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Found 170 results

  1. Fellow DayZ Players, I am here representing our group CREW or Constantly Running Every Where. Prior to the .60 update hiatus, we were ranked top 10 on gametracker.com. Due to the long wait for .60 and .61, and the declining playerbase we had no choice but to shutdown our private servers. However with the release of .61 we have decided to go all in and reboot the community by bringing back our 60 pop private hive! In case you don't know who CREW is, we are a community of gamers who primarily play and have passion for DayZ. Most of our members have clocked over 1000 hours! So if you are a noob, we'd be gladly willing to show you the ropes! For the veterans out there we'd be able to match your skill level, watch your back in combat, give you medical aid, etc. Feel free to join our server, teamspeak, and browse our website below: Server IP: TS: ts.dayzcrew.com Website: dayzcrew.com website done by yours truly ;) BONUS: We are currently doing a giveaway!! The most active players on our server gets a $20 steam giftcard! For more details view our forum post here.
  2. Hello! Redline Gamers is a ARMA/DayZ Community based in Australia. Due to expansion, I am looking for a mature Administrator to Run, maintain & cover costs to a Server. You will need not only yourself, but other members to help populate the Server. We will organise the Server itself, full of scripts, add-ons & ready to go. If you think you and your friends have what it takes to run a successful Server under Redline Gamers, please message me on our Forum. Website: www.redlinegamers.net TeamSpeak: ts.redlinegamers.net Regards, Raidon
  3. The [TOG] DayZ Division is currently seeking players to join our active group. We accept any and all playstyles from anywhere on the planet, with the only stipulation that you're 25yrs of age or older. If you are interested you can send me a PM for more info or peruse through our forums at www.theoldergamers.com We currently have 4 private hive servers, 2 in AU, 1 in the U.S. and 1 EU server located in The UK with prospects of Hardcore servers in the U.S. and EU. Founded in 2002 the [TOG] Community has 60k+ registered members, 24+ game divisions. 25yrs old or older only. - Your Mature Gaming Communty. The Older Gamers Community is for gamers who are passionate about their hobby of PC & Console gaming, particularly online multiplayer games. TOG members try to separate themselves from the abusive, disruptive and disrespectful behaviour; usually associated with younger players; that is so often encountered with gaming online. [TOG] is about, a friendly, vibrant community full of gaming addicts from around the world, who are old enough to know how to enjoy ourselves properly! [TOG] adheres to a strict Code of Conduct and brings this into any game servers we play on or manage.
  4. Welcome to [RmR] Reapers Overpoch! <----DayZ IP Follow us on Twitter! @ReapersOverpoch Search RmR In Dayz Commander or DayZ Launcher. preferably use DayZ Launcher ! Active Changelog: www.rmrbf.com Teamspeak3: voice.rmrbf.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Survival Games hosted in survival event server! Events take place every week!* Basebattle events everyday* Fast trade now in Scripts & Addons Epoch Mission System (EMS) - Flip Vehicle - Self Blood Bag - Commit Suicide - Server Rules* Deploy Menu - Deploy Bike - Deploy Motorcycle - Pack Created Vehicle* Color Filters - Color Bluff - Let it snow! - Dark Draining - Sandy ...* View Distance (Fog) - 250M - 500M - 750M - 1000M -2000m -2500m -3000m - etc... Snap Building Pro Lifting & Towing* Lifting - Can be done with most choppers. - Can lift most vehicles. - Can't lift locked vehicles.* Towing - Can be done with most land vehicles. - Can tow most vehicles. - Can't tow locked vehicles. Group Management (Radio) Custom GUI Custom Kill & Death Messages Refuel & Repair Vehicles (Scroll)* Can be done in any vehicle within 10 meters of a gas pump.* Refuel (Free)* Repair (Full) - Land (2 Gold) - Air (5 Gold) Walking Zombies Fixed Overpoch Loot Tables Trader Safezones w/ Forced Nametags Indestructible Items* Everything that is cinder or metal. Any doors are destructible. Fixed Murder Menu Boards (in traders) Lock Vehicles from Drivers Seat* Only works if you have the key to the vehicle. Locked Vehicle Anti-Salvage* Any locked vehicle cannot be salvaged from. Precise Base Building* Persistent bases after restart. Weed Farms* Random weed farms spawn every restart. * Plants can be harvested by right clicking the your knife. * Can be smoked or sold at the black market dealer. No Weight No Plot Pole Required to Build 1 Step Building Inactive Safe Unlock* Safe codes reset to 0000 after 1 month of inactivity. Take Clothes (Scroll)* A scroll menu option on any dead bodies. Gives you the cloths that they were wearing as a item.Custom Cities
  5. DayZ Bandits Vs Everyone

    Hello everyone! This server idea is more than likely not even remotely unique, but I'm gonna give it a shot anyway!. Our server features an organized bandit faction vs. everyone else. Instead of creating hero faction ourselves wouldn't allow for enough freedom as far as roleplay goes. So our twist on it is to let YOU start the hero faction. It is your job to unite the bambis under one flag to take down the tribal warlords that now rule Chernarus. Message me if you are interested!
