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Found 123 results

  1. Radio Beeping

    I always run with a handheld radio, because that shit is just awesome. However, every once and a while, the thing starts beeping - the same noise it makes when you first turn it on. It will do it for 5, 6, 7 times. Stop for a while, do it again. Won't make a sound for several minutes. Then it may do it again. What is the constant squelching about? Batteries look good and I don't think you can change them anyway (yet). Why does it do that?
  2. Please reduce the need to drink and feed

    So far I'm loving DayZ on Xbox, but it just seems like the need to drink and feed is way to frequent. Not fun at all when your character starts to limp 5 minutes after respawning. I feel it should be tweaked. I rather die by zombies or PVP, over not finding a well or canned food fast enough. Gets old! Thanks, VEX
  3. Edit: I have now learned that they are in the middle of making some big changes, so if you are a dev, please understand that I realise what I am concerned about you may still be working on. Also, apologies for my comments on Chernogorsk changes, I guess I was wrong about the severity of those changes. I had seen a streamer go through the new Cherno many times and assumed they had taken out the industrial section.........yaaaaaa...no. I just started letting DayZ news back into my life after a 3+ year break, hoping to be surprised at all the new stuff, but I started watching some streams. I can't believe what they did to this game (or didn't do). Most importantly I expected to see a couple of new maps, one with a full cityscape like in the movie "I am Legend", (based on Rocket's comments and common fucking sense)) with new places to explore which is something absolutely crtical for the continued enjoyment of peaceful/survivor type players who don't choose to get enjoyment out of PVP'ing/KOSing. I expected a bit of a story or mystery to figure out, like Origins mod team did with Patient Zero on Tavania. They did nothing. They basically rearranged some buildings......on a map that people already loved. They changed the trees and grass.....that people already loved. I remember being so happy about DayZ originally partly JUST because people would get to experience the beautiful Chernarus map I had known from Arma 2, a beautiful map that IMO set a presedent in gaming. They felt the need to change it apparently. While some of the changes are a small improvement, there are so many backward steps and all of this development amounts to nothing. We also have far less features than the mod, even less weapon variety. We must kill wolves now. I have no fucking desire to shoot what is basically a wild dog trying to survive. In watching streams, I see people using a tiny stick to poke zombies to death, w....t....f? Is this the type of zombie behavior/fighting you have been planning this whole time? Because I think we might have told you to save yourself (and our wallets) the trouble, not splitting the Dayz community with standalone and instead focusing on further mod dev. You still have only a few head variations and they look like they're relaxed in a fucking cubicle doing office work. You guys took out the two best running animations ive ever seen in a game. TWO! Arma 2 had them and you took them out. Why? The new running-with-gun animations looks extremely aggressive, like "I'm going to fuck something up RIGHT NOW!!" aggressive. Looking back at some of the DayZ mod vids, the movement transitions seems so much smoother, like the transition from jogging to crouched-jogging with no speed reduction. I can't double tap the forward key to jump up form crouching and start running quickly. This is just one of a few bits of sophistication from the Mil-Sim aspect of Arma 2 that you REMOVED. We need MORE, not LESS. Its not to say there aren't some improvments with anims and such, but overall after hours of watching streams, we've got a 3 steps forward, 2 steps back game here. They also messed Chernogorsk up, the industrial area was the coolest part of Chernarus IMO, its basically gone. The sense of massive industrial scale, dereclict and IMO quite hunting and interesting, they took out, and they did so to make that part of Cherno look exactly like any other town using building we so all over Chernarus. They added an airplane wreck that looks like it belong in a fucking comic book. Planes don't wreck like that, they are way too fragile to hold together. It looks ridiculous. So we're they've just rearranged a bunch of stuff, on a map that already worked and looked great!?!? The area east of Chernogorsk, just to the west of Skyrim mountain for example, they developed it with some bigger buildings, but it worked well the way it was. It made sense for that part of town to be a small residential homes with that beautiful hillside backdrop, away from Chernogorsk. Does it REALLY matter that they added bigger buildings? Its...okay....I guess? Does it help improve DayZ? Not for me... They took out canned food, one of the most interesting parts of surviving in my opinion and kind of cool and haunting to see one can of food on a shelf, and now food is everywhere, but the process of getting natural food incredibly boring, repetitive and uninteresting, highlighting repetitive, unrealistic animations. Why do the footstep sound effects suck so much (on concrete and a few other surfaces)? (maybe improved now?) In a game, anything that is on the screen full time, or heard over and over and OVER again needs to be 100%. One of my biggest gripes is the rarity and variety of cool assault rifles. (not talking about unfair stuff like thermal scopes or high powered-click-your-mouse button-they-die-sniper-rifles) You can take this stuff out and make the game more survival oriented, but you needed to substitute it with something fun. Its just a big loot search fest right now and fighting zombies whos visual detection code barely makes any sense half the time, not adding to and sometimes even breaking immersion. WTF happened at BI Studios this last 4 years? Zombies could be a cool, dynamic element for this game if they had some variation in behavior and the combat with them was realistic, especially the animations. One other problem I've noticed watching streams is that loot is so rare that there is no reason not to take EVERYTHING you find, such that if you are behind someone, looting the same buildings, you may get nothing for hours, surely there is a better way? Also, in the original DayZ, everything was a prized possession. Now I can pull an effective melee weapon out of any tree, and it doesn't even look believable (skinny unnatrually straight branch). I can find food in any old apple tree. I thought we wanted Man Vs Guns, not Man Vs. Wild. Don't even get me started about nighttime, holy shit, I could never play that because people WILL USE GAMMA adjustments to find you and you will run and loot for hours only to be shot by some kid who has never pondered the results of his actions. Its a game, there will be kids. By all means, make it dusk, beautiful and haunting. Simulate night, make it feel like night, just don't let a gamma adjustment from the monitor or video card settings give an advantage. Plus, we sleep at night.......yes, we humans sleep...at night...9 our of 10 dentists agree. Also, why the unnatural head bounce/bob when moving forward while jogging? It feels cartoony. We evolved to see the world fairly smoothly when moving, same problem with the side-to-side movement when running. Battlefield, starting with 2142 I think has done it the best, they just give a very small hint of the movements your making, truer to real life. Can we reign that in a little bit? Look at Chronicles of Riddick Butcher Bay as a good, although too exaggerated IMO, example. -------------------- One thought occurred to me, that the civil war in Ukraine that is sadly happening is what is effecting development and if that is the case know that I don't intend for this to make you feel bad and to just be taken as some constructive criticism.
  4. Alright...

