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Found 567 results

  1. In this video I'm demonstrating one of several ways to unstuck vehicles in DayZ. This works like 90% of the Time!
  2. So right now in DayZ you have to manually change gear while driving... that is not fun at all. I don't get why this was implemented in the first place, Bohemia is trying way to hard to make the game too realistic and what they forget is it takes away the fun aspect from the game. I don't want to be playing a survival just to drive manually, it's too clunky, not fun nor is this game a pure simulator. Personally I think they should change the cars to automatic or if not have an option to, because I know some people out there like the manual shifting. If people are good at manual shifting then it shouldn't be a problem with the players using the automatic option. Another thing to bring up is having to press R to pull the bolt back of a gun. Once again the game is turning to much into a simulator. Maybe an option for this too. This is DayZ, use to be the best survival game out there and now it's rapidly going down the drain and I miss having FUN on the game. I miss getting into encounters that wasn't clunky, I miss not having to play a simulator. In MY OPINION the game is just too realistic to have fun on now, what they need to do is carry on with their updates but at a more faster rate. 4 years in the making and we're just about to hit beta, shocking. The sooner they get in base building and modding in, the better the game will be. That way they don't have to do as much development due to the modding community making FUN mods to use, just like ARMA 2. I can't wait to see what happens in the future but right now it's not looking so good, taking the wrong path which is realism and leaving the fun behind :(
  3. DayZ SA Trains?

    [i understand this is optimistic but I think this would be a VERY useful/interesting feature] Ok, I recently went along the highway in the very north of the map, and eventually got to the train station north-west of Gvozdno. The whole time I just couldn't stop thinking of how epic/practical it would be if they could bring in a train with all the other vehicles when those are introduced eventually. The railway basically runs a perimeter of the map (it terminates in the north-west and starts in the south-west). Just think - could have your crew all aboard a post-apocalypse express, gunning down zombies/bambis as they travel around the edges of the map to epic locations (near NW airfield, cherno, elektro, (port near) berezino, svetlo). If you've played BF4 and seen the train on Golmud Railway I can kind of imagine something like that. I think it would just really open up the map and also just be bloody awesome. Would be very scary and apocalypse feeling to see a rusty old refurbished train wreck chugging along towards you from the distance. Anybody else think this would be pretty cool/useful? Haven't thought about how they would be kept though. Maybe each server would have 2 trains, both starting off maybe in cherno and svetlo. Require the player to find fuel in the nearby train stations and fill up before they can get going. Then just let them go on till server reset and start all over again? Also a train collision could be pretty badass and scary too. Do you try slam on the brakes or do you jump off and risk broken limbs/death to avoid a head on collision with another survivors train? I reckon this is a feasible idea, what do you guys think?
  4. Experimental .62 - Encounter in Sosnovka

    Some fun on day 2 of .62 with 2dogs. Nothing beats a good old fashioned car jacking.
  5. Vehicles on Stable branch

    Hi guys! Vehicles are on the Stable branch right now and I would like to read your experiences and issues with them. This thread is dedicated for it. Thank you!
  6. As the title suggests, can vehicle doors, hoods, rear covers, etc be repaired by tools to any degree in current or planned versions of DayZ? Essentially, is there a way to "bang out" the dents back to a 'Worn' status?
  7. I have finally been reunited with my dear old friend Albert, better known to most as the sedan. I found Albert at the factory north of Solnichniy and I was, to put it mildly, overjoyed. Oh, how I have missed you Albert! My companion and I worked tirelessly finding tyres and all the bits and bobs Albert needs and finally we were rewarded when the engine turned over...okay, I must confess, I'd completely forgotten how to drive and sat there asking 'Why aren't you moving, you horrid bucket of rust and malevolence?' till I remember the concept of gears. During my little outing, I uncovered a few...hiccups...and I would like to share a few of my observations with you, dear reader. First Observation - The speedometer and the gear thingy (you know, the numbers at the bottom left of the screen) are fabulous. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Second Observation - I'm something of a veteran of the slightly flighty sedan. Once, you never dared to take it above 2nd gear for fear of spinning wildly out of control. I am delighted to report that the drive was firm and not a hint of a wiggle even at 70+kpm. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Third Observation - Oh dear God, the desync! According to what I saw, I'd past the high school in Zelenogorsk and heading on the road to Pogo. According to what my companion saw, I'd crashed into a lamp post just up from the police station. Goodbye two tyres. Fourth Observation - It is entirely possible to drive at 70+kpm on two wheels. TL:DR The cars are back! Or, according to another thread on this esteemed forum, they are in fact camouflaged cows.
