Dayz Standalone Server Hosting Rules / Server Reporting

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Where to to send your server reports:




Fragnet:     or submit a ticket to their abuse department




If you don't know which GSP the offending server is rented from, just send the report to all of them and they'll sort it out themselves.


* Remember to include the IP and port numbers, the server name is not enough*

You find these numbers by highlighting the server in the server browser, then selecting 'Detail' at the lower right. If you can't remember which server you were playing on, you can find it under the 'History' tab.


Alternatively, you can report servers on the Feedback Tracker. As mentioned above, please remember to add ip + port numbers in the report.

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Just a small update for the list of GSPs:


After a long stint of working together with Vilayer, it will no longer be possible to rent DayZ servers or extend existing contracts from Vilayer. Server admins wishing to extend their already existing contracts can always contact Vilayer directly in order to discuss the possibilities of transferring their server(s) to another GSP.

In case you are interested in renting a DayZ server, you can of course still contact either of the other four GSPs listed in the post above.

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