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Found 1 result

  1. Houseboats

    So I thought about houseboats. I would love to see them in-game, even if they are maybe not so useful like camps inland of Chernarus+. They should only be craftable, but they should: - hold ~250items (in boxes or different containers, which you can be placed by your own) - have an oven inside - have places for some torches/candles on it They should only be craftable on the water, this means: - craft (or find?) a small boat first - load the materials and tools on it - build it directly on the ocean (or a big pond): - floats und platform - anchor (or another heavy object) - walls - roof - ofen, containers and little attachments - the full houseboat should require five full loaded boats or better said five loads of a boat. It has pros and cons, like everything in DayZ SA. Pro: - far away from the coast - (sea) fishing should be possible - warmth - other players can't easily go there and loot it - ... Contra: - hard to craft = many items and materials would be required - it should take much time to craft it = easy target - flammable - no drinking water, if you place it on the sea (but you should be able to place it in the middle of e.g. Black Lake, if you want) - you have to go back to the mainland, because you need resources like fire wood, water, and so on... - ... more ideas: - you should be able to tie up 2-4 houseboats = more room and storage - you could just build the floats and platform and place one big or two medium tents on it - heavy weather effects like storms (and tsunamis?) - if we get this -, could damage the houseboat = you would lost some items or parts of the boat e.g. roof/wall - I'm not sure, if it should have an engine? Maybe it should be a static base, not a mobile base - maybe you could pull it with 2-3 boats to another place? - ... Feel free to share your thoughts! If you have more advantages or disadvantages, please make a comment. Thx :) some examples: