than adequate for DayZ, but the 750Ti is much newer, pretty cheap and much more power efficient. Once the Pascal GPUs come out next year, I would look at upgrading to a more serious GPU at that point.


In short, I think that you're on the right track. You'll have a much better experience by spending the money on the CPU now and then you can upgrade the GPU later, when more attractive offerings and funds permit.

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hi there,


i run an i5 4460 with a gtx 750ti, the gpu defnitly bottlenecks dayz (cpu at 50% with very high objects), but with medium gpu related details i rarely drop under 30 fps. You would surely benefit strongly from a better gpu at both, quality & performance. since .58 there seems to be more load on the gpu than before.


i wouldnt spent money on a weak gpu if u plan to build a powerful system - its simply a waste of money. wait till u got the money or save on other parts.



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I haven't really been reading up on this stuff for a while because I got out of gaming and into cars but I did remember that the game was CPU intense and further research lead me to come to the conclusion that it's not worth trading down on a CPU to get an epic GPU due to optimization.


TBH DayZ was and still is the game with the most hours into it, RO2 is the next and most of everything else wasn't played due to lag. I'll probably go back to that so a CPU orientated build wouldn't be too bad and a GTX660 isn't a bad option as a stop gap GPU. Definitely getting a better card when better cards arrive or money happens or both.

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Ok, back again.





Planned build minus mouse, USB front hub, monitors and an OS.


Notes: 980 wouldn't be bought straight away, a stop gap card would be sourced used. (GTX 660-770 is in the stop gap gpu budget)

The Antec case was chosen because it's sitting on my bench right now, thus the need for a USB hub.

Noctua fans were chosen because I'm getting limited edition LTT versions because reasons. Also I heard they're good.

Would probably run Win10. Gotta pull the key off a dead laptop to use.

M.2 SSD is being used because I have the port on the Mobo so I may as well use it.

I don't need an i7 for just gaming.

No real colour scheme. I'd probably end up getting Cable mod cables in black/whatever colour I don't have when/if I get them.

More likely to get more HDD down the track.

Don't trust AIO water cooling or kits on my first ever build.

G430 Headphones because I've used them and love them.

No plans for mouse. Probably whatever I like on ebay/newegg/local computer store that fits my "needs" (read: wants)

Looking to run 1080 triple monitors but they'll probably end up being what ever is cheap to source at the time of build.

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Bit of a oxymoron. Anything you buy is already out of date and the replacement is waiting to be released. Buy the best you can afford for your budget. Cores matter more than clock speed, you can always overclock it. Don't cheap out on the graphics card. I have the following. DayZ runs fantastic.


AMD FX-8320e @ 4Ghz

Kingston HyperX 16Gb DDR3-1600

Asus CHFz

Radeon 7870 GHZ Edition 2Gb GDDR5

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