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Found 44 results

  1. Where the Golden Rule is roleplay 100+ members More information on the discord :) Server Name: SanctuaryRP Server IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/TGrRPur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyK9I1DNK7Q
  2. Greetings! We have started our small DayZ community in South East Asia for peers who wish to play in a high performing whitelisted community servers for DayZ Standalone. Would you want an immersive and deep gaming experience in high performance gaming servers and make new friends in have new interactions in DayZ? Well then, submit your application to get whitelisted and join EEC and start your adventure! https://eliteeaglecorps.com/join Fair rules & experienced staff secure EEC servers. We thank you for your support! (Elite Eagle Corps) eliteeaglecorps.com
  3. Remnants DayZ RP is a private whitelisted community dedicated to providing dynamic content and gamemastered events where there is far more to do than merely "kill other players". This is the official launch of our private server, allowing you a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor and become a fundamental member of our community’s foundation. Our primary objective is to facilitate roleplay, story arcs, character development, and player-driven content in an apocalyptic Chenarus. Join friends old and new to make powerful alliances, as you raise camps that will shape the future of Chernarus for good or ill. Hero, Bandit, or Survivor--how will you take part in an unfurling saga of loyalty, survival, and betrayal? Register on http://remnantsdayzrp.com to begin your journey today! Check out our youtube videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEvIA-FsGIBBYs3a9Nxzv3w 3rd Person Perspective - 30 Slots - Discord Server - Pizza Rolls
  4. Greetings survivors! Do you want to play DayZ in a friendly whitelisted community? Do you want to feel the true fear that you would experience in an apocalypse? Yes?....Well then Aftermath DayZRP is the server for you! Aftermath DayZRP opened in February 2016, it’s main aim is to provide a whitelisted roleplay community which offers a high quality, hardcore roleplay to its members. Not just the ‘normal’ kind of roleplay through! Ever spent days making a ghillie suit on a roleplay server or finally found an awesome weapon to defend yourself with but then discovered you have no need for it? Well now you do because our server offers PvP Zones which is where survivors will feel the true fear of fellow survivors, experience the fear of killing that one zombie that is lurking nearby in case a survivor sees them whilst being in a roleplay environment. Our server also offers a safezone with a twist, just like the survivors who will not harm anyone fear the PvP Zones the bandits will need to fear the safezone because if they venture there and are seen by someone they have been hostile to the safezone will not protect them. * Private whitelisted server * 1PP server * High quality roleplay * Server events with awesome prizes * Active & friendly community * EU & US player base * EU & US experienced staff team * No KoS * Support for new streamers * Hacker free environment * Roleplay & PvP server all in one * Safezone Want to stream? Go for it! Aftermath can provide you with an awesome overlay and some wicked artwork for your twitch buttons! Not only that, if you let a member of staff know when you are going live we will put it on facebook, twitter, host you on our official Aftermath twitch channel and put your channel on our homepage! Every two weeks Aftermath hold server events for our members. Aftermath offers both roleplay and PvP events, some of which contribute to the server lore, some are purely out of character and there for the members to have fun, meet new people and win an awesome prize! Joining is simple! All you have to do is the following: * Go to our website and create an account * Read our server rules and server lore * Complete the whitelist application at the top of the page to complete the quick and simple application. Whitelisting takes between 30 minutes and 24 hours dependant on the time of day. Once your application has been approved you will be instantly whitelisted and able to play on the server straight away! More information on the application process can be found HERE Check out the following: * Aftermath DayZRP Website * Aftermath Youtube Channel * Aftermath Facebook Group * Aftermath Steam Group * Aftermath Twitter Page