  8. For those who don't follow Experimental/the Experimental forum, vehicles made their comeback on the latest Experimental patch. I have to say they did a pretty damn fine job because there was almost no desync (as driver and as passenger) and handling the car also felt better. Vehicles are back and they are better than ever! Here are two clips showing the improved vehicles. The first clip is where I drive and the second clip is where BioHaze drives.
  9. New Aimspaces

    More Trello treasure.... Looks like the very first picture of a DayZ character aiming inside a vehicle! "Drive this car to Cuba!!"
  10. Can you please add a simple vehicle like a bicycle, the new spawn spots are way to far from everything so a ride would help us teleport between spots faster thanks
  11. I fixed up a few cars now on EXP and they seem to get stuck mid drive 100 to 0. After that you desync with your car ending up in a random spot nearby. From that moment on the car wont move at all, but is still making an accelerating noise when going into first gear. All my cars got stuck like this and it seems others too because everywhere are almost functional cars at the side of roads only missing battery and plugs. I will provide a video, its currently rendering, uploading may take a while my connection isnt very fast. I thought getting the word out in text first cant hurt. I've tried everything i know and dont from a very good vehicle guide. Didn't help. 2nd car behaved exactly the same, repro is just drive for 5 minutes, car will get stuck. I've tried it too on different servers and the servers weren't crashing, doors and item pickup nearby, or inventory tetris was still responsive. The cars work again after the server restarts, but until then they are stuck. PS: i could only try sedans cheers EDIT: The video (may take a while to process) [AUDIO WARNING - POP NOISES IN SPED UP PART]
  12. Today, I found a sedan fully assembled, but in need of repaired tires before it could drive well. I searched so long for a repair kit, that someone else eventually got into the server and found one for me. Once I made it back to the car, I discovered another Sedan and a lone player ferrying wheels from one to the other. After putting him down with the amphibia, another fellow runs up and accuses me of bambi-killing, oblivious to the 2 sedans now parked north of Prig. Just as I waste my last shots of .22 on the squirrely stranger with a crowbar, Kohlbar arrives with the repair kit, and uses an mp5 to finish off the interloper. So there we have it, two sedans, fully assembled. One of them appeared to be missing a wheel, but it was sitting level, so the wheel invisibility bug was in play. I could also not see a battery in the sedan with the invisible wheel. Thinking that only one car was roadworthy, we hop into the now fully pristine sedan and attempt to drive off into the hills. As soon as I drive the sedan, it starts to get the network bubble lag from the other vehicle. I tried to power through it, but the lag was too strong. My sedan was now immobile, having buggedly teleported to within thirty feet of the other car. We swapped wheels back and forth, and tried desperately to get the cars to move, but the mutual gravity of the troubled netcode was too strong. The two sedans were adamant in their resolve to sit there, fully assembled, yet unwilling to move. There was no solution, the sedans were destined to sit at the foot of the coastal hills, luring players to their death until the server reset; ten minutes later.
