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Found 220 results

  1. Note to mods: I'm posting this here rather than the bugtracker as it's not really a bug to be reported, it's working as it's currently designed, but with unintended consequences. Also, as this post doesn't contain a suggested solution, but is for discussion of possible options, this seemed the logical place to do this. The render distance for tents has a problem. As I understand it, if someone is beyond the view distance of a tent, it's invisible to them, allowing them to see and shoot anyone inside or behind the tent that they obviously shouldn't be able to see. The obvious solution would be to increase that render distance value, but I've been around ArmA and DayZ more than long enough to know that 99% of the time it's never that simple. If it were, it would have been set to match player view distance from the start. This distance was chosen for a specific reason. I would assume the reason it's set so low is related to the lag we often encounter when multiple tents and barrels are nearby. It's a symptom of a larger issue, and this is a way to minimize its effects. If that's true, the current setting is a reasonable temporary solution - frustrating a times, but reasonable. If my assumption is wrong, what is the real root cause? What would happen if the distance was the same as the view distance for other players? Is the problem more of a client-side or server-side issue? Is it related to some attribute about containers specifically, be it anything from protective cases to vehicles? Or is it simply any object that isn't a player, an AI, or part of the map? I would assume that even if the model is not rendered in, the server obviously knows it's there, and at some level the client probably knows it's there too, likely well before it actually renders when the player gets within range. When it comes to unmoving, player-placed objects, what is the difference in workload for the client when that tent is inside the overall object view distance range, but just outside the preset tent render distance vs. inside the render distance? With the advances and optimizations that we will start to see with .63 and continuing onward, in what ways will it address the wider issue (whatever it may be) that necessitated the lower view distance that were not possible and/or practical with the old engine? It seems logical that this draw distance issue would have to be resolved for base building to be even remotely usable. Even if that newly built wooden wall or barricade can, unlike a tent, stop or at least slow down a bullet, having your entire base look like it was made entirely from parts salvaged from Wonder Woman's invisible jet from 500m away is not exactly ideal. I know that many of those questions can only be fully answered/explained by the devs. If they find a moment to do so, great! If not, I hope that they might perhaps consider using this in some form as an example in a Status Report in the future for showing how the new engine is able to handle a problem like this in ways the old engine couldn't.
  2. Hello Guys, building a camp was always one of the best things I liked to do in Arma 2 Dayz Mod. Hiding your tent in a forest was fun finding the perfect "safe" place. On the other hand finding someone elses camp was so exciting too. In Dayz Standalone you almost never find a camp and in my opinion it is because tents are way to hard to find. Also Barrels are pretty rare. My suggestion is adding tents to the spawn tables of random local houses and not only at these "skyscrapper appartments" and military areas. This would be very easy to implement and have in my opinion a great impact. Maybe the devs can even create more variations of civil tents or smaller tents. If there would be more places to find tents, I think more players would build their "bases" somewhere in the woods, which would make roaming the forests more fun. An alternative would be making a craftable improvised shelters with storage function. Adding more storage containers like maybe a wooden crate or a rusty steelbox would be awesome to keep players playing longer and return to their camp. Greets EngineerZ
  3. The Raid 65 : Leviathan Wakes

    Hostname : ApocolypseWow's Survival Grounds Address : Location : https://www.izurvive.com/#c=-42;-96;6
  4. Hello everybody, I have a question (did search for it but can't find any proper explaination), here it is : - imagine on a private or public server (i think it does not matter) that a team manage to pick up all the loot on the map and stock it in tents, if i come on this server, will i be able to find any loot ? I know if you touch or move loot in tent, it keeps timer up to max. I remember Mr Hicks, saying, i think, that number of loot is limited on the map, either canned food, weapons, etc, so if there is only 3 SVD on the map (even if server keep restarting) and those 3 SVD are inside a tent, will i be able to find one on the map ? Thx for reply everybody, i really need to understand this game mechanics. Cheers.
  5. How long tents/barrels last?