  5. For a great DayZ experience come to the BALOTA BUDDIES whitelisted servers. They have multiple servers in UK, US and AUS. Been playing there for over a month and have not come across any hackers. Everybody is welcome even bandits! :bandit: So to make a long story short: Get whitelisted and start collecting your beans at http://www.balotabuddies.net Hope to see you guys in Chernarus soon! :)
  6. Ivory Tower Roleplay - 3PP - Whitelisted - 40 Slot Server Location: Chicago, USA Server IP: Contact Information: ivorytowerroleplay@gmail.com APPLY HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12A2C7zugGCHe42L4stkoQuBlWi7BcKa0FC9tUsUuBrI/viewform OUR STEAM GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/IvoryTowerRP Who we are and what we strive to do: Ivory Tower Roleplay is a close-knit community of roleplayers seeking to bring together a bigger community of like-minded people. What we strive to do is provide an enjoyable and safe roleplaying experience for all players seeking to join us. We are formed on the basis of bringing you the most enjoyable roleplay experiences possible. This means hosting events, holding community meetings in which we discuss what could be improved or what we could change to benefit our players more, and taking into account the opinions of each and every individual member. This is no easy task for us, but we are doing our very best to benefit our community in every way we can. We hope to see you soon! RULES: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/IvorytowerRP/discussions/0/523890046865118236/ TEAMSPEAK: la01.gameservers.com:9343 RESTART TIMES US EAST 5:00pm9:00pm1:00am5:00am9:00amUS WEST2:00pm6:00pm10:00pm2:00am6:00am10:00amUS CENTRAL4:00pm8:00pm12:00am4:00am8:00amUK TIME10:00pm2:00am6:00am10:00am2:00pm
  7. Hello again too all of you Survivors of Chernarus out there! We are looking to build a dedicated community for our Whitelisted Role-play Server dubbed TheLastofChernarus, we are looking for people to join our growing community we currently have 160+ players whitelisted we thank you for joining us and making our whitelisted numbers almost triple and hope too see this increase and we hope you all will continue too diversify our version of chernarus thank you all. Everyone has a story and I cant wait to see you out in our wasteland to hear yours! Here are some of the highlights of what we have be created for our community!! -Zoned Game Modes! Regularly we will be doing Random game modes in set-up zones around chernarus as they come available you may vote on any game modes you or you're group would rather have. -Current Events- --Bring your Friends! Group/Clan Owned Settlements and WAR!-- You're group/clan may claim ANY settlement ANYWHERE in chernarus and can set-up your own rules for that town/city or none at all! its completely up to you the normal rules do not apply to you if you say they don't but only in you're area! - we have 6 groups of 3-8 players currently set up and active, bring your friends! -Your group is not restricted to that Settlement your group has possessed: you may challenge other group owned territories and go to war with them further details and rules are here http://lastofchernar...c.php?f=10&t=17 -You must give up the town if there is an event taking place there for the duration of the event (a few hours at most) we will warn you a few days before the event. -Check out our exploits from our Twitch Streamer Brach18! -PEACE TALKS GONE WRONG~~ - -SWAGNUM SNIPING~~ - -ROADBLOCK HOLD-UP~~ - -How Do You Become Whitelisted??? Step 1: Click on this link! http://lastofchernar...ewforum.php?f=2 Step 2: Create an account. Step 3: Fill out the your application, there is a subsection dedicated to whitelist applications, follow the template and you will be contacted shortly after. -Join Our TeamSpeak! Type into your TeamSpeak connections tab ----> loc.clants.net ~Add Me on Steam! ---->[EAT]TheLynch -We also have a Steam Group located here----> http://steamcommunit...lastofchernarus
  8. www.MenInSuits.co/newdawn Our Site is optimized for Google Chrome and FireFox. It will NOT look pretty in IE. You've been warned! The world has become a dark place. The island nation of Chernarus was quickly consumed by the undead, and now only tattered shreds of humanity remain. The government is non-existent, food is scarce, and violence is everywhere. But now is the time when we test the mettle of those brave souls on Chernarus. It is time to walk beyond the darkness and step into the dawn. It's time to rebuild humanity the way that you see fit. Perhaps you should become a travelling merchant selling your wares. Perhaps you want to be an assassin for hire. Perhaps you want to found a community with the purpose of establishing safe havens for survivors, or perhaps form communities designed to capture unsuspecting travelers and take them for all they're worth. The choices are yours to make, and the tools to make it happen are now at your disposal. Server Information - Whitelisted, Private Hive; will expand with additional slave shards as necessary. - Application process to weed out those who are not committed to an RP scenario on Chernarus. - Website that integrates in-game RP. (Read Below) - Form a group that can grow into a compound or territory holding faction over time with growth. - Form alliances and treaties, betray and befriend, all through an interface. - Participate in weekly and monthly Chernarus events. - New DAILY Missions That Factions & Lone Wolf players can participate in. - Recruit people to your group through an interface, no need for your own site. - Groups get microsite pages, their own forum area, rosters, treaty areas, and more. - Website Soon Integrating ability to add photos/videos, tag friends, factions, etc. - Chernarus live with live streams from factions and more! - The ability to choose. Want to be a trader? Ok! Want to be a bandit? Ok! Want to start a new government? Go for it! - Active admins with years of hosting experience - Admins have built a site that integrates with the RP experience and enhances like no other server. We don't use a template system, everything is customized for our community! - Free TS server for all players, with groups getting their own channels! Website: www.MenInSuits.co/newdawn Please visit the site and click the "Register" button at the top left, once you are registered hit the Apply button. You must be registered before you can apply to be whitelisted! STEPS TO BE WHITELISTED. 1.) REGISTER ON SITE WITH USERNAME, PASSWORD, EMAIL 2.) ONCE YOU LOG IN, CLICK APPLY AND FILL OUT FORM COMPLETELY 3.) JOIN OUR TEAMSPEAK DURING THE LISTED INTERVIEW HOURS! If you have any questions, or need help with something, please post here, or PM me! See you in Chernarus survivors!
  9. The DETHCAP server is meant to be played how you wanna play. Whether you are lonewolf, clan member, cannibal, bandit or an RPer we don't care! Website: www.dethcap.com Server Info: Name: Dethcap.com - Apply Now - WhitelistIP: VilayerLocation: ChicagoPlayers: 30 (Upgrading Later)Persistence: OFF (Temporary)View: 1st/3rd ONTime: 24/7 Day Rules: No HackingNo Admin AbuseNo Ghosting Streamers Features: WhitelistedServer Events: CTF/Downed Pilot... Ect (Coming Soon)Website/Forums Active Clans: [HWY] Admins: Lonebeard Please APPLY on our website to be whitelisted!
  10. So we opened our server yesterday, So far everything is going fine, but we can't seem to be able to randomise the weather on server restarts. It's either one or the other. Is randomising time of day and weather on a Private Server possible even? Is the weather bound to the time of day? How do these work? Any information welcome. Thanks!
  11. A little about us: We've been a gaming community/Call of Duty clan of mature gamers ranging from ages 17 to mid 30's here on Reddit for 3 years (as of January 5th). Where we mainly operated on Xbox and PS4, but a lot of us play PC also. You can go to our main subreddit over at www.reddit.com/r/RedditEvolution or RedditEvolution.com. We've had a DayZ server for a while but our main goal for this private server is to have a place for like-minded gamers to play and have a good time without your hard earned work/looting being ruined in the blink of an eye by some 12 year old script kiddie. With that being said we will have a somewhat strict application process to make sure hackers don't make their way into our server. The admins will do everything in our power to make sure you have an awesome time on our server. If interested check out the server at www.reddit.com/r/DayZEvolution
  12. Expert/Mercenary server based in Europe. No cheap third-person view wallhack, no sea of extra vehicles to diminish that special feeling when you finally become a vehicle owner, no side chat to distract from the intensity of the experience; just pure, unadulterated DayZ. If you still want to chat with other players we do have a Teamspeak server. Get whitelisted at http://fatlarrysdayz.enjin.com and rise to the challenge of 1st person play.
