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Found 306 results

  1. Hello guys, we are going to release a new Experimental update in a few minutes. fixes for spawning of loot around dynamic events fixes for proper admin log functionality fixes of database loading errors server stability fixes private shard servers are listed as private now changes to prevent speed hacks basic armor system implemented (e.g. vests and helmets take part of the damage of the damaged body part until they are ruined) changes to the chat UI fixes aimed at preventing a character getting a permanent DB lockout fix for the hit detection issues fixes for magazine getting stuck in weapon and not allowing for manipulation fixes for proper display of official/private servers in browser fixes for proper logging of server .rpt files We will update official experimental servers first and GSP will afterward update community servers (which shouldn't take longer than 1 hour). No wipe. Have a nice day, Survivors!
  2. My DayZ .63 server is having problems

    so I got the server files and my server shows up when I type the ip and all that... but for some reason, I can't join it because its version is wrong? it says the version is 148743 and I don't know how to change that... did I screw something up or am I not in the wrong?
  3. Downgrade to 0.63.148605

    Hello, i downloaded the new patch and now i cant join a experimental server, how i can downgrade the game?
  4. Xbox update 05/09/2018

    Hello guys, we have a new update for you today. Changes: Fixed free space calculation in inventory Fixed controller re-connect issue Improved listing of servers in the server browser Improved title stability Don't forget to restart your consoles! We are looking forward to your feedback!
  5. Hello guys, We have a small update for Experimental servers. What is new today: stability improvements security update We will also wipe experimental and stress test characters. Stress Test servers are down too. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the summer!
  6. Stress Test vol.44

    Hello guys, another Stress Test is coming out. Any feedback is more than welcome. further changes to eliminate player kicking further logging to diagnose crashes Have a nice day!
  7. I've been a fan of Days since Arma 2 on PC, it lead my to buy standalone on PC, but as I'm a console player, I stopped playing when updates wernt happening. OK! Things that definitely need changing whether you agree or not, it will boost the fan base on consoles. 1. Make Controls EXACTLY the same as PUBG! - This WILL attract their fan base as they can simply transfer their skill from one to the other. 2.HUNGER AND THURST - At the moment, it's an absolute joke, yeah there are acception that will comment on forums saying how easy they manage to get gear, Well yeah, SOMEONE has to right? As it stands right now, you literally drain after 5 minutes, if you pay with a group as I do, (one friend even asked for refund and got it from Microsoft... but that's another story), if you play in a group, guarantee there is one member who seems to die alot, what's that say? either new comers are going to HATE this game as they aren't use to the game or....... The game needs changing. Either way, you WILL lose fans, either new or current. 3.INVENTORY - This is a mess, again, make the controls the same as PUBG, Yeah I am a PUBG fan boy incase you didn't know, but I was Dayz first. PUBG seemed to have listened and look how successful that is. The inventory is just too complicated, it may be great, but if you're new... again, it's gonn a make you HATE the game. 4. SERVERS - I'm from the UK, the recommended servers are NL (Netherlands), yet they lag like cr*p. US actually work better. Also how?! How are the servers on console the exact same as PC in regards to "Failed to join" blah blah blah cr*p? Surely they should be more stable on Console, everyone is kinda in the same playing field. 5. CRAFTING/COMBINING - I don't have a clue what I'm doing, the "Tutorial" does not help at alllllll. 6.HUD - not a big problem as it's should in my head and I thank Chandler from friends - "Could the text, BE any smaller"? Had to whip out a telescope earlier... 7. IDEAS - Not my ideas and are already part of Days Mode, we need Group Huds, have hard-core servers for those who don't want this feature, but have "Bambi" servers for those who would like to, my friend who got the refund is rather clumsily on games, he's nearly killed me a few times on PUBG not seeing my Name above me, so got knows what he would be like on DayZ, rather glad he got refund, saves me the DayZ stress. But Group His would help alot. YOU LOT HAVE PROBABLY ALREADY READ SIMILAR THINGS HUNDREDS OF TIMES OVER THE YEARS AND THIS TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE COMPANY WHO HAD A GOOD IDEA BUT BAD SERVICE HAVE IGNORED AND PROBABLY WILL AGAIN. But do what your fans F*cking say or I guarantee! you will lose alot more fans, I mean, you already have lost a tonne already. Don't make it any worse. Putting this on CONSOLE is your very last chance, grab it with both hands and right your wrongs.
  8. Forum Category for Updates Please

