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Found 572 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm testing all the different possibilities that are available to us for configuring the server, everything works great, the possibilities are huge. But I still have a problem that no one seems to be able to solve or understand : how zombies spawn/respawn. By default, it seems that zombies spawn when a player spawns and only around him. If no player spawns , then no zombies spawn. I'm not talking about the number of zombies (I managed to make 200 zombies spawn in front of me, with events.xml, globals.xml and zombie_territories.xml), but only about the way they spawn/respawn. Currently : - If you spawn and you move 200 meters away, no zombies anymore - If you kill all zombies around you, you can wait as long as you want, nothing respawns. Where is the configuration part about how zombies spawns/respawn ? How does the server handle this? Thank you :)
  2. I was just discussing melee with some people on Reddit and someone suggested I share this idea, so here I am! Currently, killing zombies with melee is too easy, there's little incentive to shoot zombies, and I find the heavy attack to be a little too bland (it stuns the enemy and does slightly more damage for a small amount of stamina). Here's a possible solution to these issues (as well as making the map feel smaller by making players shoot guns to give away position and making melee more interesting in general) - Standard melee attack can only temporarily knock zombies down after several hits. To kill them, you must use a heavy attack multiple times to the head or a single shot to the head from a firearm. The heavy attack should cause more damage and use a larger amount of stamina, maybe 1/2 (or adjusted along with damage for each melee weapon). This would strongly encourage players to use the more reliable bullet to kill the zombies rather than risk being caught without stamina to coup de grâce them via melee. This would require additional balancing of melee for pvp. In pvp, light attack should do a short stun (which can be broken with sidestep). Blocking a light attack should take a little stamina and give the defender a small amount of shock damage, adjusted for each weapon. Blocking a heavy attack should take a significant amount of stamina and more shock damage (adjusted for each weapon, some weapons should be better at blocking than others) - dodging an attack should be far more rewarding than blocking, especially against a heavy weapon. This would make strong attacks more useful in pvp and would give them a higher risk to reward ratio and would raise the skill ceiling in pvp melee. Also, (i'm sure this is being worked on but figured i'd mention it here anyways) we need distinct blocking sounds in melee. Currently when you block an attack it is kind of confusing as to whether the attack was blocked or not. Thanks for reading!
  3. Hey I was noticing everywhere I walk around outside a city I never see a zombie and I like the feeling of there always being zombies out and about
  4. Where are all the zombies?

    No zombies in open (non city) areas???
  5. Bags and transparent zombies

    Hello, I found some really embarrassing bugs. In particular the capacity of the bags which has not been improved for me. Then it often happens that my bullets goes through the zombies. Which means a death for nothing ... Is a hitbox improvement planned?
  6. No zombies in the open areas
  7. Calling in the troops!

    After watching many many streamers who play DayZ both the live and the experimental all have their ways of getting around zombies or losing them if they gain aggro. So here is my suggestion and I am not sure if it has been mentioned before it may or may not have but a quick search and I have come up with nothing. Why not make it so when a zombie loses sight/track of a player he lets out some kind or scream or a loud growl/roar to call in more zombies from the area to have a better chance of finding the player. That way it adds a bit more challenge to getting away from them...especially when you have created a mini Hoard.....OR a massive one :)
  8. Sky rise with Zombie valley

  9. I would like that you pull attentions of zombies by making loud noises, talking loud ingame or screaming and with other player coursed sounds maybe hitting metal things or glass with an axe or other heavy melee weapon. Of course not over a huge distance like with gunshot sounds, maybe only in a range of 50 meters.
  10. Make zombies able to open doors !