  6. The Last of Chernarus RP Whitelisted

    Hello again too all of you Survivors of Chernarus out there! We are looking to build a dedicated community for our Whitelisted Role-play Server dubbed TheLastofChernarus, we are looking for people to join our growing community we currently have 160+ players whitelisted we thank you for joining us and making our whitelisted numbers almost triple and hope too see this increase and we hope you all will continue too diversify our version of chernarus thank you all. Everyone has a story and I cant wait to see you out in our wasteland to hear yours! Here are some of the highlights of what we have be created for our community!! -Zoned Game Modes! Regularly we will be doing Random game modes in set-up zones around chernarus as they come available you may vote on any game modes you or you're group would rather have. -Current Events- --Bring your Friends! Group/Clan Owned Settlements and WAR!-- You're group/clan may claim ANY settlement ANYWHERE in chernarus and can set-up your own rules for that town/city or none at all! its completely up to you the normal rules do not apply to you if you say they don't but only in you're area! - we have 6 groups of 3-8 players currently set up and active, bring your friends! -Your group is not restricted to that Settlement your group has possessed: you may challenge other group owned territories and go to war with them further details and rules are here http://lastofchernarus.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=17 -You must give up the town if there is an event taking place there for the duration of the event (a few hours at most) we will warn you a few days before the event. -Check out our exploits from our Twitch Streamer Brach18! -PEACE TALKS GONE WRONG~~ - -SWAGNUM SNIPING~~ - -ROADBLOCK HOLD-UP~~ - -How Do You Become Whitelisted??? Step 1: Click on this link! http://lastofchernar...ewforum.php?f=2 Step 2: Create an account. Step 3: Fill out the your application, there is a subsection dedicated to whitelist applications, follow the template and you will be contacted shortly after. -Join Our TeamSpeak! Type into your TeamSpeak connections tab ----> loc.clants.net ~Add Me on Steam! ---->[EAT]TheLynch -We also have a Steam Group located here----> http://steamcommunit...lastofchernarus
  7. I am starting a new gaming community called Simple Survival Gaming. As of right now we have two dayz servers one located in usa and one located in the eu. We are looking for new members in our community to help the servers grow and to bring ideas for our servers. If you are interested in joining the community you can check out the server page here - http://epochmod.com/...e-building-box/ We also have a Teamspeak 3 server! The ip for it is - atl-voice.fragnet.net:9997 ALL NEW MEMBERS GET A BUILDERS BOX IN SERVER AND A SUV WITH GEAR !
  8. Simple Survival Gaming US | Day 24/7 | WalkingZeds We are a new overpoch server!! We have the best addons and the best admins there is in the dayz community ! Here are a list of some of our addons! DZAI WAI DZMS EMS Action Menu DoorManagement select Spawn Group Management Take Clothes Right Click Deploy Bike Snap Pro No VoIP service Point AI City Safezones Custom GUI Tow & Lift And that is just some of them !!!! We have an amazing group of players and we can't wait to add you to that group ! To join the server you can search the name of the server which is Simple Survival Gaming US | Day 24/7 | WalkingZeds Or you can join by ip which is - We can't wait to see you in the game !
