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Hello,ive recently purchased a teamspeak server and looking for new people to come on down and join us playing lots of games from Dayz to League of legends, genrally we are pretty casual but we oftern take some games seriously like when we get into fights on dayz.


We are a mix of British and Americans and we also have some Swedish people from time to time but everyone is welcome, if you looking to meet new people or just get a private room to play with your friends and i can set you up with a locked room for you guys.


We will put in new game rooms to suit whatever people are playing at the time so if theres a game you play thats not on the list just let one of the admins know.


Really hope to see some new people dropping in, if the server is empty on the rare occasion then come back later and see if anyones around.


Admins are : Specialist24o Chazzo, DaWhiteMofo, DjMINTYFRESH and ZenVolta, hope to see some guys soon just let one of us know if your jumping in and we will introduce you to the group.

Teamspeak 3 IP :

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