    I heard that zombies are going to be more aggressive in the next update. I hope that they will finally be able to open doors, otherwise it will be way WAY too easy to simply lock them inside a building. They should be able to open not-locked doors instantly, just like players do and open locked-doors with a little delay.
  11. As you may know we are working on new zombies. From what I can tell now, we want new zombies feel more natural, dangerous and fun to play with. We already have some prototypes running around but it is still too soon to say when we will see them on stable. We want to release it when we are confident with them. Right now we are still missing few animations, and their behavior needs to be improved a bit. So I was curious what bothers you the most about current implementation and what would you like new zombies behave like? Edit: Very interesting results thank you all for voting! Actually there was a catch in those options... Everything is planned for the new infected!
  12. Zombies have many issues and each and one of them is or will be worked on. This is no easy task. The problem is that people don't really understand what it means to have zombies functioning. So lets split it into parts: Movement / Pathfinding/ Navigation / Geometry: The Navmesh is working just fine, and is done really well. You can read in detail about that here. The problem that we now face, even though zombies know where they are and what is around them is geometry and full-body animation system. There are still cases where zombies do get through doors/walls because of those two things as well as server performance and desync. Although it does not happen nowhere near as often as it did before. The navmesh also comes at a memory cost so needed optimization of x64 server to provide more memory space. Animation: The clipping and zombies going through doors after navmesh has been implemented is geometry and animation related. We however have only full-body animation available (thus limiting the amount of animations, and their blending). So the animation system is going away from full body animation and adding synchronized animations, blending etc to be available down the road. That will take a long time, but we will get there at some point. AI: This is the behavioral mechanics (how, when and why the object reacts to sounds, items, buildings, blocks, people, other zombies, animals, and how this changes based on all the interactions). To have a working AI you need sensors for reasonable input. Zombie not only needs to know his environment. But status of players, noises etc. This again needs to go into hard code and evolve from there. Sensors: This is the data structure that enables objects to understand the state of world around them (sound,items,players etc.) Every dynamic object in game has to understand its surroundings. To understand what is between him and his target. How to use those objects. If they somehow change his behaviour etc. Currently the sensors are an old module from ARMA where network code was p2p based (as in client to client mostly) and there was no pathfinding to speak of. New Sensors / AI are under development and can be found in the roadmap/devblogs. Damage / hit detection and hitting long distances: Damage system needs to be changed, but again this needs to go from script to hardcoded and evolve from there. This is no small task. Hitting from long distances is caused by desynchronization. This is part of object interaction and rendering. Which is undergoing huge optimizations. Hit detection works okay, but is plagued by desync and server performance. Melee issues are hitbox related. This again is something that has to be changed a lot more engine side. The melee itself is already rewritten, which is why you are seeing so many issues. But as with everything, bugs will get hunted down. Feature will get to represent what we intended when it was designed. Performance/Desync/Network code: Most of the issues with performance, amount of players, amount of zombies etc. Have underlying problems with synchronization and scaling (mostly item synchronization). The code has already started to improve. We have amazing people here taking care of exactly that. That directly ties into AI,sensors (core of the AI), interaction etc. Try to imagine that server is playing that zombie character.. So he is affected by server performance, network code etc. We need to change a lot of server performance and merge the sensors in to start raising zombie numbers and make stealth a viable option. Everything will take time. Server performance is mostly affected by inventory performance (item management) and sensors. They scale really horribly and were not prepared for this amount of interactions. This is however being worked on for better part of the year. Its a BIG change and needs time. You have to understand that this huge block of work and has a timeframe of months. All of the changes have a convergence point down the road. There is a snowball effects to some of it. Zombies aren't broken, they are in development.The issues you`re seeing now all have underlying problems that will be fixed in the future. There is just no ETA on most of the stuff, since it has to go from script to hardcoded events in engine. That goes for AI and all things people keep complaining about. Most of these things are talked about or at least mentioned in the weekly status reports. Many of these modules are outlines on the roadmap
  13. Day Z: The 25th Hour

    Day Z: The 25th Hour Mr. Verbatim's Day Z saga takes a dramatic turn this time around when he's all alone, and doing some self reflecting. Enjoy the short! I Strongly Suggest HEADPHONES for this video. I put a little extra into the sound this time around and they seriously provide you the best quality for this experience. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Sfx Credit (In no particular order): Paul368 - silenced pistol genoneo0 - four voices scolex - flashback tristan lohengrin - screw silencer load All from freesound.org Musical credit: Scott Holmes " Still Missing" score. freemusicarchive.org
  14. Zombies eating you

    I want to see an animation (in the future) where zombies are eating you, like ripping out organs & ripping off limbs & partially eaten characters when you turn. that would be cool if you think of doing this idea, as if it would feel like you're in a Zombie Apocalypse .
  15. zombie hordes

    my idea basicly was for hordes to be implemented in the game traveling in pack you need to hide in the buildings and make zombies travel more so they would reach every part of the map
  16. The infected(zombies) are too fast!