  9. So recently the clan/community UNDR has branched out to Europe as we wanted a more multicultural society. We offer a friendly staff team (looking for europen staff), two teamspeaks for US and Europe, both can be interchangable with members as Europe and US will work closely together. Our gameplay is not strict and we have no application forums as of now, all we ask is that you jump into our teamspeak, US or UK and poke a admin to give you trusted until he has spoken to you, therefore gaining member. Alternatively if there is no admin online at that time, add me on steam and I will sort you out with membership! When you are member you will gain perks such as being able to bring friends in and also being able to enter game give aways towards holidays. IPs- US - vs24.tserverhq.com:7352 Europe - 2863053.ts3.mpgs.co As I said UNDR Europe is new so don't expect masses of members, just enjoy your time and watch us grow!
  10. RPM - Role Play Maestros

    Server #1 - Atlanta, GA, USA Server #2 - Frankfurt, Germany Light to heavy RP Hardcore 1PP, every corner is risky Possibly a 3PP shard in the future No commitments to play-time, events or meetings Zero donation drives Short list of effective RP rules Unique world lore 50-slot private master shard Teamspeak @ dayzts.rpmaestros.com
  11. HIHB [TOG] U.S. Public Servers Hell In A HandBasket U.S. - [TOG] Hardcore DayZ Los Angeles, CA IP: Hell In A HandBasket U.S. - [TOG] Regular DayZ Los Angeles, CA IP: TeamSpeak IP: Server Settings 4hr Restarts With Server Restart Messaging Steam Group: HIHB DayZ HIHB Website "The Older Gamers" A Multinational Gaming Community: TOG Website Persistence is off on all our servers currently. When we hear word that some of the issues have been fixed, we will turn it back on to test
  12. Need People to Play With!

    Status: Still Alone (I will update this when I find someone and stick with them) I'm quite lonely, I have lots of friends who play and are really good but they're never really on :/ I'm looking for people who are on a lot. I may be into joining SQUADS/GROUPS not clans. If enough of you people become acquainted with me I might be interested in starting my/our own squad together. If you easily get pissy at the game and leave because of bugs/dying on ladders then don't add me. - I'm 13 (turning 14 in a few weeks) - I have 300 hours, and know a lot about the game. - I'm willing to use Skype/TeamSpeak3/Mumble (I STRONGLY PREFER TEAMSPEAK) I HAVE MY OWN TEAMSPEAK3 SERVER! IP: liqob.zzzz.io - I don't care if we be bandits or not. I'll go either way :) - I'm mature (enough :lol: ) - I play Regular, not Hardcore. If you want to play add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/LiquidObsidian (Liquid Obsidian - LiqOb logo w/ santa hat)
  13. Falcon RP/Realism 50-Slot Private Master Shard

    Falcon DayZ RP / Realism is looking for more role players to fill our 50-slot Master Shard hosted in Frankfurt, Germany. Non-members are free to chat with us on our 175-slot TS server @ ts3connect.nl:10011 Participate in community-driven events, vote for new scenarios, and share your own. Falcon welcomes role players of all ages. We simply ask that you respect other members at all times in our diverse and expanding community. We have open staff positions on our Writing and Design Teams where we update ongoing projects like Background and Lore Development, Artwork, A/V Assets, and more. Prepare now for DayZ's future survival mechanics by forming strong alliances in-game and on our increasingly active forums. falcondayzrp.enjin.com <video>
  14. Website: Coming Soon! Teamspeak: Coming Soon! Features: - AI Missions - AI Island - 6 Hour restarts. 30 Minute Backups. NO LAG! - Custom Loadouts (Starter Loadout) - Trader Safe Zones - Cannibalism - Self Bloodbag - Headshot Suicide - Refuel/Rearm/Repair Script - Towing/Heli Lift - Blood bag Self - Care Packages - Remove Parts from Vehicles - Divine Healing (Heal in a church) - DZAI - WAI - Take Clothing - Craft Vehicle From Parts - Plot Protection - Snap Building Pro - Parachute Spawn - Helpful and Mature Staff - Daily Events - Slow Zombies AND MUCH MUCH MORE! We take every player seriously, if you feel a script/feature should be added or removed, please message me on the forums here for consideration. Events: - The Weekly Hatchet War: Every Saturday a battle with Hatchets will be let loose in a castle, winner gets 2 brief cases! - Ridiculous Riddles: Solve our admin torture of twists and turns and solve our clues to find the hidden treasure! Reward will vary - Race: Drive from point A to point B, a one way drive. Winner gets any vehicle of choice (excludes things such as stryker, tank, etc) - Safe Hunt: A clue to locate a safe will be posted in global. - Flight Fight: Take air vehicles to a designated location and duel it out. Last team flying gets a helicopter of choice! More to be added! Suggestions welcomed! Rules: 1. No Hacking, Duping, Glitching, or Abusing any system. 