  13. Hello! We'd like to welcome all of you to join our new "Walker Nation Epoch" Server! Where we have lots of friendly staff and members, This server is brand new made by a group of friends/acquaintances looking to have one of the best Epoch Servers around! We are looking for more admins in the future and staff members, We plan many Custom Events (Battle royals all the time) We are constantly adding more mods upon request as well. We are currently giving away some basebuilding supply and custom loadouts to newer members as we try and become more populated ! We're not giving out anything too OP, Just some stuff to get you started and transportation to wherever you'd like to build a base. We have our own teamspeak that holds 40 players, ANYONE Can have their own channel in the teamspeak and ALL are welcomed to join! TS IP: Servername: Walker Nation Epoch | AI Missions | Tow | Snap Build | Self Bloodbag | Server IP:
  14. I have spent the majority of .59 avidly searching for vehicle spawns, recovering found vehicles, and occasionally swiping a poorly hidden ride from a fellow survivor. Vehicle wheels were persistent since a couple hotfixes into .59 stable, and I have a protocol-much as I have seen on other servers- of positioning any looted wheels next to the roadway, or in a common building for later collection. I can't be exactly certain, but I figure somewhere around a week is their decay time for CLEanup. About a week ago, I noticed that wheels left nearby a stranded vehicle (removed for safekeeping when the server restart re-orients the vehicle, so I wouldn't come back to find an un-stuck vehicle whit all ruined wheels) would disappear by the time I came to recover the vehicle. This has not been the case in the past. What has changed in the last week, and has anyone else found this to be an problem? TLDR: Wheels left on the ground next to vehicles, outside of tents, will despawn on server resets; while wheels in the middle of the streets, or on the ground in tents with a parked car nearby, do not appear not despawn.
  15. Epic Jumps & Epic Fails!

    Here are some of my best epic jumps and epic fails with the new vehicles added in 0.59 I hope you guys enjoy :D
  16. Mine, and others, collaborated ideas to turn this game into the Survival Gem we all wish it to be! I deeply welcome ideas and criticism! Also, some of these ideas may actually be already IN-GAME - Therefore, if it is listed, it is merely because it is desired in greater quantities! Have a look, tell me what you like, tell me I'm an idiot, or what have you! I don't mind! Sections: StatusesFatigueMore Injuries/AilmentsRight Hand/Left HandRemoval of Inventory TAB/Updated Bag EntranceItems (Weapons, Food/Drink, Appliance, Medical)Vehicular WishesWeather CyclesInteractionsAdditional BuildingsInfected PersonalityOther Dangerous Foes (Animals/Humanoids)Atmospheric Horror AdditionsStatuses: Fatigue: More Injuries/Ailments After some deep thinking today, I would like to propose a much more in-depth Injury/Ailment chart that would be in addition to what is currently in place. This came to me because I believe the current effects of damage to a bit too simple - Unconsciousness or Death shouldn't swiftly arrive from a gunshot/melee attack, but the breaking/disabling of the body should be occurring a lot more. I'll try to refrain from posting things that are already in the current state of the game - Simply more for complexity. Please feel free to add more ideas. Right Hand/Left Hand Removal of Inventory TAB/Updated Bag Entrance Items: Weapons Food/Drink Applicable Items Medical Vehicles!: Weather!: Interactions!: Additional Building Types!: Infected Personality!: Other Dangerous Foes While I have read that Wolves, Bears, and certain other dangerous wildlife will be entering the game eventually, I thought I might as well add them also in the list for reference. Animals To increase the chance of an attack while hiding out in the woods, I propose we add certain animals that are lurking and follow their own AI path and locations on the map to make them unique. This also gives players an entirely unique way of playing the game. Rather than traveling to cities for goods and guns, one could (dangerously) live out in the woods. (Link: http://rbth.com/articles/2011/04/26/the_twelve_most_dangerous_russian_animals_12694.html) Other Humans To branch out further from the natural dangers of Players/Infected/Animals, I thought. . why not improve upon the setting of the map by including other human-type characters controlled by the AI that are just as dangerous. To this point, I would believe the area to be in absolute quarantine after whatever war occured in the massive area. Adding to that, there being Helicopter crashes and military areas that are still standing. . This makes me believe that other forces may be in play. Atmospheric Horror Additions
  17. You may have experienced this, When you driving and getting close to another vehicle (bus,lada,sedan,v3s doesnt matter) its getting very buggy, something like a magnetic field is dragging you and then throwing you away and its awfull, this effective field of the other vehicles is something like around 150m circle around them. I think not much can be done about it apart from feedbacking ? Thanks.
