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    • By soods
      Just a concern..But not new (Don’t post if you don’t wanna read a small book’s worth of text :P)
      Way back when the kick starter happened it was exciting, Loved the Dayz mod, work on a mod of the mod myself (the kids backpacks where added to dayz standalone shortly after I posted a screen shot from my mod and the importance of low level pack…was also holding a sword :P). I felt involved and the game was going in a good direction.
      Then dean left and things seem to change, the worry set in and I voiced it… is Dayz going to be something special or just another FPS. Also predicted Sony would rip of the idea.
      The game kept focusing on FPS and adding some side function survival stuff (a good amount of it, but still on the side)… I said that people playing if for the FPS would jump ship as soon as another, better FPS was on the market >< Then the battle royals came along and days became a below par FPS with survival.
      This is the issue, The FPS aspect and the survival are not integrated, and worried they will not be. You will have 2 games in one, doing neither very well, just to get the game out? Or maybe it’s the vision of the game? If that’s true, I’m sure it will be enjoyed by people after a quick shoots, and not saying there is anything wrong with that, just hoped Dayz would be ‘ground braking’.
      After a long brake I got into 0.63 and looks good, and I know there is more to come but… with what is there, it’s still a FPS or Survival game, 2 in one. I will try to explain:
      -If you want a quick blast with friend, it does that, not very well compared to other game (From what I have watched). You can play is as a FPS with some zombies that get in the way (not part of the goal, they give nothing to the FPS as entertainment, they want to fight other players)
      -If you want to role-play/pretend you’re surviving in a post apocalypse world, with reasonable expectations, you get the basics and bug out. You don’t go after big guns, that’s where the FPS just camp. You do get the tools you need and try to make sustainable food and clean water (super easy once you know how and no challenges left*1).
      -This is what we have as 2 games in one… If you FPS, you not setting up camps and farming (Don’t need too), if you’re trying to survive for weeks, there is zero reason to go into most areas once you have an axe, a knife and, and some way to make clean water.
      (Role-players seem to hate PvP/FPSer and PvPers think role players need to get over it :P)
      -2 Conflicting types of game in one… but wait, the old argument that went around and around in the old forum… if it’s was ‘’blah blah blah, people would be killing each other’’, and it when on for ever…. But this isn’t a survival simulation issue but a game design issue and one that many games suffer with. Also related to ‘risk and reward’, not just in game assets but enjoyment.
      ‘It’s a game’ and you respawn when dead. This is heavily swung in the favor of FPSer/PvP. Their goal is to get weapons and fight, a crazy, psychopathic trait in a human :P Nothing wrong with this in a game, no one should be forced to do it another way but…
      …What about the long term, RPing survivor, playing a survival game instead of a FPS? Sure, they gotta protect their stuff, defend against raider (Though these guys are not raiding, still :P). How would they do it… they go and find the psycho and remove them… thats nature, threat reduced and all is good?
      No.. it’s a game and we respawn on death, so the FPSer just tools up again and gives it another try, the Survivors have to defend again and take out the same thread they just did! And on it goes (that’s a PvP game loop not a survival game loop*2)…. You can no remove threats and that is an issue (in a lot of games), so in survival, you are forced to Partake in FPS over base building and farming… or got to game that’s more survival based (the forest, The long dark –sadly not MP… even Conan exiles does survival well with PVP, but that’s because not guns :P)
      I guess that’s a long way of saying/pointing out, Dayz is not a proper survival game but a mishmash of FPS and survival, that doesn’t work together/correctly. …and in 0.63, didn’t get sniped by people just wanted to kill you for no reason other than the luls, then I found out scopes are not in game yet..haha
      I would offer suggestion but don’t know if at this stage there is any point. Form the live stream they seem to talk about adding survival, but if they have got this far without really adding it, I worry :P
      I’m sure the game will get fixed by the Modders, and Dayz is just a platform on which Modders will make games… *Cus, right now, I don’t know what Dayz is trying to be*
      ---well, just one more comment: P
      Dayz wanted to keep away from the RP/stats/leveling side of thing, I agreed… then they talked about soft stats (Still happening?).
      There needs to at least be some reward for surviving over FPS… if it’s a survival game. FPSer don’t normally last that long and they don’t care (nothing wrong with that, put the Keys down!). there are so many that could be added as reward for surviving in a survival game (*3), but then the FPSer could cry that is not fair, as they just want a fun FPS game… Dayz, you can’t do both well ><
      *1) no survival challenges left unless you do the anti-survival action of putting yourself in extra danger by looking for people, or picking up big guns and amour you will never use.
       Sure, I do put myself at extra risk for fun, but it’s has rewards…. I go looking for nicer clothes, don’t just survive, and thrive: P
      *2) When a player or group is aggressive, it’s the other side that needs to reduce the threat. Normally by removing their recourses or access to them (as threat respawn), Buying the none aggressive side time to get stronger, and if successful, they become safe.
      In dayz: Where the survivors recourses are some weapons, food and water and a base. The FPS recourses are what spawns on the map… they just server hop, tool up and they are back :P
      *3) spend long enough in the woods in Rl and you will soon notice how you can single out and pinpoint sounds… a visual marker of somesort (as an option) as a reward, but would so upset the FPSer crowd
    • By Lane 200
      It always happens when getting in firefight in 0.63 experimental; i get massive FPS drops when someone starts to shoot at me and i die because my whole screen freezes. Yes I got pretty bad pc with bad specs but this game ran well in 0.62.
      GTX 960
      Driver Version: 397.31 (I will install new version soon)
      Intel Core i5-6400 @ CPU 2.70Hz
      7,94 GB RAM
      1920 x 1080, 1440 Hz - AOC Monitor
      Normally I have like 70-100 FPS when running on the fields but i get fps drops there too. But yes is there any solution for fixing this gunfight lag? Not wishing to die in Tisy where i just got myself yesterday.
      Also I play with low settings and got some settings disabled. Help would be needed, thanks. 
      edit: I died yesterday at NWAF to a player who i certainly would have killed first without the stupid fps drop..
    • By Melis
      The rx460 graphics card, the driver 18.5.2. On weekends there was a stress test of 0.63 games dayz standalone when turning antialiasing on start rippling the textures of trees and grass (covered with light points). Similar it was before( in 0.60,0.61,0.62), but only with trees, now everything is worse. It is only the complete disabling of antialiasing that helps. On Nvidia cards is not a problem. I understand that the game is under development, but can solve the problem?