  13. Earth Dawn Old School RP

    New Server Chernarus White list In character RP rMod 50 slots Permanent camp Turf Control/War Set and uphold the law in your area Quest/Reward system with involved admin playing NPC characters Visits dayzearthdawnrealrp.net to get whitelisted EAST COAST
  14. I am the leader of a clan on a whitelisted private hive. Due to some problems my clan has had, the amount of active members my clan has drastically reduced. We are looking for members who play in a similar timezone to the UK, and our main play time will be between the hours of 17:00-02:00. We hold a reputation on the server we are based on (not a bad one, don't worry) but due to this we need members who are experienced on DayZ and Arma in general. We would prefer members to be 18+, but ages below that will be considered if they are good players. Members need to be active, i.e. playing 3+ sessions a week. If you are interested, please PM me and I will invite you onto my clan's teamspeak server where the situation can be explained further. Good english and communication skills are ESSENTIAL. Whitelisting help will be provided by myself. We play on a very good and active server with a reasonable administration team. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  15. RP Server (Starting Server)

    We have started a RP server hosted by Dayz.St, the server is located on the EAST coast. It is a whitelisted, private hive, password protected. There is possibility for permanent camp (you submit a camp to admin provide building material required (list of mats/item on website). Server Map editor will consume the tents and the mats and provided the submitted camp. For more organized player it will be possible to control some land and uphold any law you set for your land. Banditry is welcome but there is also a Bounty system to hunt down those scoundrels looking for shenanigans. As this is an RP server with involved admin there are actual quests/storylines being run by admin with rewards. The website is still just a frame but a working one, the server is up and running. If you want info on how to get whitelisted please visit: http://dayzearthdawnrealrp.net/
  16. Hello, This is the Jackpot team. We are the same team behind the high pop Vikings #1 server. About a week ago we launched a new server called 28 DayZ Later, and we are very thankful of the immense support we have received from the DayZ community. Our new server is now a medium population server usually ranging anywhere from between 10-20 players during gaming hours. We would like to grow this, as well as share our server with you! SERVER DETAILS IP: Location: New York Server hardware: Running off of a QUAD core 3.9GHz Nehalem processor, with 4 GB of dedicated ram we ensure lag free gaming! ANTIHACK: We are running TSW, GOTCHA, DAYZ ANTIHAX, SCRIPTS, DIRECTORY/MEMORY SCANS, as well as behavior tracking program that calculates probability of ESP We have an international team of admins that monitor our servers 24/7. We make use of IP bans to ensure hackers wont come back. Server restarts 6 times a day to maintain a lag free and desync free experience. We have posted other threads with many reviews, Please check us out for the ultimate DAYZ experience: http://dayzmod.com/f...ag-free-server/
  17. Hey im wondering if theres any popular clan servers out there that has many people on it and is whitelisted? just asking...
  18. DayZ UK300 (x.x.x.x/xxxxxx|Veteran) DayZ Unleashed (UK300) GMT-7 - Whitelisted Private Hive - Vanilla DayZ - Hosted by VRocker DayZ Unleashed is a completely vanilla DayZ experience which is running on it's own private hive that we maintain ourselves. We have plenty of experience in running servers in the past 7+ years and DayZ is the next logical step for us. We are currently averaging about 20 players a day however we would always like to improve this to reach a full server at some point. We have a steadily growing community and are still looking to expand with players that are wanting the ultimate vanilla DayZ experience in a hacker free environment. We have our own community forum, website, leader boards and mumble server. Server Details (DayZ Server) IP/Port: Max Players: 48 Server Location: UK Restart Times: 6am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 12am GMT (Countdown warnings) Battleye: Enabled (Unleashed Protection, DayZ Anti-Hax, Hourly Hive Backup) Mumble: dayz.vrocker-hosting.co.uk:64740 Website/Forum: http://dayz.frak.eu/forum/ Hardware: Intel Xeon CPU W3250 Quad Core (2.67 GHz) | 4.00 GB RAM | 100GB HDD Server Details (Unleashed Hive Server) Server Location: USA Hardware: Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620 Dual Core (2 GHz) | 640 MB RAM | 20GB HDD Difficulty Settings Difficulty: Veteran Waypoints: Off Periphial Dots: Off 3rd Person: On Side Chat: Enabled Server MOTD: No cheating, glitch exploiting, racism etc No voice over the side channel and english only text Server Admins: Force: http://dayzmod.com/f.../128568-forceh/ VRocker: http://dayzmod.com/f.../92279-vrocker/ AdTec_224: http://dayz.vrocker-...ion=profile;u=3 Server Features > We are one the few remaining vanilla servers (non-modded servers) > Active admins that are keeping an eye on the server, even from IRC > Plenty of vehicles to go around > Automatic backup of our hive every hour > A steadily growing mature community with all admins being over the age of 20 > Two dedicated servers, one for the DayZ server it's self and one for our Unleashed Hive > The resources to maintain a 100 player slot