  18. Hi gang, I’m trying to figure out a few things about the vehicles: 1) Do we know how many of them spawn each time, out of each kind if it works like that? 2) I believe that a vehicle which was not manipulated with in a given session, despawns and spawns somewhere else. Is it true? If so, how can we prevented a despawn for sure? Will putting a single random item in the trunk make it stay? 3) Apart from the above, what makes a vehicle despawn? I heard that a car ruined in an accident will despawn, but I saw a crashed Volga which was there for a couple of days. On the other hand, a Volga which I hopelessly drove onto a pile of timber despawned. However, a Lada stuck on a rock stayed there for some time. So what’s the rule for despawn due to damage? 4) For how long the vehicles are persistent? Is it 7 days? 5) I see that all the regular items despawn if manipulated, as usual under CLE. However, wheels persist. My question is: are they persistent like the vehicles/barrels? Or is there any other special rule? If I want a wheel to stay there, is it better to manipulate it or leave it be? Do jerry cans follow any similar special rules? 6) I hid a truck among some trees but upon a restart, the truck now faces North. It is not accessible (although the inventory is) and all the double pristine wheels are ruined. If I chop down the nearby trees and replace the wheels, will I retrieve my vehicle? Or is it lost forever and will despawn soon? Thanks guys and have fun cruisin’ around!
  19. Sabotage Bicycles

    I'm sure it has been suggested to be able to cut brake lines of vehicles or to pour diesel in to regular gas tanks snd vice versa to destroy motors right? But with bicycles on their way, wouldn't it be fun to be able to run around with a screwdriver or adjustable wrench and go around removing seats off all the bicycles you find? Or loosen all the spokes so the rim collapses as they ride down the road? Or remove the brake pads? All these things can be accomplished with an adjustable wrench. Sure, you could just bash the hell out of the bike and render it useless but i think it would be far more enjoyable to undo the steering column nut and twist the handlebars to the side and watch the poor sucker try to ride off with it all cocked to the side... and then shoot him, naturally. I think that would be super fantastic myself :)
  20. Drive-by shooting in vehicles

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19IhGt5HLhI Who agrees?
  21. Changing the sedans tire = not safety

    Already logged it in the bug tracker but here's what could happen if you need to change a tire on the sedan: https://youtu.be/jq-Bz2rosGk
  22. With the new vehicles coming, the search for parts and the installation of them will become much more prevalent. Even so, wrenches, screwdrivers, and typical tool-kit items are still only used for hitting people with. Wouldn't it be nice if those tools could serve their true purpose? Tire iron: for removing the lugnuts off of tires, of course. It'd be nice if we needed them (at least in our inventory, if nothing else) to remove/replace tires. Screwdriver: Fire extinguisher: What else? Putting out fires. Crowbar: Used for breaking open locked doors, which could be made so that it would take much more effort to open (as opposed to just shooting it once to unlock). Meat tenderizer: Tender your meat. Makes it easier to digest, I suppose? Pipe wrench/wrench: Perhaps some other vehicle part related use. Hayhook: Allows someone to move a haystack, for whatever reason that may be. Really, these are self-explanatory. I'd just like to have them be of use to people.
  23. Would anybody care to use this thread as a complete list of the current truck spawns? I have been playing on US Central 1-55 since .58 deployed to stable, and I've still yet to see a single truck, or battery; though I have glow plugs stashed all over. My home server seems to be a hoppers paradise, though I've had no luck camping hop-stops. I would very much like to lock down this server's resources within the playable area, but I only have a couple hours a day to try. a complete list of known truck spawns would greatly narrow my search efforts. I know about five places where trucks regularly spawn, including Stary Sobor AG complex, Polana, and Staroye. I have put about 50 kM on my military boots so far, on the same character I started this patch with, and have not seen a single truck, aside from the SS Ag spawn. So what I want is a complete list of all the current truck pawns so I can run a loop and verify that they are either there, or taken. Also trustworthy help in verifying them would be nice. Like I said, it seems like my "home server" is a hopper stop, so I doubt they have all been stashed. At most, I know of about five other players whom I regularly recognize.