    For how long do Tents and barrels last in 0.60 stable? In game days or real world days?
  6. The Good Old Forum's Camp - The Tent City

    Hello Folks, I don't even know how to start this, but i'm pretty sure a screenshot of The Tent City will do. How did it all started?! well, at some point in game which for some messed up reasons i don't recall the version, item's inside tents and vehicle's storage started to cause huge lags to the point that you disconnect from the game. devs decided to make an hotfix to this and they put it on experimental and said test it you lazy bastards (not the exact word but, eh) and that was the spark. i came up with an idea of converting "Novaya petrovka" to a testing place. i set up some tent's and just said to everyone in forum (in experimental discussion topic) that i did it and i will be honored to have some fellow testers, filling up the tent's but i never imagine that this will get that big because well, at that point forum's activity was lower than now and devs focus was mainly on reddit and twitter and stuff like that. Just for the record, we managed to have somewhere around 73 persistent storages (tent's, barrels, Trucks) and that alone is just awesome. (one thing i really like to mention here is, this might be my idea or thing or whatever but that's all the forum's great members doing. i really like to thank you all, this is probably my best gaming experience to date.) Here's some screenshots... Here you can find all other screenshot's that i uploaded. The Last State Of The Camp This are NOT all the tent's, there are so much more that can't fit in screenshot. there is even some in apartments. Credit to: @nl The Notes when the experience came to an end, me or someone else (can't recall) found notes and i just said, hell, let's all do this. this is the best part of this topic so don't miss this. if you want to get some sense of what an experience it was, the only way is to read the notes people left behind. some of this notes are really touchy. i really recommend everyone to read those. i don't think i have the picture of all the notes, but this is the best i could come up with. one more thing to mention, because there were so many notes, i can't put all here so please click on here to see The Notes. there's my own note. Guys, this was great. this was actually great. i hope someday we can do it again. If anyone has anything of this, please do share. Have A Nice one, Vahid
  7. So Barrels disappear after 8 days in .60 as of now if they are not reset. How long do Military Tents take to disappear as of now if they are not used? Any information would be appreciated.
  8. The Raid 50 - Anytime

    Hostname : Club Penguin Address : Port : 2302 Location : https://www.izurvive.com/#c=38;-115;7 Inventory : https://redd.it/536eqq
  9. The Raid 44 : Tower Of Joy

    Hostname : DayZ GA 2-4 (Public/Veteran) 133913 - Hosted by GameServers.com Address : Location : https://www.izurvive.com/#c=-48;-30;6 Inventory : https://redd.it/4yhrl4
  10. I was playing with Rush, when his brother got backstabbed by his group, so he told us where they had their base setup. Once we got there, they were moving their tents to a different server, so we had to act as soon as we got the opportunity. Interesting points: 1:37 - Logging into their server 2:54 - First look into their base 3:49 - Three logged out, should we shoot? Rush disconnected! 9:27 - Rush joined the "wrong server" 14:19 - The plan 16:56 - Taking the first shot when there's only one on the server and he's logging out 23:26 - Shooting at the remaining 3 29:21 - The reason why they banned Rush's brother 30:03 - Clearing and destroying their first server 33:06 - Jten joined their teamspeak server and they were MAD! LMAO!!
  11. Tent Raid Gone Wrong!

    We found some random tents in a forest by Myshkino, so we started raiding them!
  12. Tent/Storage Object Bug (Open)

    I have to problem thats my tents/cartents/militarytents despawn. After around 1 week they are gone. Im sure that nobody destroy/steal these storage objects. Possible that there are to much other tents? 3 Tents i placed 2 days ago still there. Hope that theres anyone who can help me. Thx, iTzBlackout
  13. NHWK - Nighthawk's PMC