    What can i say?
  5. Treetrunk of death

    0.59 Stable. Another bug (imo) that I hope is resolved soon. I mean I can imagine with a lot of gear I would sprain or break an ankle falling from a 40 centimeter height, but dead...Ah well, I was ready to say goodbye to this character anyway in anticipation of 0.60.
  6. Why i have this problem.I have arma 3,Arma 2 CO,DayZ.Are this games compatible???I dont know,but i know that i always have problems with launch this games.Help me plz again.
  7. Strangulation?

    hey guys I was running around svet looking for burlap sacks on an almost empty server on stable trying to finish my gillie and the most random thing occurred that scared the crap out of me. nobody was even near me and while i was standing still for a second a message popped up in the bottom corner saying "has started strangulation on you" or something to that effect. I can't remember exactly because I had spent alot of time looking for netting and burlap so I panicked, ran away and logged out. To my knowledge and a quick google search it doesn't seem like the ability to strangle people is in the game and I know the message said someone or something was strangling me. Plus nobody was even near me. If anyone could enlighten me on this that would be great.
  8. PeePeeMcStuffnpants and Abraxxas in-Choppa Jacked!

    PeePeeMcStuffnpants and Abraxxas are at it again. The Dynamic Duo of Mayhem's 50th Video Brings Some Serious Action. We Set Off On Bikes to Buy A New SUV. What We Get For Free is Way Better! Stayed Tuned, After the First Adventure, For Some Bonus Footage! (With Our New Amigo, Burton(MasterBlaster) [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6zbDd6uRaY[/media]
  9. I need your help.

    So I was playing some DayZ, looting houses alone the coast from just outside Cherno to Elektro I got as far as Pik Kozlova when I started to hear this strange crying sound. My first thoughts was someone had seen me and thought to have a little fun, but that thought went just as quick as it came when I realised that the sound wasn't coming from any particular direction when I heard it for the second time, but this time I had my fraps on. I then thought maybe I left my browser open and some video started playing, highly unlikely seeing as I have an ad blocker add-on installed, but then maybe I left steam browser open?.... Nope, it's closed, well maybe it's someone has found a way to get into global chat? This all happened a few hours ago, didn't really think more of it as I was sure it was some dude who managed to get on direct chat but then I just watched a video on YouTube and there it was, the same strange crying noise. So I quickly got a short video uploaded in an attempt that you guys may know something. Just watch this short (40 seconds) video and please tell me what the f**k that is.
  10. Broken legs?