  17. The Girl With All The Gifts

    Good zombie movie. Interesting take on the genre similar to "28 Days Later" and "The Last of Us" with some "Monsters (2010)" and "Crossed (2008)" thrown in. I was surprised by how well it shows off the over vegetation in the city. It really does Iook great! The author of the book also wrote the sceenplay which just adds attention to detail to a movie that already has some pretty solid acting and impressive special effects.
  18. While running from a horde of zombies triggered from shooting one in the head. It occurred to me that its really silly that we cant sprint forward and use the swivel button (Alt) to look back at the zombies and fire a handgun at them. Now that zombies are highly effective in groups i think it would be a nice addition to the game. As of right now you have to turn your whole body around point and shoot. Its extremely clunky and annoying. Sure it works but i would imagine that it real life you could easily point backwards and fire a handgun while running away from the threat. Thoughts???
  19. Last week I learned that I suck big time at playing this game. Altrough I play dayz in one way or another since February 2013. I was killed by zombies twice last week. Both time I survived few days on a row and spent looting stealthy all the time. At one point I lose nerves and rush trough town and aggro few zeds and start panicking and press wrong keys and eventually get killed. I noticed one strange thing, didnt see it in any other post on forum or reddit. When I run away from zeds and they are close to me I have feeling zombie is holding me by my clothes. Not literarly, but my character feels like it cant escape from zombie. First time I entered house and closed door behind me but I couldnt run trough coridor, my charachter kept runing in place and got hit trough wall. Untill I got out the same doors and killed zombie. Second time I was in new military camp in Staroye, and when zed started hitting me I just couldnt get out of camp. It was like they are holding me for my bag and I run i circles around them (this time I survived). Third time at Dubrovka, at water tower. Same story, its like I run in place. Could it be because of internet connection?
  20. Is DayZ still too easy ?

    I've constantly been losing interest in the pve side of DayZ, simply because it became way too easy to survive. That's why I play mostly pvp for a year or so. There's no challenge in getting hydrated & energized. I noticed that food/drink can spawns were reduced (still not enough imo), but where's the point if you can simply spam apple trees or drink without any risks or limitations at fountains or ponds ? That's just illogical. When you search for apples there should be a message like "Dammit...no more apples left". Same for water sources, you should get nasty side-effects when drinking from doubtful sources (or at least need to use water purification tablets). Ponds should generally be reduced and have some sort of capacity level. I'm positively surprised by the changes made to zombies in 0.61. At the moment you can simply run away from them since the runspeed is nearly the same, I wonder when the stamina system will be implemented. I'm convinced that an increasement in pve difficulty would generally make this game even greater. I wish you would have to "do more things" or interact more with the game in order to survive.
  21. I had decided that I was going to try to practice using the bow as it is easier to aim now. I had started doing some target practice at the Balota airfield when I was interrupted. It was awesome to see zombies impact the firefight!
  22. Hey, I've made a post like this before quite some time ago, but, I wasn't very realistic about it. So, I'm going to dumb down my suggestions and make them simple. Infected doing more damage to the player. Being able to knock you (the player) unconscious, damage your clothing, and in general, just doing more shock and blood damage. I believe this is a necessity because, at the time being, infected are just an annoying pain in the ass that don't pose an actual threat to the player. More human traits - Having the ability to bleed out, go unconscious, effects of stamina exedra. Screaming - Letting out an ear-piercing scream when spotting players, alerting other infected and players. Also when their legs are broken. Biting and scratching bare skin - If a player's bare skin is exposed and an infected A.I scratches or bites them, it can lead gain green/ wound infection, if not treated or bandaged properly. The same would occur if said player's gear/ clothing is ruined. Alright, that's all I can currently think of. Please let me know what you think in the polls! If you do not agree with one or all, please explain why.
  23. Headshot

    Besides the fact that it should be a lot more zombies, one thing bothers me the most. Zombies should be harder to kill. Way harder. And they should hit a bit harder aswell, or have some kind of "wrestle" ability, grabbing hold of the players and pull them down/cripple them. I would LOVE to see that zombies die from a high calibre headshot, and takes 10+ shots to the chest. But using a weaker gun like .22 calibre would take at least 5 shots to the head. This would also improve stability since you wouldn't have to nuke the servers with the undead in order to increase difficulty, just a fair amount of hard-hitting, really tough bastards roaming the cities. I'm sure this has been suggested before, and a lot of other gamers would love to see this aswell.
  24. Zombies won't spawn for me

    I have not been able to spawn zombies in SA pretty much from the day I got it, when it first went for sale. I can hear them but the only time I see zombies is when another player is around. I have reinstalled and am wondering if there is a reason for this.
  25. So zombies, or infected if you prefer, won't be able to deal damage to the player if they are prone on the ground. They will still attempt to hit the player and swing to hit, but they don't. They also push the player around with the feet positioning instead of just running over or onto the player. 100% reproducible.