    Nighthawk's PMC Welcome to Nighthawks PMC, within this document a brief overview of Nighthawks PMC will be introduced. Rules & Guidelines: Do not take gear from other Nighthawk members unless given EXPLICIT permission. No intentional teamkilling. Do not EVER use the threat "My Clan Will Fuck You Up!" or anything that implies that Nighthawk, or its affiliates will use any form of force towards another person(s) or clan. Be respectful, dont be a douche. Nighthawk's PMC allows members from all age groups, however; Nighthawk's PMC does NOT censor its members in any way shape or form... 18+ Content is frequently dealt with. Application Process: Age: Mic (y/n): Timezone: Hours On DayZ: Gear Provided: Nighthawks PMC provides all of its members with top of the line gear, designed to serve the operator in all conditions, this gear has been carefully picked by Nighthawk and its advisers; FN-FAL / M65 Jacket / Ballistic Helmet / Plate Carrier / Glock 19 / Black Cargo Pants / Military Boots / Balaclava / Gloves / All gear provided is to be used on all Nighthawk operations, however substitutions may be made. All of Nighthawks members will be provided with a living quarters within our camp (On Our Clan Server) Backstory: Nighthawk is a Private Sec Company based out of Lubbock, Texas. Founded in 2018 by Red, Nighthawk's PMC has made its way to the wastes of Chernarus due to the recent contract that has been acquired between the UN and Nighthawk's PMC. ROE & Motives: Nighthawk's PMC was created from the ruins of an old ArmA III Milsim group, therefore Nighthawks PMC intends for its operatives to operate under a code which is followed to a T; 1. Any an all personnel not affiliated with Nighthawks PMC are considered a threat to mission success and therefore should either be neutralized or subdued. 2. Due to UN regulations, Nighthawks PMC does not condone the use of lethal force on unarmed civilians, instead temporary detainment should be used. 3. Mission first, loot after. Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/nighthawksdayz/ Clan Server IP: Teamspeak 3 IP: Nighthawks PMC is a mature environment, set out to provide a fun experience for all of its members, we strive to limit drama as well as striving to bring a fun, fair, time to all of its members. To apply please join this; Teamspeak.... Alternatively you can add; http://steamcommunity.com/id/FindingQuasar Post Questions In This Thread
  14. ##Note this is a PVP ANYWHERE server## While working on my Sedan which was missing a couple of wheels, a Lada drives right past my location. I try to track it down and see what they are upto. Looks like they were setting up a new camp location.
  15. I'm the admin of a private, low-population cooperative play server hosted by Fragnet. We've had the server for about two weeks now, and after finding that a lot of nice loot spawns there (and no zombies spawn in the area) we've made our home in the Gorka police station. Everything went well until we erected a tent just behind the building, and placed a couple of barrels next to it. From that point, loot spawns inside the building (and only there) dropped from over ten to one single item. Now, unsurprisingly, the stuff in the tent and the barrels is largely of the same type as that which spawns in the police station (i.e. weapons, ammo and gear) and unless something else made the spawn rate suddenly change (which seems unlikely) the obvious conclusion is that the game is taking into account the presence of all this stuff and therefore doesn't spawn any new loot. I've tried restarting the server. I've also tried moving the storage containers farther from the building, but so far, nothing seems to be helping. Does anyone have any clues or ideas as to what is going on?
  16. so we set up a little camp last night with 2 oil drums, a bus and an offload. when we got on this morning all of it is gone. there is no trace of us having been there. ive seen it once before a couple days ago when i logged in and my car was gone. the server was dayz DAL 4-090. which is supposed to have persistence enabled. i dont understand. kinda scared to try making another base now. EDIT: just realized theres a troubleshooting section, if an admin can please move this thread.
  17. hi guys, in the past you could retrieve items from the invisible part of the big tents inventory by freeing up space and wait for a server restart - all items would be sorted to the top. didnt try this for some time and realized yesterday that this workaround doesnt work anymore. is there any way to get that stuff back in your hands? if not, its at least a good way to prevent the tent from robbery and start a funny loop of stash in -> get robbed ->repeat. greets
  18. New TENT

    A new tent. I dont know how it is called it in English, found these in vocabulary: Groundsheet, all-weather raincoat. In Russia it is "Плащ-палатка". (Plash-Palatka). It is a military raincoat, which can be used as a small tent. Old one actually, but very cheap(round 6$ per one) and quite common. Heres a video showing what is it, and how it works.
  19. Cargo V3S Modification