server > No extra starting gear, you get the default DayZ loadout and then thats it, you have to go find the rest of it > The only server that is hooked up to an IRC Echo, allowing players to talk to in-game players even when they aren't themselves > The simplest Whitelist method that is currently known in DayZ, helping to keep the hackers away and promote a fun and fair server for everyone > We are running custom software for whitelisting and vehicle/tent cleanup > There will always be freshly spawned vehicles at each restart > Always an admin active via the IRC echo so calling for an admin shouldn't take long to get a response! > We are 99.73% hacker free, the last hacker was caught back in November for an ESP hack. > The server has been forced to the date of 1st July 2012 to give you the most daylight possible whilst still maintaining a day/night cycle. Those are just some of the reason you should come and check us out, but come and see for yourself what the server is like, you won't regret it! DayZ Unleashed allows you to play DayZ how it is meant to be played without being interuppted every 5 minutes by some script kiddy getting a kick out of being an ass. Whitelist Applications If you wish to apply to our server for whitelisting then what you need to do is provide us with the following information: DayZ Name: Location: Battleye GUID: Once you have this information then you can reply to this topic and we will look into your application. If you are unsure what your Battleye GUID is then what you need to do is join any Battleye enabled server and then type #beclient guid into the chatbox, it will then send you a message saying "Your Battleye GUID: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456" take note of this and use it to apply to our server. If you have applications for friends, clan/team mates then you may post them all at the same time. Alternatively you can apply to our whitelist via http://dayz.frak.eu/whitelist/, we aim to accept all applications within a 24 hour period of the application being receieved. We have put a lot of effort into making sure that you always have the best experience that you can whilst playing on DayZ Unleashed and we are constantly improving things when we can. We listen to our community and give them a voice, even if they are only just a few days old in the community. Any changes that we make to the server are always put to a vote on our forums ensuring that we change things only if the player base is happy with the changes going through.
  19. Hey guys and girls, Im WulF, a member and a division leader of Gamer Exit. We are recruiting members for DayZ (Private Hive and Whitelisted) and Wastelands. We are a gaming community that host a TS3 server (slots can be changed at anytime), a Private Hive & Whitelisted DayZ server, and a Wastelands server. We are always looking for more members to join the community and the clan if they want. What we can offer at Gamer Exit: 50 slot Day Z server (Whitelisted and Private Hive) -- A custom base and roaming NPCs that will drop weapons when killed 60 slot Wastelands server 35 slot TS3 server (That can be upgraded in slots at anytime) -- Open to anyone who is playing on Gamer Exit servers with sections for people to jump into 24 slot Minecraft server (Also whitelisted) A community that does not allow Bigotry/Racism/Sexism or cheating Small PS3 community Elder Scrolls Online Guild Whats special about Gamer Exit: We host all of our servers off dedicated servers We have a member who streams every day and has notorious streamers such as Sacriel and Kai back him up and support him. If you wish to watch his stream -- twitch.tv/thetacticalturtle Customized Day Z server with roaming NPCs and a custom base Custom Loadouts and skins for the DayZ server (http://gamerexit.com/shop/) We have multiple divisions in different games with members always wanting to play We are looking for players NEW and OLD. We want bambis and older gamers to come and join us. The Gamer Exit community has a age range of 16-45 and do not care about age only if your mature. If your interested: Go to http://GamerExit.com and just look around. We have members on all day, everyday. We have a pretty simple application if you are wishing to apply. Picture below:
  20. Server name: PICNIC TABLE IP: DayZ Chernarus (veteran¦3D:ON¦CH:ON) - (UTC-12) In order to get whitelisted for the Picnic Table DayZ server we need your GUID. Theres a couple of ways to find this, Take a screenshot of the lobby as you log into our server before you press OK, your GUID will be in the bottom left corner of the screen. Or when logged into any battleye enabled server type this into chat " #beclient GUID " Next you need to register here at DayZRescue.com and send your GUID in a Private Message to any or even all of the guys with a red name on this list http://www.dayzrescu.../memberlist.php Note: when registering with the forum be sure to check your email spam box for the confirmation link as it can sometimes end up there. Any problems at all or even if your just feeling impatient jump on our TeamSpeak3 server and ask anyone on there to point you to the right person. TS3 Whitelisting is easiest if you join our TeamSpeak. We're in the process of migrating our webhosting, but our server has been up for a few months. We also have 9 admins for our server. They're only there to help deal with hackers. Complaints about admins are accepted. Combat logging of any kind gets a 24 hour ban. Bandits are welcome. Come into our teamspeak for more details.
  21. THE BSB NETWORK "Strength In Unity" Web: http://www.bsbnetwork.comTS3: Clan Recruitment Thread: http://dayzmod.com/f...gamers-est2002/ BSB Tavinan Whitelisted Survival Server - Looking for more Bambi's, Noobs, Bandits and Clans! Get whitelisted @ our website http://www.bsbnetwork.com We are re-launching our Taviana server today as a whitelisted server. The server has a steady user base already that we would like to improve. We have decided to whitelist the server now that the server has proved active and stable. The server has also been patched for stability and to include all the Day Z Taviana updates too. The server is relatively quiet with a regular and stable player base that are for the most part "friendly" so this server suits PvE and survival players quite well at the moment. We do have bandits and Kill on Sight players so be cautions, but the size of the map and the player base means you are relatively safe to go about your business most times. Server features: - Whitelisted server (no hackers) - Veteran settings - 3rd person ON - GMT -4 - Standard Day Z starting load out - Restarts at least once a day (3AM) for fresh crash sites and vehicle clean ups/respawns - 450 vehicles including Pick ups, Vodniks, Buses, Urals, SUV's, boats, Hueys, Planes etc.(at least 8 chopper and 8 planes each day) - custom player skins including 15 Hero skins, 15 Bandit Skins and 15 Standard skins - lots of admins available daily Other servers available within the BSB Network community: North American Tavina Server - 400 vehicles daily restart for crash & vehicles respawns. North American Chernarus Server - daily restart for crash & vehicles respawns, persistent daylight. BSB Public Teamspeak server
  22. DayZero Private Hive Map: Chernarus Arma Version : 97771 Crosshair : OFF 3rd Person : OFF Waypoints : OFF Side-Chat : OFF Max Players : 60 Vehicles : max 40 atleast 2 hellis Server Time : UTC -3 Automatic Restart Every 6 Hours 2 Main rules No Cheating or Glitching NO disconnecting from combat http://www.reddit.com/r/DayZero/ Visit the community and Apply for whitelist Mumble server: In Mumble, right click your name and click "Register" to get join rights in members channels.
  23. Brand new server - Custom Weapons! - 80 Vehicles - 50 players - Whitelisted This is a brand new server hosted by Dayz.st, located in Holland. We are looking for honest players who can get on with others easily. Hacking, racism, or any other form of abuse will not be tolerated. We are looking to keep the server 100% hacker free, so each whitelist request will be analysed extensively just to be sure. Ultimately in peak hours we would like to have around 15-25 players active, not so much that the map becomes a deathmatch. As experienced on other servers, if rivalry between groups becomes too intense to the point that things a getting personal, then necessary action will be taken. Of course its unlikely this will happen, but on previous servers we have encountered this problem. To become whitelisted, simply answer a few questions about yourself along with information needed. - Name (in game) - Location (country) - GUID (please note your GUID is case sensitive, double check it for any errors before posting) To obtain, type #beclient guid in any battleye enabled server. - Type of Player (Bandit, Hero, Neutral) - Will you be playing in a group? (Yes/No) If yes how many people? - How often do you play? (Hours a week) - Are you willing to donate to support the server upkeep cost? Optional -Do you have any experience administrating/moderating dayz servers? You may submit applications for your friends if you wish, as long as you provide all the requested info. Looking forward to playing with you! NEW FORUM: http://greenmountain...orumsmotion.com Be sure to sign up and get posting!