    Hello everyone, it would be nice if the Devs keep us informed of known issues, future updates, have patch notes updates deployed (update received yesterday, we do not know what it is). It's just an idea^^
  9. Upcoming Updates/Patch notes

    Hi peeps, Anyone have any clue where the developers write about upcoming updates or patch notes from previous updates? Do they have a specific place they type them out? Is this even available to the public? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, Just a bit info about a little change today. You can't choose 64bit or 32bit versions of your clients anymore. It is now automatic and it depends on your system. Clients with 64bit operation system will now automatically start 64bit DayZ client executable and clients with 32bit operation system will automatically start 32bit DayZ client executable.
  11. Hello everyone, we are sending the latest Stress test update to the Experimental branch right now and we hope we fixed a lot of annoying crashes and kicks. Let us know! further crash fixes fixes for issues with incorrect save and load of character fixes for memory leaks fixes for DB lockouts fixes for stability and kicking issues We are ready for all your crashes and kicks here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/ . Unfortunately, a character wipe is necessary. RIP. Have a nice Wednesday!
  12. Hello everyone! We have a new Experimental update here. Servers will be down for 30-60 minutes. What is new: further crash fixes fixes for issues with incorrect save and load of character fixes for memory leaks fixes for DB lockouts further fixes for stability and kicking issues No character wipe this time. Thank you for playing on Experimental servers!
  13. It's 5 months we have the last big update 0.62, 5 months! There are several games that start at 0.30 and only one or two years players have to wait until full version. This game is in early access for 4 years and we have nothing. Realy guys, I love this game so much, I played DayZ mod and DayZ from the first release, but this is enough. 5 months from 0.62 to 0.63 and i can bet that in the new update will be "only" new animations and twenty new caps and thats all. No base building, no more zombies, car bugs, etc. Guys, you've lost a lot of players and this is the last chance to do something good. Do it! Give us base building, more zombies, no bugs. Do it better, unlock game for modders and unlock Steam Workshop, moders can help you faster. Do not let us wait so long ... this is the best zombie survival game, but your attitude is bad. You are Bohemia Interactive - one of the biggest gaming company in Czech, do it better i know you can!
  14. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Hello guys! What is new in 0.62.14463: Christmas trees are deleted (presents are still in, because we know you like them a lot). Security update. Have a nice #mememonday!
  15. Hello Survivors, We are sending out a hotfix for containers nesting, which could have affected server performance. Have a nice day!
  16. Hello everyone, here is the fix for enabled gift spawning without a necessity of persistence wipe. We need to test it and we will send it to the Stable branch ASAP. Have a nice day!
  17. Stable Update 0.62.143758

    Hello everyone, we are pushing out the fix for enabled gift spawning without a necessity of persistence wipe + BattleEye update. Merry Christmass!
  18. Hello guys, It is just a small Battle Eye update. Have a nice day!
  19. Hello Survivors, What is new on Experimental branch: server crash fix client crash fixes fix for a server kick Thank you for attention and have a nice night! :)
  20. Hey guys, It is time to remove Halloween pumpkins. I hope you had fun with them. :) And we fixed a server crash. Have a nice day(Z)!
  21. Hello guys, We released an important security update on Experimental branch today. Have a nice day!
  22. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Good morning Survivors! We did a little fix today for ghillie wrap color when it is in shade. Don't forget to check the latest Status Report, It is awesome, trust me! https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-8-august-2017 A hug for you: Have a nice day!
  23. Hello guys, I know I am late with this change log but I wasn't here on Friday, sorry for it. We had some troubles with another server crash caused by players. It should be fixed now and we will move it to stable asap. Over and out!
  24. Stable Update 0.62.142080

    Hello guys, We are moving the latest EXP update to Stable branch now. A server crash caused by players is fixed now. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!