2. English only in Side chat (No Talking just Type!) 3. Bases cannot be build within 1.5 km of a Trader City. If you choose to blockade a road you must be 5km from a Trader City. 4. No combat logging is allowed (Leaving the game benefits your character) 5. Do not be offensive, racist, annoying or generally spam side chat. 6. Post a two line joke in your application for have you read the rules 7. Respect EVERYONE. except Bill, no one likes Bill. 8. Arguments are allowed as long as they are NOT! A: Stupid B: Considered "touching" topics and C: 3 hours long 9. Dont be an Idiot, Dont be a dick. We reserve the right to ban people on these grounds and any grounds! 10. Ignorance of the LHAW is not an excuse, check this thread and or our website often. Why do we have an application? We use the application process to keep the assholes and script kiddies at bay! (It's SUPER effective!) If we decide that the white-list is silly in the future we will remove it. It is NOT permanent. Application; Name: Something you want to be called by if we need to speak to you! Age: No Requirement for this! Quick DayZ Story: Can be fiction or non fiction! What are you looking for in a server?: Do you accept the Rules posted above?: Favorite Girl Scout cookie: This tests to see if you are human. If application is accepted, you will be sent password for server to save time and effort for everyone.
  15. So I was driving my nice brand new grey Gaz I fixed up, took 4 wheels and an engine part and alot of zombies haressing me. I was driving to my brother's and mine camp then out of no where I am Admin Banned for SetPos#4 whatever the hell that is. What a waste of time fixing that Gaz as it prolly ghosted itself into the wall nearby. Please look into this as I would love to play my favorite server again. Mr. Aviator Hero Dude (In game name)
  16. US 3481 Server Down?

    Today i tried to join the US 3481 Server by Tenacity Gaming, and it was down. I have been playing on this server for awhile now, and i have a really well geared up character. It would be a shame if it was dead. It seems pretty weird that its down because just recently, the player count has spiked. So i guess my question is, if you have any information regarding the server, please tell me. Thanks, The ip is: Port: 2314
  17. Hello Perspective Players! We are offering for a week a 1 time Special Promotion for all who join our server (Sept 10 - Sept 17, 2014)! 50,000 Coins to help you get started in your Overpoch Adventures. Just join our server and call for an admin, and we will get you sorted! Server Name: SkullRock/Banks/Coin/AIMission/RoamingAI IP: Port: 2320 The Server is searchable in DayZ Launcher, DayZ Commander, and Steam’s Arma II Multiplayer Lobby. DayZ Commander sometimes shows 9999 ping and 0 players for some people, just double click and it’ll let you in fine. The server provider is GamingDeluxe, however all of the scripts have been carefully tailored and tested by our own scriptor. The server is located UK, but US players should have no problems connecting! I myself play from US West and have no problems with lag. This allows us to play with the European Community too. A very diverse group of players creates amazing depth to the server! Come and find out! There are 100’s of servers out there, but here are some good reasons why our server is the best: 1) Server is run by the LOST Boys (an 18+ clan from Standalone) -- LOST members are NOT allowed to KoS outside of Missions -- All LOST members MUST engage/attempt in some sort of communication before firing outside of missions. This applies to both Heroes AND Bandits. -- Nonmember players are NOT required to follow these rules. These aforementioned rules are ONLY for LOST members. 2) The server runs on a minimum amount of scripts to keep the server running smooth and enjoyable with restarts as needed. However all the important bank/coins and others are in there! 3) We have 4 Admins total and we track admin power usage. These 4 admins often work in duos and will help you with bugs and insure there are no hackers. However, they are not here to baby and cuddle you! 4) Admin Events. We schedule fun events such as: Attack Admin fortified base, Cannonball Run (a race), Scavenger hunts, High Value Target Chase, Armed Convoy ambush, etc. All for rare loot that is not overpowered. We, the LOST Boys on SkullRock, only want to create the best Post-Apocalyptic Environment known to Chernarus on Dayz Mod. Our ultimate goal is to have a solid community that enjoys PvP, RP, PvE, general player interaction and everything else possible. We hope to see you there! Don’t forget to mention the Special Promotion to receive your 50,000 coin start pack!
  18. I am currently streaming Dayz Standalone and DayZ modded servers on Twitch.tv and will probably post some videos on YouTube.com. I am 21 yrs old and would like some older guys to join me on my recons. I am based in the USA, but get along fairly well with European people too lol. I am looking to gather some recruits, as in a Medic, Point Man, Looter, Sentry, and etc. Everyone who comments below will be considered. I am interested in building a small assault/recon team to be able to establish a settlement somewhere. The odds of success increases the more you are able to work together as a team. All who is in my crew will have their name put on my Twitch.tv board for their Loyalty. If interested please comment below and announce your role on my team and please stick to your role on the team cause things may get out of hand. Add me on Steam, Twitter, or Skype My username is DingleBuryCrumb. Thanks for your time.
  19. As stated in the title I am looking for people to team with, I have been in a few clans & did not really like them. My way of looking at dayz is that it's a heavily PvP game with survival basics, me personally I like to go around & hunt people, get into gun fights & make really awesome bases, but I also like to help people when they need it like when a fresh spawn comes under fire from bandits I like to step in and help and maybe give them a ride or some food & water or even stopping and giving some a tire in a middle of a field. For me I see Dayz as a game where you don't have to KOS to have a good time but one where you can take it seriously but have a good time while doing so, so if there is any other person,group or clan that thinks similar to me add me on Steam- Mickcool or Skype- Mikamike01 Also I'm 16 US EastCoast. UPDATE-I have grouped with 2 others on this sever but they are not on & forgot to give me the codes to the safes so if you join me we're going to have to do this with what little we find.
  20. looking for US clan

    Hi guys, im looking for a clan to play with. Preferably United States based. Ive had the game for a decent amount of time, and been playing lone wolf. don't have the map 100% down yet but I know the location of the important stuff. If you have a clan you'd like me to join please let me know here. My Skype: d.walker43 Also, I play standalone but not mod. I have extensive knowledge of the outdoors and survival tactics and hunting, so if you would like me to join your clan/group, please let me know. Thanks!
  21. To anyone seeking to find US3480, or a Vanilla DayZmod experience; US3480 Vanilla DayZ Hosted by Tenacity Gaming has moved to a new server. You may have seen some of the posts out there about HFB Servers disappearing into the mist, and all of their servers with it. In light of this, we have grabbed a dedicated server and relaunched 3480! To find & connect to the new US3480: -Gametracker (note, the join port is 2302) -or- connect to manually -or- to show support to the server, you can use the following code to add the banner to your signature (like mine) [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][img]http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/[/img][/url]Finally, there is a Steam Group you are free to join for announcements and discussions. Thank you guys, we appreciate all of you! Hopefully we can quickly cover the ground we lost in ranks, and get the server populated quickly again! Cheers, Jimmy edit: should have given a huge thank you to Kichilron here for helping sort the server, cheers big fella :beans:
  22. Berezino Black Berets

    Hey guys, I'm recruiting for an army of mercenaries: The Berezino Black Berets What we're about: We are about everything DayZ is about but we will be separated into different groups specializing in something: -Troops: Average DayZ players, probably going to be the biggest group. Focuses on simple objectives. Neutral -Bandits: Average DayZ bandit, works alone or in group. Focuses on killing anyone and everyone that isn't part of the BBB. Agressive -Tanks: Biggest best guns in Chernarus. Deadly machines working in small groups. Neutral -Heroes: The good guys. The guys that help out anyone and everyone. Usually carrying a lot of food and meds. Friendly -Assassins: The last thing you never saw. Quick and invisible. Deadly but humble. Neutral -Looters: The guys that hold together the crew. They supply each of the classes with the material they require. Neutral -Infiltrators: The messengers, the spies. They get the information for all the crew. Become imposters of other groups. As you can see there are many different groups. But