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My brother and I have been playing for a while now and we were looking for some people to clan up with. Sure, this should go in the clan forum section but I thought there would be better results here. 


We're just looking for some fun. We're completely set up, the best food and canteens, I have an M4 with tons of ammo, and my brother has a Mosin with lots of ammo as well. 


I don't just want to start up a small clan that roams the cities together, I want this to be legit. What I want to do is have players who love the game and want to play. What we will do is have a base, a main hub that we watch. Preferably at the buildings right by the airfield, that way we can be safe, have higher ground, great supplies. Also, we would be able to send some guys down on supply runs to the nearby city for food, water, and medical supplies. The more experienced combat players will either guard our hub or will be sent on runs to the airfield. These runs will be for ammo, weapons, and looting from other players. 


There's been some controversy on kill on sight situations, so, you choose your play style, without killing your team mates. If you want to shove a rotten banana down someones throat and strip him, cool, want to shoot on sight, have fun. I don't want this to be some strict group, just a group where we all can have fun and maximize our game play.


Communication is key, we can just chat in game to keep things simple at the start, when the clan is figured our better and is functioning we can try Skype.




1) Maturity. I most certainly don't want immature players. Not people who take the game seriously, but immature. The minimum age I want is 17.  


2) Experienced. Experienced players will be accepted. I don't want someone who is new to the game to be in the clan because I don't want to teach them how to play. If your an experienced player and you have a friend who isn't, YOU may teach them, otherwise, I would like players who can have fun and know what they are doing.


3) Well Off. I don't want someone joining who has nothing. We will not be your suppliers. In order to join you need to already have a good amount of food for yourself, and water, in your inventory. Also, you need to have armor, and any type of back pack is fine. You MUST already have a gun of some sort with a good amount of ammo for it, and you must have a melee weapon. I don't want to give someone a ton of stuff and  have them either betray the clan or ditch. The point of having players with stuff ensures two things. First, you have enough experience to know what to do in the game. Second, the player will be joining to play with a team, not for loot because the player will already have enough stuff. 

     NOTE: Supply runs are for better food, more canteens, medical supplies, ammo, better weapons (if you don't already have one) and weapon attachments


4) Must fill out a small form in the chat, the template will be given. It's not strict or anything, just to know your Steam name and when you can play, and what your experience level is.




Our strategies will vary. Depending on the size of the clan. At first, our hub will be one of the large buildings, and as our clan grows, ideal would be ten players, we will be able to watch over much larger ground and have players go on runs. We could have more clan members depending on in game availability. I understand some of you have work or school, I do to. It's just so this clan can actually function, so we can have fun. Everyone will have the opportunity to go on runs by the way. Our "hub" is just a place where we all can meet, bandage, trade with one another, and defend, because with a hub we will always have a place to meet up with one another. It helps functionality. 


The runs will be simple. Around 3-5 players per run. That way there are players at the hub still. When those players return other players can go on runs as well. What we can do as well is all go on runs as a clan, split up, then meet back at the hub at a certain time period. Skype would be ideal later that way players can talk without enemies hearing and to call for support from players who aren't around. 


Combat runs. Players with a Mosin or M4 and better armor will only be allowed to go on combat runs, where you hunt for other enemy online players for loot. This is to ensure that the players will be defense-able and can survive. 


Watching over the hub. Ideally, when a group of 5 is out on a run, 5 of us can stay back at the hub, unless if you want to go on a run yourself, then when we all return to the hub we can simply reclaim it, however, defending it is ideal. SO, ideally, two snipers (mosin with pristine to worn scopes) will stay on the roof tops and 2-3 players with m4's (preferably) or pistols will cover the ground.


When returning to HUB PLEASE make sure you notify the players at the hub before hand that way they don't kill you. And tell them how many people are coming to the hub.




The point of sharing when you can play is important because then we can have a lot of clan members, from all over the world. However, players outside of the U.S. need to understand the PST time zone for when they play. Ideally, players in the U.S. will be our clan.


Depending on when you can play, you will be with other clan members who can play during your time. Let's say you say you can play from 3:00pm - 4:00pm, and one day you can play to 5:00pm, you are more than welcome to continue to play. It is considered an additional clan member for the other time periods.


DON'T WORRY about availability from the start of our clan. This is just to keep things organized if a hefty amount of players want to join. Ideally, 8-10 would be nice (total, counting myself and my brother). So, for now, just join, we'll add you on Skype, and we will play together! 




I really don't care what the clan name is, so we can have a vote. ONCE you are ALREADY a member, comment a clan name and we can vote. I can make a poll where the members can vote too. 




The point of this is to have fun. Being in Alpha there is a lot more that needs to be added to the game, right now once you are set and can survive there's nothing to do. Except, to hunt and act like bandits, which is a lot of fun. The point of a clan is maximize this. Then there's team work, and a larger group who can defend each when acting like bandits. If you are a friendly player, don't worry, you work too. You can defend the hub and can go on supply runs. 


Working in a group is A LOT of fun, I've enjoyed doing it with friends a lot. Now, I only play with my brother and I'd like some more people to play with. 




This is the template that you will comment with the information filled out


Steam Name:

Age (Can put 17+ if you want):

Availability (on average):

Experience Level:

Hours Played In-Game:

Skype (optional for comment, otherwise PM Spunkflame):


You can either put your Skype name in the comment or you can PM me, however you prefer.


Hope to see a great amount of players who want to join  :)  :thumbsup:



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