    i have havet this happend 2 times. I walk just casual. and BOOM!! I fell down on the floor and have broken legs and evryting from the pants and dow is ruined. no gun shot. I was alone on the server. wtf happend is it a glithc or anyting. i dont know
  11. Second time in two nights I've lost all gear on that particular server branch without dieing to zombies or anyone else. WTF is going on? I didn't even gear up on that server...
  12. So, I was in a city running about and I ran into a police station and closed the door behind me and no other doors were open, so zombies shouldn't be able to get in. Next thing I know I see 4 of the damn things from like chest up running through the floor and EVERY single wall they come to?! I can't even get away from them at all because of their immense no clipping. I end up dying after about 7 minutes of running away and start yet again as a fresh spawn and I run into yet another building on the second floor and i notice a zombie follows me up there and is ACROSS THE ROOM and is hitting me? What?! I run outside even. Maybe 50ft away from said building and the zombie is STILL out of sight hitting me AS I SPRINT, MIND YOU. Another case of the same issue I had picked up quite a bit of gear, just haven't seem to have found a rifle yet, all I had was a pistol. I ran into the top floor of a tower at the airstrip and I all of a sudden get hit by something and hear a zombie? I run straight out the door and go in third person and there is no zombie there? I get hit again and begin running down the stairs thinking I am getting shot and just so happen to hear a zombie, no there is a zombie on the first floor hitting the wall and killing me. I did not die this time, but the fact it still happened is still upsetting. Is this just some recent issue or has this been happening this whole time? I don't remember the infinite attack range from zombies happening last month when I played this game.
  13. The one that got away

    Hi guys!!! The guys and I took a trip to the North West airfield to find supplies etc etc etc Instead we found something else we weren't quite prepared for O.o Enjoy :)
  14. Suicide bomber zombie

    So I've never experienced a glitched zombie do something like this :D
  15. Dancing gun !?

    I was messing around in berezino and killed 3 guys and i saw this miracle ! Real gun that can dance and clap ! Here a video:
  16. Some of you may get a giggle or two out of this one,
  17. My boring life.....

    Ok so as I first spawned, i quickly ran down a hill to a town to avoid being seen by a zombie. Suddenly someone started calling out to me. I stopped, looked around, and found a guy with a broken leg. He gave me all his stuff, and told me to kill him. I did. I then looted the town for about 10 mins. I came across a power line and decided to follow it, figuring it will bring me to a town. It ended in the middle of no where. I ran around for about 2 hrs, and i eventually got to the end of the map. it just ended. I turned around, and headed another way. I found a road with white stripes, and i followed it. about an hour later, it took me to the end of the game... again..... and i still haven't seen a town. now all i can do i wait for a zombie to kill me, or starve to death. Along the way i found a payday mask, and lots of other cool stuff. As i am typing this, I am logged in, hoping a zombie will come along and kill me, so i can actually enjoy the game. At first I had hope, but after 3 hrs of literally nothing, I'm ready for a new life.
  18. broken leg

    ok so i was just standing ther on the 2nd floor of the fire station filling up my new protector case, when all of the sudden my leg broke. no zombies... wtf?!?!?
  19. food

    Hey so today i joined a server, and my guy was hungry. I ate some food, still hungry. I ate the whole can, still hungry. I ate another full can, still hungry. My guy is either a fat ass, or its a glitch..... what should i do if i starve to death from eating food?
  20. So, I think I joined a cult

    I came across a rather odd player in Svetlo and gave him ammo for his gun. He then told me I was the "one" and promised to take me to see his "great leader". Take a look.
  21. Hey Dayz forum. Today i have try to connect to over 10 servers in Dayz:sa, but it keeps saying "Waiting for host" Does anyone know how to fix this?. Or have anyone got the same Message as me? Please comment,your experience on how fix this. i hope i'm not the only one who is having this. Have a nice day/night Rephexz
  22. Anyone else get the M4 bug?

    So normally I dont go for the M4 because I prefer the SKS for long range (Mosin is nice but loud and only bolt action), but I decided to get a M4 while at the NEAF. I used, looked down the sights and all was good, then I found the BUIS iron sights and put it on, along with a MP hand guard. Once I did that the guard and sight both disappeared while in first person. So this is what it looks like. I think you can tell this is really annoying and I hope there is a fix or I'm getting my SKS back :P
  23. I was playing DayZ Standalone and noticed that I got this very strange status effect that said "I feel a burning sensation when I pee..."Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it and what caused this in the first place??
  24. So, yeah. My friend was dying of dehydration, and he went unconscious. I gave him a soda and looted the town, nothing much. But he never awoke from the unconsciousness. Why? I also saw a police car next to a building, and heard someone drinking. I entered the building it stood next to, no-one was inside. Then I heard a zombie, then a gunshot. Then I closed the door on the top floor and logged out.