each one will be representing the crew. Once there is enough people who join I will create a proper hierarchy and even create an Alpha team containing the best of the best of each group. Requirements: -Must have the the DayZ standalone and some experience -Speak english or french -Timezone: Between US Eastern and Pacific time -Know what type of player you are and which class you would fit in -Maturity, patience and loyalty towards your group -Any symbol to represent the Black Berets (Best option is a black beret or anything black) -Age is of no concern, but unless you are godly at the game, you will be lower on the hierarchy depending on your age and maturity -A mic isn't required but it would definitely be beneficial Contacts: -E-mail: psnchemicalpirate@gmail.com -Steam: Captain_Chem -PSN: Captain_Chem
  23. Poon Platoon & The Semen Squads are looking for new members. We're a highly tactical group that uses modern day infantry tactics and movements throughout our gameplay to maximize efficiency and help players become better players and thinkers. We encourage activity and members are kicked if not active for one month unless their absence are posted on the clan forums. We are seeking calm and analytic players who are interested in being in an established gaming community. We have designated roles for our players in order to bring the highest efficiency within the squad during combat. These roles vary between Team Leaders, Grenadiers, Riflemen, Automatic Riflemen, Machine Gunners, Assistant Machine Gunners, Rifleman/Navigator, Medics and squad leaders. We use squads of 9-13 men. We participate in PvP matches and clanVclan matches. We also conduct assassinations on twitch.tv players and the leadership of organizations that we're at war with. All matches are organized and no innocent players will be harmed. We are focused on being an Infantry Platoon for now. When vehicles become more available throughout the game we will focus on becoming a motorized platoon until heavy and light armor comes into play then we shall become a group centered around mechanized infantry. We respect the ideas of all players and take each and every player's words in consideration while planning out attacks and defenses. We are in the process of gaining more members to create separate squads and introduce a ranking system. Communication and planning are 90% of the battle. 10% is the action. We have some rules: Invite Only 16-17 yrs old must enroll in 1-2 week probationary period and are placed in Independent squads. 18+ will undergo 1 week probationary period and are placed with fire teams that better suit their personality, gameplay and relations where they can be used effectively within a squad. Multiple members who know each other in real/virtual life can be placed together in squads in order to maximize efficiency of that group. Must own Team speak (Push to Talk Only) Team speak Address: ts4.gameservers.com:9115 Website: http://-ppss-dayz.enjin.com/home Add me on Steam: Maplesyrup1284 or Maple (My pic is of my cat in a bag) Please register on our site and submit an application. Join our teamspeak and let's get to know you. Those individuals who wish to join, but fail to submit an adequate application form and refuse to join team speak will not be accepted in the group. We are in the process of purchasing a server. Due to the high cost we are debating whether to have one in Alpha or wait until Beta. Hope to hear from you soon! [PPSS]Maple(Maj)
  24. Welcome to, Oblivion Gaming. Server Owner: Billy MaysHead Admins: Me, HubblyBubbly Website address: http://www.obvg-servers.com/IP Address for Server: IP: ts34.gameservers.com:9120 Features: 24/7Safezones: Stary - BashRandom AI MissionsDestructable BasesDynamic Weather + Day/Night CycleOne Step BuildingCustom Cities + NEAF custom, NWAF will be worked on eventually.Durable EconomyGreat loyal AdminsNo Auto Refuel/RepairFun Massive Custom Built AI CitiesGreat Events when more people arriveEvents Will be regularEventually more scripts added into the server: Handcuffs (Not discussed), Radio Communication, Keep Plot pole after death.At the moment we are really low on players, yet we had 27 players on at one point. This is a spectacular server with great people and staff. One step building is a breeze to build for your protection. We have regular events that are held across the map which include valuable loot. Economy is perfect and designed so you dont just find briefs and briefs in a loot box, you gotta earn that shit. And most of all, IF YOU BRING A CLAN OF 3 OR MORE YOU WILL GET GIVEN BUILDING SUPPLIES. Enjoy your stay.