  24. DayZ Vehicles MEGATHREAD

    Since developers announced that vehicles were being worked on, here is a revised and comprehensive list of vehicle models that would properly fit in DayZ environment: Сivillian Cars VAZ-2101 Жигули “Копейка” Production: 1970–1988 (Source) : aka “Coin/Penny” because of the characteristic round frontlights VAZ -2106 "Шестерка" Production: 1976-2001 (Source) : aka 'Sixth' VAZ -2107 "Семерка" Production: 1982– present (Source) : aka 'number 7' VAZ -2108/2109 ''Зубило'' Production: 1984–2003 (Source) : aka 'Сhisel', is one of the modern ones.It would be a wet dream for local hoodlums from Prigorodki or Cherno outskirts.Gopniki in all post-soviet area simply adore this car. Pure ‘class’.Don't forget to put your track suit pants, leather shoes and thick leather jacket on.Get a knife, bat or at least a screwdriver, hop in with your pal and circle around your city district to find someone who simply doesn't belong there... ZAZ -965 Production 1960–1969 (Source) (Wiki) : Behold a crown jewel of Soviet car production, the fabulous Ukrainian Zaporozhec', produced in Zaporizhzhya. ZAZ -966 a newer Zaporozhec' Production: 1966-1972 (Source) : The former is called 'Горбатий' or 'Brokeback/Humpbacked'.The latter is just 'Zapor' or 'Constipation'. What a beauty. Every Chernorussian grandpa should drive this as it was generously provided by the beloved government due to his disabilities after war in Takistan 20 years ago. The unstoppable senior veterans, they endure post-soviet hardships and still breach! No Cherno trafic light could stop them! Moskvitch Москвич-408/412/Москвич-Комби Production 1964—1976 as Moskvich (Source) : An alternative to ЗАЗ that grandpa uses to transport potatoes from his 'dacha' (decrepit suburban private house with a garden) to a marketplace. Москвич-407 and Москвич-423 Production: 1956—1965 (Source) : were resilient cabbage carriers. Moskvitch 2141 Production: 1998-2003 (Source) : newer Moskvitch, still used for the same purpose. Because you can't escape the reputation, even after the hull upgrade and redesign... go on, load potatoes and beetroots into the trunk. All 3 of GAZ Volga models that are listed below were hard to get and object of much envy. Most of them nowadays are just regular junk. Gaz-21 Volga Production: 1956–1970 (Source) Gaz-24 Volga Production: 1970-1985 (Source) [CONFIRMED] : the one we have in DayZ so far, as a police car Gaz-3102 Volga Production: 1982–2009 (Source) : the most modern of three, considered to be a luxury car back in mid and late 90's. Gaz M-20 ГАЗ-М-20 Production: 1949–1958 (Source) : ''Pobeda'' (''Victory'') a rival to Gaz-21 in terms of soviet luxury. Chernorussian grandpa still keeps this one in his garage: VAZ-2121 "Niva" Production: 1977–present (Source) [CONFIRMED] : "Нива", or "Cropfield" a beloved civilian off-roader. It still is very popular now, but was really hard to obtain 20 years ago. A mandatory car for Chernarus. Buses in Chernarus should be represented by: Laz-695 Production: 1957-1958 (Source) (Wiki): The most popular and wide spread soviet bus. Laz-4202 Production: 1978-1993 (Source) : his successor. PAZ-672 Produced: 1968-1989 (Source) (Wiki) : these things, most of which were painted yellow, could be spotted everywhere. As well as next one, PAZ-3205 Production: 1989-present (Source) : both were typical means of commute within the city limits. KAvZ-685 Production: 1973–1993 (Source) ZIS-155 Production: 1949-1957 (Source) : an old-school from 50's, still around Ikarus-280 Production: 1971-1997 (Source) [CONFIRMED] : that's the bus that is in DayZ mod, this actually was higher-class type bus. A trip in Ikarus = luxurious trip in Soviet mind. LiAZ-677 Production: 1967–1996 (Source) : Squeeze yourself with a hundred other poor souls into this crowded coffin. When the infection broke out those must have been ‘party’ buses indeed! Сivillian Trucks typical Chernorussian models: ZIL-130 Production: 1964-1994 1995-2010 (Source) : there should be no Chernorussian city or town without