    Ok so I didn't quite see this one on the suggestions list... V3S.... + Tent.... = Cargo truck that can hold items instead of people? Heck, Maybe people can still get in it anyways. I drew a very simple picture to help understand the concept (it's attached). It would be nice to be able to take an un-pitched tent and interact with the back of a cargo V3S to create an item cargo V3S. This could give a whole new level of creativity to dayz when it comes to making and taking bases. I can see some flaws as it stands, like people just taking all the loot from one town and dumping it in the road... That's just uncalled for... But I mean, hey, if that's how you want to play your post-apocalyptic life... Be my guest, I guess.. I know everyone hopes that we'll soon be able to add barricades/walls/gates in the future, so if that does happen, this could be a crucial asset for transporting weaponry. Let's imagine that servers become over 100+ players one day, and don't need to restart and disrupt the flow of gameplay... What if one clan wants to do trade with another clan, or send reinforcements to their allies? This could definitely help. I hope to see this feature added in the future, but first... Let's see zombies stop running like Usain Bolt and hitting like Mike Tyson... x)
  20. My Army Tent

    So last night was an update or whatever and I'm wondering if my army tent will be gone when I get home tonight? I only had food/drink and repair kits and some cartridges in the tent, but still, I love that tent. (crosses fingers)
  21. Hello together, i've been searching the forums for an official statement on tents for the last days (since 0.55 is out). There are many posts on the forums from various users, stating different things. but it seems that there is no "official statement" on them now. there are also a number of bug request on feedback.dayzgame.com, but none has been answered by now. our clan has it's own server rented and we'd like to put a camp there, but all of our test failed. tents dissappered on restart of the server, no matter what tent (civilian or military) and no difference between full and emtpy ones. my questions are: do tents stay in 0.55? are they supposed to stay? are they staying on some servers? (same for farming plots / fire places etc) Please don't post your experience under this post, i now many people are freaking out, because there tents etc dont stay, but there are already enough "tent experience posts" out there. if you are also interested in an answer of an dev, just leave a +1 comment here to keep the thread clear and up. thank you, MasterWalker (to the mods: please dont close / merge this topic, please inform a dev, that the community can get one "first-hand-statement"!
  22. Does anyone know when the servers will stop being wiped every wednesday? A few friends and I would like to place a tent but picking up everything OUT of the tent and sacrificing a backpack to carry a tent is a little much. At least allow tents to be carried on your back with gear in it momentarily until the servers are no longer fully wiped every wednesday.
  23. Hey team I recently scored a military tent and are curious as to how I can keep the tent without losing it on updates and server restarts, I want to know if there are certain servers were the tent will remain there on restarts. I have only had DayZ for 38 hours and are oblivious as to how I can protect my tent. I was told if I place it on a persistence:ON server that it will remain there indefinitely, is this true? Cheers for any feedback guys!
  24. So I've stopped using the military tent as it's too easy to spot from afar, because when they find the tent - then they find everything else. I'm not suggesting that the tent be changed, tents are as they should be: a compromise between high storage and high visibility. What I'd like to see is something in-between "tent or backpack stash". And maybe add something else useful (though difficult to achieve) like water collection. So I suggest: The Ground Tarp. It would need to be persistent and probably a rare civilian item like the small camper tent. It doesn't need slots for storage and it won't help to keep you dry. Maybe it's a heavy item that needs to be backpacked like the military tent or carried in hand like the jerry can. The reward for carrying this roll of polyethylene or canvas back to your camp would be two fold: First, the ground tarp would cover the area's grasses like a mat, similar to to what the tent floor does. This makes it so you can drop items onto it and everything doesn't disappear into the foliage and ferns, as is what typically happens in the woods. Secondly, (and this would require that jerry cans be made persistent too) Now that jerrys can be emptied and refilled with drinkable water - you can attach a jerry can to your ground tarp. Maybe this process requires additional tools like pliers and wire to craft the attachment. Now, with these two somewhat difficult items to acquire (or carry) when it rains on the server it would collect water into the jerry, similar to the "Catch some rain" function in the PET and canteen. Just your basic ground tarp + optional water collector (and *not* craftable into another tent, we've got tents already!)