this truck. GAZ-53 Production: 1961-1993 (Source) : a lighter one, but used just as widely. Notice a milk cistern, bread truck, fish and sewage-sanitation vehicles based on this one.This truck is as soviet as soviet can be. Bringing fresh and hot bread to the bread store early in the morning. Collecting milk in KOLXOZ at dawn.They sold fish from their water tanks at the marketplace. And sprayed water at dawn upon desolate summer city streets... Kamaz-5511/5320/5325 Production: 1976-2000 (Source) : and others. Камаз doesn't even need a description. The heavy working horse of Soviet industry! MAZ-504 Production: 1965-1970 (Source) : his counterpart. BELAZ Production: 1961-1971 (Source) : Various models of quarry monsters. An old soviet joke is that you shouldn't be afraid of anything on the road when driving Kamaz. Unless you ever encounter Belaz. Medical/Paramedical Emergency vehicles: RAF-977И Production: 1958-1976 (Source) : I'd love to see these torn to shreds somewhere around Cherno hospital. GAZ-22 Production: 1962-1970 (Source) (Wiki) RAF-2914 Production: 1976—1997 (Source) : the most popular one, pure classic. UAZ-3962 Production: 1965-present (Source) : served in rural areas Here are some other special purpose cars: Firetrucks: Zil-157 firetruck Production: 1958-1966,1966-1994 (Source) : pretty ancient one, but still remains functioning and serves in rural areas. Zil-131 firetruck Production: 1995-2010 (Source) : basic vehicle in a fire department. Those were supplemented by firetrucks based on other soviet workhorse, Zil-130 Production: 1964-1994 1995-2010 (Source) and heavier ones, Ural-4320 Production: 1977-present (Source) МАЗ-543 Production: 1967-1983 (Source) : true monsters, confined mostly to airfields, a rare find elsewhere Military Trucks: Regarding military trucks. I don't want to stress here, but these mentioned below are absolutely essential. Many of them got into civilian hands and after some modifications its conversions serve as lumber transporters, buses in highlands, etc. GAZ-66 Production: 1985-1996 (Source) : Superb off-road capabilities. If there was a military unit around - this thing was there. Most of them were somewhat modified and are widely used today in mountainous areas by local population. Zil-131 Production: 1967-1994 (Source) : used for lumber theft nowadays. Ural-4320 Production: 1977-present (Source) : At least we've got this one in DayZ mod! The thing goes everywhere. Literally. KRaZ-255Б Production: 1967–1994 (Source) : even bigger Ukrainian monster KAMAZ 4326,4310,6350 Production: 1976-2000 (Source) : these, along with Urals are main military trucks nowadays, that still in operation, not just storage. MAZ-543 Production: 1965-1976 (Source) : the beast MAZ-537 Production: 1959-1965 (Source) : former one's predecessor. Now, to shift focus from military and semi-military trucks, these are few of the most popular vans. Soviet Vans: UAZ-452 Production in: 1965-1985(upgraded) (Source) (Wiki) : 'Буханка' or 'Bread loaf'. This one is literally everywhere. РАФ-2203 Production: 1976–1997 (Source) : hearing the word 'van' is USSR implied you were picturing this in your head. ЕрАЗ-762 Production: 1967-1996 (Source) : also very popular, but adjusted to carry goods. Soviet-style small SUV’s, Jeeps and Off-Roaders: ЛуАЗ-969 ''Волинянка'', Production: 1979-1992 (Source) : a ''Girl from Volyn" this weird thing actually is a great off-roader, particularly popular in villages. УАЗ-469 Production: 1971–present (Source) : much beloved SUV from DayZ mod. No need for introduction. *Special notice though - this should be one of standard-issue police vehicles. Gaz-69 Production: 1953-1972 (Source) : is an older one, still can be found in rural areas. And of course, Lada Niva, which has already been mentioned above. Motorcycles: Ява Jawa Production: 1954-1992 (Source) : made in Czechoslovakia, best available soviet light motorbike Ural Урал М-67-36 Production 1976-1983 (Source) : and other models were heavy, also used by road police. And check out those sweet sidecars! There were others, like Иж Планета, Юпитер 4-5, Dnipro Днепр Tractors and Crop Harvesters: Т-25 Production: 1945 - 1948 (Source) : A much beloved tractor from DayZ mod And these are his bigger brethren, from smaller to largest: DT-75 Production: 1949-1963 (Source) T-4A Production: 1964-1970 (Source) К-700 Production: 1962 - 2000 (Source) T-130 Production: 1969-1988 (Source) (Wiki) My personal favorites, tractor-bus-offroader hybrids. Simply the best in swampy areas: ATC-59 and ATC-59Г Production: 1960-1989 (Source) And these should be found rusting on Chernarus crop fields: SK-5 Niva Production: 1940–1960 (Source) SK-6 Kolos Production: 1974-1979 (Source) UPD1. Czech Cars,obviously... Škoda 1203 Production: 1968-Present (Source) Škoda 105, 120, Garde/Rapid Production: 1976–1990 (Source) Tatra 148 and Tatra 138 Production 1972-1982 (Source) Tatra 815 Production: 1983 - present (Source) Škoda 706 LIAZ Production: 1946-1951 (Source) : Czech truck, assembled in Eastern Germany. Exported into all Soviet block countries with much success. Praga V3S Production: 1953-1985 (Source) [CONFIRMED] These are the most prominent Czech vehicles that would fit the scenery. Regarding concerns of somewhat 'more modern' Russian-made vehicles: the main point is that they don't really change the production line that often (means that car with same looks might be produced for tens of years and many of those on the list are still in production). There are few 'new' typical Russian cars, though: Газ-3302 2705, etc ''Gazel'' Production: 1994-2010 (Source) : super-popular van used for literally everything possible ГАЗ-3307 Production: 1989–current (Source) : basically a modernized GAZ-53 truck UPD2. Here you go, the East-German, Polish and Romanian. GDR was pumping them out like hot buns and sending all over the Eastern block. Trabant 1957–1990 (East Germany) (Source) : Plastic car with 26HP engine. Soviet citizens drooled over this imported vehicle. Wartburg 311 and Wartburg 353 Production: 1966 — 1988 (Source) Barkas B1000 Production: 1961-1989 (Source) : another East-German. An extremely popular van. Robur LO1800 Production: 1960-1967 (Source) : GDR-made truck. Multiple modifications, ubiquitous usage. Multicar 2577 Production: 1990-Present (Source) : a small GDR truck. What a sweet resilient pony. Dacia 1300 Production: 1969–1979 (1310 model)1979-2004 (Source) : ubiquitous Romanian working horse. Maluch Polish Fiat P126 Production: 1972-1980 (Source) : aka 'a little one' was Polish gem in the Eastern block. FSC Żuk and FSC Nysa Production: 1958 - 1998 (Source) : Communist Polish vans. Tarpan 239D Production: 1973 - 1994 (Source) : 'Polish Toyota Hilux' a tough pickup. FSO 125P Production 1967-1972 (Source) : another socialist Polish Fiat, not so cute this time. Main Index List Here: UPDATE 1 : Added each Vehicle's Production Date and Information Source. The majority of sources are linked to the specified vehicle's main Wikipedia page. There were a few exceptions where Wikipedia didn't provide the manufacturing date,so i linked a different Webpage Source. Nevertheless i revisited these few exceptions and added the Wikipedia link along with the Source. A very small portion of the provided Wikipedia Sources were in Foreign Languages (Russian,Czech,Ukrainian etc.) I plan on editing the respected English Wikipedia Sources in the near future. UPDATE 2 : Made Paragraphs and tweaked the Text's Letter Size and Fonts to improve readability. Added a Main Index List for easier information access. I will be Creating Polls in the near Future. This is a Chance to Show Your Support for the MEGATHREAD!!! Suggest your own Vehicle Model Preferences for DayZ. We need Models Manufactured Between Early 90s and Early 20s. The Ones that Receive most Upvotes will be Added in the List along with the Contributor's Username. ALL CREDIT GOES TO REDDIT'S ORIGINAL TOPIC CREATOR : WALT_UA
  25. Any Wayne's World / DayZ fans will love this! :) Give us CARS DEV's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsF6BZfuP74